Creeps Too Close For Comfort

Marshal Guns Down Suspect
Victim, who was wanted for violating supervised release, reportedly pulled a gun before being shot.

By Rose Quinn

Delaware County District Attorney G. Michael Green, left, and John Patrignani, acting chief deputy of the U.S. Marshal’s Service in Philadelphia, answer questions after Friday’s shooting.

CLIFTON HEIGHTS — A member of the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force shot and killed a man who pulled a gun from his waistband during a confrontation Friday, authorities said.

The official cause and manner of the death of Joseph Mitchell, 24, was under investigation by the Delaware County Medical Examiner’s Office, while the Delaware County District Attorney’s Special Prosecution Unit was investigating the circumstances of the shooting, namely justification of use of lethal force.

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So this happened a few blocks from our home and really close to Clifton Field, where children were surely playing as they had the day off. More and more it seems that thugs just have to carry sidearms (actually stuffed down their waistbands)in order to what, act cool? I’m sure someone will come forth and say that the guy was shot dead in cold blood, that he didn’t have a gun and that the cops planted one on him.

The rise in crime and criminals carrying guns only makes me worry more about my Mother who is trapped in Stonehurst. That former decent place to live is now a war zone, with blatant drug deals going on. Don’t believe me? Go park at the 7 -11 on Guliford Rd on any given evening, and bring your camera.

I guess I’ll have to lend my Mom my Ithaca 37. Or move in.

The Truth About Mumia Abu-Jamal Finally Told

Maureen Faulkner lays flowers at a plaque at the site of her husband's death.

Let’s just say that it’s about time that the real truth came out by a woman who has endured multiple death threats from SCUMBAGS who made a rotten murderer into some sort of celebrity. There is way to much evidence contrary to what one blog is posting, that the man received a fair trial. The only thing that didn’t happen is that he was put six feet under. On this anniversary of Danny’s murder, remember just who were the victims.
P.s. All you Mumia supporters should be deported to France.

Bad Apples In Every Profession

In today’s online edition of the Daily Times you can read about a Delaware County Deputy Sheriff who was arrested after being charged with threatening his estranged wife and her 9-year-old son with a gun. The Deputy, Martin Hineman, was arrested at a local Wawa after a brief manhunt. Thank God no one was hurt, unlike what happened to these people out in Wisconsin.

Bottom line? Everyone has the ability to snap. Even those who carry guns in their profession. To the anti gun people I say: What do you do about this?

Speakeasies In Clifton Heights?

Shawn McGee and Maria McKnight - Photo from the Daily Times
I was talking to a friend yesterday that I’ll call “Jane” about the recent undercover drug busts in Clifton Heights, where I live. She told me word on the street is that from now on, several bar owners have instructed their bartenders to flag after a few drinks anyone who isn’t a regular. If this is true, this to me means that the owners are bacicially condoning illegal activity, much like the Speakeasies did in the 1920’s, but not for booze, but for drugs. To those who say they have a right, I say maybe they do, but two beers and your out while a regular can get shitfaced is biased and could backfire with the right attorney.

Maybe they are just scared of legal trouble, maybe they knew about it (the drug dealing) all along and turned the other cheek. Regardless, those drugs today are illegal as of this blog post and the two young undercover officers should be commended for taking on the job. I’m actually going to Tailgators in a few weeks, as my Son’s band is scheduled to play there. Will they label me a narc? A Cop? Who knows? I’m there for the music and keeping an eye on things.


Run Away? Don’t move to Iowa

I caught this story after reading another blog. Five years is mandatory incarceration in Iowa for punching someone? Christ, what happens to the real baddies, like drug dealers and murderers? Automatic life in prison? Nah.. They get a slap on the wrist. Michael Mette, a Chicago cop was defending himself as far as I’m concerned when he was attacked by a college kid with political family ties. If the kid was some loser Mette would never have set foot in a cell. So here we have a police officer on the verge of doing five long years in jail, lose his job of course, all because some female judge named Monica Ackley decides that he should have run away. Another thing that gets my goat is that the so called victim , who admitted striking Mette first, received no jail time at all!

What is going on with these Judges and prosecutors? I would have demanded a trial by jury, maybe the people in Iowa aren’t as stupid as their Judges when it comes to common sense. Better yet, maybe my beloved leader George W. Bush could perhaps pardon him, on the grounds that it would really be a just pardon, unlike the one he gave his buddy Scooter.