Curt Weldon – A Fireman’s Friend

As some of you know, I’m not really a fan of Curt Weldon. A friend of mine who knows this recently reminded me that Mr. Weldon has been a big supporter of Firemen across the country, and has managed to obtain as Senior member of the House Armed Services Committee $7.6 billion dollars to help fund volunteer fire companies across the U.S.

As an admirer of firemen in general for the jobs they do and the lives that they save, I thought that I would post something about Mr.Weldon in a positive light, one in witch he deserves. I’ll admit that yes he has looked out for them, and that to me is a good thing.

My Thoughts:

This country needs a “Weed and Seed” program for all the politicians. Across Party lines, across Counties, across States, etc. Me? I’m still voting for Joe Sestak. Will it make a difference? Maybe not. But It hopefully will send a message that Delconians need their Congressmen right here, not worrying about Iraq or Iran or other things that a President should be handling. (Our current Prez has made a joke out of foreign relations, and is better suited to stay in Crawford with his Horses)

Curt Weldon has actually contributed to Delco where it is most needed. So Dave, I stand corrected about Curt. You win. I’ll buy you a cold one at Thomas’s.

P.S. Here’s a thought: Joe Sestak for Congress, Curt Weldon for President. Deal?

The School Property Tax

The following is part of an e-mail from a Drexel Hill resident to me, and my response. My point was that there must be a better way to fund schools, and make them even better, without such a reliance on property taxes. I attended the public school system in Upper Darby, K-12. I know how good it is, how much teachers, administrators and school board members care about what they do. Why not find new and innovative funding sources, rock solid and certain, so that our schools can continue to, and even improve the ultimate product, the children of our community.


After writing my previous message to you this afternoon, I continued to shake my head. I wondered to myself, “How could someone be so oblivious to the connection between well-supported school districts and the quality of life in a community? Does this person have no idea that houses represent the biggest financial investment that low-income people will ever make and that, by letting the schools crumble and therefore destroying the attractiveness of the community, he will basically be flushing those peoples’ hard-won investments down the toilet?? Does he really want to turn Drexel Hill into another Lansdowne? I think it is wonderful that someone your age wants is serious about political issues, and I really do applaud you for that. You are obviously bright and have a lot of energy. But what in the world makes you think that in 20 years you have gained the life experience to be able to be a state representative? Is it presumptuosness? Arrogance? Plain old ignorance? You simply have no idea of the broader consequences of the positions you are espousing. You couldn’t. You just haven’t been on the planet long enough.


Thank you for your thoughtful comments. One question, if you don’t mind. If for over 20 years of Mario’s service why have property taxes risen to the point of forcing some of our neighbors from their homes, and what would be the problem with finding other sources to replace them while maintaining and even improving our schools? I must say I find it refreshing to hear from someone who cares enough of our community to speak up. I may only be 20 but I never would have taken an illegal payraise as Mr. Civera did. I would never allow winter utility shutoffs just because of campaign contributions received by Mr. Civera. I would never drive a $650 Caddy at taxpayer expense as Mr. Civera does. I would never fight to keep the actions of our legislature secret as Mr. Civera does. I might not be legally able to drink but I am of age to fight our wars and serve in our legislature. I’ve been taught that when I see something wrong, do something about it. Don’t just sit by and let it happen. So win or lose at least I’m trying to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. I’ll end with this; Will your teenagers be better of with the status-quo of Mr. Civera or the reform and vision of the future that puts people first, as I espouse. I went on too long, I apologize, but I believe I’m on the right side and it’s thought provoking to discuss the issues with a concerned person like you. I’m OK with your non-support, at least we live in America where when it’s over, we shake hands and work together.
Casey Roncaglione

Striking The Root On August 22nd

From a Yahoo Msg Board:
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by: yankeerunningdog 08/13/06 11:05 pm
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Why is the USA inciting hatred of Muslims all over the world. Bush even used the term ISLAMO FACIST the other day. If anyone said Jewish facist, they would be locked up for hate crimes.

Posted as a reply to: Msg 1629 by striykermt

People like myself are just really getting ticked off about the way the Bush admin has managed to align all these “Muslims” to hate us. I believe that they really don’t hate US, per say, only our selected officials. This above comment only re-inforces my belief that America should quit being the watch dog of the world, quit interfering in other countries business, and worry about her own people first.

Bush and his cronies have totally screwed up this country. This isn’t about Dem or Pub either. Both parties are equal in guilt for NOT doing something radical about the current situation. What we need is new leadership, ones who will take this county away from the corporations, take over the MSM who only release slanted stories of what is really happening in the world, and work for US, the American citizen!

On August 22nd, there is a wide growing rumor that world war three will start in the middle east, first by Iran launching SSN-25 Onyx sideburn missles missiles in the Persian Gulf, or something even more devastating. Some “Muslim” holy day also is on the 22nd. Bottom line is that all you know, all you love,Your America may be obliteriated by some nutcase with his hand on a button in a city near you.

Remember the SALT treaties that Nixon created? One can only hope that someone with real balls steps up to the plate and takes action against these crazy so called leaders in Washington, Tel Aviv, and Jolly Old England (Yes, the same country that we had our so called independence from.)

In closing, I feel enlightened by what knowledge I have gained by being on the net now for 17 years. Forget about BS liquid bombs on domestic Aircraft(A HOAX), I’d be more worried about the next 9-11, that will surely happen to save these thugs in Washington’s jobs and thier sick NWO agenda.

Good Night.

Call Me Lefty

A few days ago, (August 13th to be exact) was Left Handed Day. After seeing this it reminded me of the fact that I am a lefty. (Not in the political sense mind you, I’m a floater.) It also reminded me that us “Lefties” should rise up against you “Righties”, as in better acceptance of us and better products like everyday items that we all use.

Ask a Lefty how he/she uses a simple can opener and you”ll find that all have to use thier right hand. Telephones, power tools, televisions, vending machines, even computers all are made for you righties. You all have it made! There was one study that found that Lefties live on average 11.0 years less than thier Righty counterparts. This is because of all the stress we are put through, starting at a very young age.

I couldn’t tie my damn shoelaces until I was 7 years old, only after a fellow Lefty showed me how. Tying a tie? Really a task! Having Right-Handed parents did not help one bit. The Nuns at St. Cyrils looked upon me as a freak, (Like they were normal,) and my fellow classmates seemed to enjoy making fun of the way I wrote.

Getting older, my hero was Steve Carlton, a lefty, who was the best Phillies pitcher ever. Number 32 threw a mean slider, and just flat out froze those righty batters. Everytime I watched him, I would say to myself; Go gettem’Steve! Ok, enough of this. Here are some great people who are like me, a LEFTY.


George Bush (Senior)
Bill Clinton
Benjamin Franklin
Gerald Ford
Thomas Jefferson
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Reagan (My Man, Share the same Birthday)

Other people of note include: Helen Keller, Benjamin Netanyahu, Norman Schwarzkopf, Bob Dole, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and hundreds more.

In closing I want to say that Us “Lefties” are in our RIGHT mind. You “Righties” can all learn a lesson or two. Living in your Right-Handed world is not too fun. Try it sometime.


What is making the Republicans so nervous?

There’s an excellent article in today’s Inquirer that reports a shift away from Republican registrations in the suburbs. This is good news. Although it wasn’t cited as a reason in the article, I think many of these conversions are due to the Bush administration’s failures. Progressives are certainly against their policies, but are now being joined by true conservatives as well. Weldon doesn’t want Bush to campaign for him, and I doubt Santorum will either.
Look for more gains between 2006 and 2008, especially if Sestak and Casey prevail.
The Republican strangle hold is loosening in Delaware County to the point that we may actually see Democrats entering in previously uncontested local elections. That’s a win for democracy.