Not too reformed, eh?

I just had to post this.

NORRISTOWN – A Limerick man will be under court supervision for about five years after he admitted to using hidden cameras to secretly record the private moments of a Lower Pottsgrove woman in her home.

John Edward “Jack” Klein, 47, of Reformed Road, was sentenced in Montgomery County Court on Friday to 64 days already served to 23-months in jail after he pleaded guilty to charges of invasion of privacy and intercept communications in connection with incidents that occurred between 2008 and 2009.

Judge Thomas C. Branca also ordered Klein to complete three years’ probation after his parole period ends, effectively placing Klein under court supervision for about five years.

The judge gave Klein credit for the time he spent in jail between March 12 and May 14.

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The Future of the Delaware County GOP

With the May Primary fast approaching, I am curious to see how our local Republican candidates fare. The Republican candidates are as follows:

For Governor:
Samuel E. Rohrer
Tom Corbett

For Lieutanant Governor:
Steve Johnson
Jean Craige Pepper
Russ Diamond
Chet Beiler
Stephen A. Urban
Daryl Metcalfe
John Kennedy
Billy McCue

United States Senator:
Pat Toomey
K. Peg Luksik

US Representative; (District 7)
Patrick Meehan

State Representative; (District 163)
Nicholas A. Micozzie

Corbett, Toomey, Meehan, and Micozzie I can relate to and am voting for. As far as the Democrats, who knows and who cares? If the Democrats gain control of Delaware County, specifically Upper Darby, you can bet that the township will be annexed into the City of Philadelphia. Don’t believe me? Well look it up. The city has swallowed townships like Northern Liberties, Bristol Township, Roxbourough Township, Delaware Township and many more here.

Imagine losing their Police and Fire Departments, Departments of Sanitation, Public Works, and the School District. If you think the township has gone to the dogs now, just wait until November. My advice? Vote Straight Republican in November!

Remembering The Fallen

Yesterday as always I picked up a copy of the Daily Times at Wawa. On page five there was an article written by Paul Luce about the tribute at Rose Tree Park honoring the fallen officers from Delco and the surrounding area. It was a well written article, but to the right of it was a list of fallen officers being saluted by the Daily Times. I read the list and immediately noticed one officers name omitted. His name was Officer Dennis McNamara, an Upper Darby police officer who was killed in cold blood by some scumbag named Thomas Campbell.

For the times to “forget” him to me is an insult to the UDPD, the McNamara family, and the citizens of Delaware County. I just hope that the times included his name in today’s Sunday Times.

The Meaning of Mothers Day

Another Mother’s Day is here.

To me it’s just another day, to many women who are Mothers out there it is a special day, a day reserved for them to be pampered and thought of and doted over. Well pamper them I say, but do it in a way that actually means something to them, not just saying “Happy Mother’s Day Mom, here’s some flowers” and walk away. Maybe spend some time with them while they are still alive, if not, remember all the times you had with Mom and talk about it to someone like a Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunt, Dad, etc.

Honestly? My beef with Mothers Day is the over commercialization of it, as well as Memorial Day, Fathers Day,Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, etc. Here’s a decent website that actually tells you things to do with Mom, where to take her, how one should admire and respect and love her, and gives tips like “Be thoughtful for your mom always and treat your mother like a princess everyday. That can be the most wonderful gift to your mom.”

Years ago, I used to buy Mom some flowers, but when one year she exclaimed to me “Mums are for the dead!”, that ended my flower/plant buying days, although I read where Chrysanthemums, or Mums can produce visual hallucinations. In today’s screwed up world, not a bad idea, eh?

Seriously, A Happy Happy Mothers Day to all of you “Mothers” out there, may this day shine upon you, bathe you in content, soothe your body, bless your soul, and release all your anxieties. Well it’s off to CVS to buy some Cards. Have a great day 🙂


Spying for dummies

Ok, not a catchy title to my blog post, but that’s what I came up with. I’ve been “watching” this drama unfold now for months, both online , on TV, and in the paper. Last week I Googled “Laptop Tracking and came upon an ad from Nside Track, how to find your stolen laptop. I registered on my desktop computer, downloaded the exe file, then transferred it and installed it on my laptop. Needless to say, this program works. And works well. i set it up with my gmail (Google) account  to “Send” me updates, such as screen shots, location, mac address, ip address, and of course, activate the internal web cam and take a picture every one minute. How it works:

The Google map feature located my laptop to within 3 houses of where it is, a feat that I still have yet to figure out. Below is from Nside Track:

  • Track your laptop
  • Receive Google Maps images pinpointing your laptop’s location 
  • Take webcam pictures of the thief using your laptop 
  • Take screenshots of the thief’s activity on your stolen laptop 
  • No Monthly or Yearly Fees
  • Access your laptop remotely with your cellphone to encrypt folders and files or lock it down
  • Access your stolen laptop remotely from another computer to encrypt folders and files or lock it down 
  • Access your stolen laptop remotely to type a message for your laptop to read aloud at full volume

All of the above works quite well, and for only a one time fee you can license the program for keeps. The only thing i find a bit disturbing about it is that I could have “installed” it on someone else’s computer without them even knowing it. My AVG program didn’t find it a threat, Windows firewall never asked for a port being open, and the program runs as a service, no icon on your desktop, or in your start up menu.

The possibilities of using this to “spy” on someone are endless! Your husband, wife, kids, boss, girlfriend, boyfriend, enemy, or just about anyone your curious about and can access their computer are all fair game. Recently, Arlen Specter has introduced a bill to include web cam surveillance under the federal wiretap law already in place. In essence, if you use this (or other programs like it) on someone else’s computer (Or your own?) it will be considered a felony.

Me? I think it’s a great program, technology at it’s best. Here is what is sent to me via my email address every minute of every day,(can be adjusted remotely)

FRAN-PC NsideTrack Location Report
Your computer was last seen at lat: 39.950147 long:-75.253389 (+/- 44 meters).

Click map to open Google Maps

Current IP Address:
Currently connected to: FezNetwork(xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx) sig quality: 94
Your computer can see these wireless access points:

Access Point Signal %
FezNetwork 99
JonesFamily 60
leslie 39
2TGA3 24

Current Web Cam Image

Current Screen Shot Image