Making A Comback (of sorts) for 2012

Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up my old web site, Totally Delco.I first bought the domain name on April 27th, 2003. Long before the Daily Times. I bought it after realizing that I couldn’t search online find a store nearby in Delaware County to buy a mattress, only the yellow pages had the lists.

So after several years of turning it into a blog, forum, web portal, etc. With lots of personal posts I’ve decide to go one step further. To integrate it with social networking, as in Facebook, only local. Wish me luck, I have zero experience in php or databases on here.


Doing It Up In Delaware County

I just had to post the picture below. It was taken tonight on Delmar Rd, where we used to live in the early 90’s.  Accross the street was the Bazzar, a place where one could spend all day buying all kinds of things, from a shotgun to a guitar, windows, bluejeans, jewrly, get a haircut, buy a puppy, you name it. Sadly, it was torn down in December of 1993.


Media Mike vs Gambols

So it seems that Mike Chitwood, aka “Media Mike”, let loose with his mouth yet again about the recent “bust” at Gambols Bar, located on Garrett and Burmont in Drexel Hill. Let it be known that I have frequented Gambols for over twenty years and the place is know for good food, tall drinks, and good friends.


P.s. Mike, you live within walking distance, why not stop up and have a pint on me?

What’s Next?

After reading this article in the Daily Times, it makes me wonder just what’s next in the minds of politicians.

The good Parkside Police Chief John Egan gun proposal reeks with our right to do as we please on our property. seriously, BB guns? When I was a kid I owned several, as well as my friends. We would go down  Cobb’s Creek Park and either shoot squirrels or pigeons or line up some tin cans. We also made a backstop in my basement with a target on it.

Back then, you could walk to Upper Darby High School with your match rifle in a soft case if you were on the Rifle Team without any cops giving you trouble. I know, times have changed. 9/11, Terrorists, Fear, etc just gave the government more power and control over you and me. ID cards, keyfobs, swipe cards, all for your protection. Right.