Happy New Year! I’ve been controlling my self from posting my opinions on world issues , namely politics, and felt the NEED to tell you all about a local band that although I’ve never seen preform in person (yet), they really get me rocking.

Their name is Soraia, the band consists of from their web site – Dave Justo (lead guitar), Travis Smith (bass guitar), Sue Mansour (vocals, tambo), Joe Armstrong (drums), and Joe Francia (rhythm guitar)… They have a new CD out called Shed The Skin. A bit different from Recipe For Disaster, but the mix of Joplin like, sixties – seventies gritty music combined with Susan’s hard core yet subtle? vixen voice makes for a decent sound.

They rock! – No offense Howard.

Anyway, I plan to see them at Tom n Jerry’s in Milmont Park (I call it Ridley) on the 17th of January.

Cheers and stay safe.