Republican Primary In Pennsylvania Today

Delaware County Republican Primary Delegates Supporting Ron Paul

Michael P. Boyle
Peter J. Manfra
David K. Walter
Ryan Hodinka
Rick Lacey
John Savastio

Are you a registered Republican in the state of Pennsylvania and reside in Delaware County? Be sure to vote for the above delegates for a real change, a much needed one. The three ponies currently in the MSM spotlight are coddlers to the corporate whores that have been ripping you off for over 90 years.

I find is quite disgusting that all of the local news media (TV, and especially the Daily Times) failed to even mention the Republican Primary that is today, April 22, 2008. In Delaware County and accross the state, Registered Republicans such as myself get to vote on whom they want (delegates) to represent their choice in November. I don’t give a hoot about Obama or Hillary, as both to me are lucid and quite frankly full of crap in everything they spew out of their mouths. Same goes for John McCain, but to add to his dementia, he wants nothing more than to invade Iran and eventually Saudi Arabia, all in the name of “Democracy”. Want your children to fight in his wars? I don’t, and the simpletons who call sound off at the Daily Times and say reinstate the draft most likely are bitter ex Vietnam draftees, well to do stuffy asses with kids in college who will get a deferment, or just plain out liars.

Today Delaware County Republicans can vote for the the above delegates, all of whom support Ron Paul. Yeah, the same Ron Paul who is for smaller government, true American Independence and Sovereignty, strongly against meddling in other countries affairs and feeding them billions of your tax dollars, Pro Gun, Pro Life, and most of all? Adhering to the original Constitution of the United States, a document that George W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton have managed to mangle and rip apart over the last 16 years.

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The Revolution Is Here – Ain’t No Stopping US Now

I grew up in this era, with the Vietnam war, Johnson, Nixon, draft card burning, anti war, etc and found this video only fitting for the RON PAUL REVOLUTION! Forget about Mitt Romney, he didn’t win shit in Iowa, as the investigation on the rigging of the Diebold voting machines will prove.

There’s NO STOPPING US now, Do you hear that you Dem’s with your next “Clinton”?

America needs a drastic change, and you won’t see any MSM outlets helping to report the real truth, including the Daily Times. Get out of Iraq and the middle east, quit bowing to Israel, Saudi Arabia and all these “special interest” groups that lobby you senators and congressmen and women, Secure our borders, and for God sakes repeal the Patriot Act and re open the investigation on what really happened on 9-11-2001! Along with it, how about securing our borders, get rid of the Federal Reserve and IRS, and imprison all of the CEO’s of the big corporations that have been raping us for decades!

Yeah, that’s a tall order to fill, the last President to try to do this was JFK, and look what happened to him. Bottom line is: The “next” 9-11 that happens in this country will be scrutinized, examined, and most of all, disbelieved by a large informed segment of Americans and of course the rest of the world. How we react will determine the outcome of our once Republic, as in the Republic of the United States of America. So I say to you one last time:

Your either with US or against US..

Sound familiar?