Republican Primary In Pennsylvania Today

Delaware County Republican Primary Delegates Supporting Ron Paul

Michael P. Boyle
Peter J. Manfra
David K. Walter
Ryan Hodinka
Rick Lacey
John Savastio

Are you a registered Republican in the state of Pennsylvania and reside in Delaware County? Be sure to vote for the above delegates for a real change, a much needed one. The three ponies currently in the MSM spotlight are coddlers to the corporate whores that have been ripping you off for over 90 years.

I find is quite disgusting that all of the local news media (TV, and especially the Daily Times) failed to even mention the Republican Primary that is today, April 22, 2008. In Delaware County and accross the state, Registered Republicans such as myself get to vote on whom they want (delegates) to represent their choice in November. I don’t give a hoot about Obama or Hillary, as both to me are lucid and quite frankly full of crap in everything they spew out of their mouths. Same goes for John McCain, but to add to his dementia, he wants nothing more than to invade Iran and eventually Saudi Arabia, all in the name of “Democracy”. Want your children to fight in his wars? I don’t, and the simpletons who call sound off at the Daily Times and say reinstate the draft most likely are bitter ex Vietnam draftees, well to do stuffy asses with kids in college who will get a deferment, or just plain out liars.

Today Delaware County Republicans can vote for the the above delegates, all of whom support Ron Paul. Yeah, the same Ron Paul who is for smaller government, true American Independence and Sovereignty, strongly against meddling in other countries affairs and feeding them billions of your tax dollars, Pro Gun, Pro Life, and most of all? Adhering to the original Constitution of the United States, a document that George W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton have managed to mangle and rip apart over the last 16 years.

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Radnor Politics

So is this an example of how politics works in Radnor?

Judge rules in Rogers’ favor in 17th Senate race
Republican candidate gets injunction prohibiting opponent from distributing sample ballots.

MEDIA — Delaware County Court of Common Pleas President Judge Joseph P. Cronin Jr. granted the Republican candidate for the 17th District Lance Rogers a preliminary injunction prohibiting his contender Lisa Paolino from distributing sample ballots.

Cronin made his decision Saturday after a two-hour, 12-minute hearing into the issue that will impact Paolino’s ability to hand out ballots on the primary election Tuesday.

“The question will come down to the fact whether he’s the endorsed candidate or not,” Cronin said of Rogers.

Rogers, the endorsed Republican candidate, was seeking both a preliminary and mandatory injunction barring Paolino, also a Republican, from distributing ballots and Cronin solely ruled on the preliminary matter, which, in effect, stunted her from distributing sample ballots to voters entering the polls. He said the mandatory ruling would have to be decided at a later unscheduled date.

At issue was the similarity in the green ballot that Paolino was distributing and the white and blue ballot circulated by the Delaware County Republican Finance Committee.

After the judge made his ruling, Guy Paolino, who was representing Lisa Paolino, said, “We respect what the court says.”

Rogers’ attorney, Robert Kerns, said, “Overall, both in Montgomery County and here, it was an attempt to deceive the voters and to turn attention from the endorsed candidate.”

Rogers said he was disheartened by Lisa Paolino.

“That is the ultimate form of deception,” he said. “We want a level playing field. We just want a fair election.”

Lisa Paolino was not present at the proceedings.

However, her campaign issued a statement that read, “Taking my campaign to court is just another example of a campaign of harassment Lance Rogers has run against me.

“If Lance Rogers is so scared of a piece of paper that doesn’t even have his name on it, what kind of backbone will he have to stand up for us in the state senate?”

Much of the hearing was devoted to how the county GOP endorses its candidates.

Carol Miller, vice chair/secretary and executive director of the Delaware County Republican Party was questioned about the party’s nominating process.

She explained that when a majority of a contender’s district lies in another county, the local GOP concurs with the nomination of the majority county.

“Generally, the county that holds the majority of precincts, we go by their endorsement process,” she said.

Miller gave the example of state Sen. Dominic Pileggi, R-9, of Chester, whose district lies in parts of Chester and Delaware counties. As the bulk of his geography remains in Delaware County, the local GOP makes their nomination in this position and the other counties acknowledge it.

Guy Paolino contested that.

“Delaware County has no endorsed candidate for this position,” he said, adding there was no election or meeting in Delaware County held to nominate a candidate for this slot.

Kerns said the key was the impact the ballot would have on the process.

“The issue becomes what is shown to the voters,” he said. “Is this a ballot that is deceptive … that would prevent a fair election?”

Friday, a Montgomery County judge issued a similar order to halt Paolino from distributing sample ballots that allegedly confused voters.

92 minus 45 = She’s Guilty

Come on now.. No amount of Viagra could satisfy this woman. I’d of done a lot more to her than slap her around if the cheating bitch was my wife. So what’s going to happen here? Send the old man to Charlie Sexton’s Gulag for a few years? I’m sure I’ll get replies from you feminists that I am a sexist. Know what? I couldn’t care less. Remember Lorena Bobbitt? The same feminists and women in general thought that it was OK that she dismembered her old man.

Well tit for tat I say.


Raped At The Pump

Reading John Roman’s piece about local gas prices has me quite puzzled. Not once in his article does he mention WHY gasoline is so expensive. Well I will tell you why. Gasoline and especially Diesel (witch used to be far cheaper than gas) is traded in the futures markets, much like pork rinds and gold and silver. The players (people you and I would never meet) couldn’t care less about any commoner, just as ALL currently elected politicians couldn’t either.

The only way to have petroleum prices fall is to get of the ME, quit sending billions of “aid” to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Yemen, and a slew of other countries that reap the rewards of our so called “Tax dollars”, Quit buying EXXON gas (the biggest whores), and finally?

Stop driving and walk or ride a bike. In my line of work I need to drive from job to job. I see hundreds of cars on the road at all hours of the day and ask myself where are these people going? Doesn’t anyone work anymore? The biggest culprits of gas hogs are the fat ass women in their big ass SUV’s blabbing on their cell phones while going two frigging blocks to by Twinkies at Wawa while their husbands are hard at work, caving in and paying to fill there wives bellies and tanks, the wimps that they are.


Yummy Bakery Cafe – Your friendly neighborhood bakery

Got the below rant from my My Space friend Elaine..

I went into Yummy’s Bakery yesterday with my 3-year-old daughter. We shared a grilled cheese sandwich (and soup, and we each got a drink). The sandwich was $3.95. Neither one of us has a big appetite and we do this all the time (share a dish).

I saw they charged a $2.00 sharing fee. When I asked the waitress, she whispered to me, “It’s the owner, if I ring you up, I’ll take it off.” Well I decided to ask him. He’s sitting at the register, this ugly big fat thing that was leering at me all through lunch. I asked him why there was a $2.00 sharing fee on a $3.95 sandwich, that I never heard of this before.

He YELLED at me that I’m lucky it’s not $3.00, that restaurants everywhere do this. I told him they do not, I eat out with my daughter for lunch a lot, and never had this happen. He told me I was lying, that yes they do. Actually, he’s sputtering and yelling. I asked him why he was being such a jerk. He said “You’re just bitching because you’re pouting and not getting your way. I’m not capitulating to you so you’re just being a brat.” I was so shocked he said that to me. I’m so embarrassed but I had to choke back the tears and told him he is being very mean to me, that I never heard of this sharing charge before, and I’ve been coming to this bakery since my 12 year old daughter was in diapers. He looked at me and said I never saw you before.

I said you’re a new owner! That’s why! He then pointed his finger to the door and said “Get out of here!”

As I was leaving with my daughter (and yes I paid the $2) these customers that were eating (a table of 6 with an old man and lady and their daughter and her daughters) said I was in the right, that he was a jerk to me. He yelled from the counter “Stop talking to them and get out the store now!” He screamed back “You’re a big bully!” and got out of there. I went to Kid to Kid with my daughter to have a good cry in the aisles while she looked at all the toys.

The customers that were in there came in looking for me (or maybe they just happened to go to that store – I don’t know) and gave me tissues and told me they told the owner he was wrong, and he threw them out of the store too.

He threw a 60 year woman out of the store!

I was in there about 3 months ago and saw him scream at a waitress who then broke a coffeepot, which then made him scream more. And we had to send a turkey sandwich back because the turkey smelled rank.

He is the new owner and the cafe is so small – about 10 tables. He re-did the place from white to black and red and now it looks like Satan’s Den and he is Satan, ha!

I’ve been going to Yummy’s since I was a little girl and I love their orange cake and got all my birthday cakes there, but never again!! I just wanted to relate this story so that my Delaware County friends can pass the word.

Have a good weekend!

Now I have never been to this Yummy’s Cafe before, but I seems to me that the owner is not a nice or polite man. I also (with some digging on my own) came across this rant, I gather from Elaine’s fiance.

Chances are that I will never patronize Yummy’s. But for thoese who are curious, here is Yummy’s business listing.

1254 Township Line Rd. (Near the Dunkin’ Donuts)
Drexel Hill, PA
Phone: 610-449-0606
URL: (Seems to be expired.)

Bon appétit!