Getting Away With Murder

I cannot believe that after 50 plus days Lemuel Payne is not behind bars charged with the hit and run death of Faith Sinclair. it was Payne’s car that struck her, and DNA taken from it will prove that. The car was found hidden in an Upper Darby garage if my memory is correct. How can someone hide behind a lawyer? Is this guy rich or does he have some dirt on some people? If it were you or me we would be incarcerated in the county prison.

“No one has talked with Lemuel Payne, not from our end,” said Tinsley. “We know he’s in the area still. Authorities haven’t had contact with him yet.”

No contact? He owns the car, correct? It was hidden with a tarp over it, correct? I wonder if Faith was some ultra rich important daughter of some really well to do family the wheels of justice would be turning much faster, and Payne would be on trial already.

No, Faith Sinclair was just an average young woman, visiting some friends and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To Lemuel? Fess up you coward. I know you did it, you know you did it. The whole county knows you did it. But if you didn’t? Why hide? Did you ever hear of Karma?

P.s. To the passenger in the car? Spill your guts to the police, collect the 10k reward, and donate it to your defense fund for aiding and abetting a coward

Rape At Wellesley College?

A visitor from (nslookup)
arrived from slip a mickey rape 1-10,
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at 04:55:34 PM on Thursday, September 18, 2008.
This visitor used Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008070208 Firefox/3.0.1.

Every day I check our referrer logs to see who is searching for what. I came across the above a few minutes ago. So what does it mean? Well it seems that someone using a computer from Wellesley College searched Google for “slip a mickey rape”. using the phrase “mickey” means to me that they aren’t college age, more like a professor or staff member.

Maybe I watch too much CSI.


Benefit For Cameron Ladley

Benefit For Cameron Ladley

This is for my friend Heather, more to follow soon. Note that this disease is one far worse and underfunded for research than Scleroderma, a disease that my wife has a mild form of.

Letter from Heather to me:

We are having a Beef and Beverage Benefit for Cameron Ladley on November 1, 2008. Cameron is 7 years old and attends Norwood School. When he was five years old, he was diagnosed with a very rare condition called Fibrous Dysplasia.

Fibrous Dysplasia is a chronic disorder in which bone expands due to abnormal development of fibrous tissue, often resulting in uneven growth of bones, pain, brittle bones and bone deformity. There is no known cure for Fibrous Dysplasia at this time.

Unfortunately, there are no specialists in the Tri-State area that are able to treat his condition. This benefit will give Cameron a chance to see the specialists that he needs to treat his disorder.

We are looking for contributions from our nearby establishments to help create gift baskets as prizes.

If you can help us out with a donation, it would be greatly appreciated. We will proudly display your business as a sponsor that evening. Please feel free to call me at (610) 586-9258 and I would be more than happy to pick up any donation you may have for us.

I thank you in advance for your consideration and assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Ann Bailey
The Friends of the Ladley Family

Information for the benefit:

Beef and Beer Benefit

Saturday, November 1, 2008
7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

St. Gabriel’s Hall
233 Mohawk Avenue
Norwood, Pennsylvania

Tickets: $30

For more information: mailto:stephanie@thetruemeasure.orgor

Face book Announcement for the benefit

Look. C’mon guys! Let’s get the ball rolling here.


The Surge

I have been following a story about a local Deli owned by Mario Civera, my Mothers State Representative in the 164th district, which recently caught fire, allegedly by an electrical problem. The consensus is that Peco, (Exelon) was in some way to blame. As an electrician with almost thirty years experience, I can say that they may be right. But to a point. Seems that there have been many problems with underground transformers exploding in that area over the years, as well as power surges.

In Upper Darby Township, there are many homes and businesses that have outdated or inadequate electrical wiring. Residential homes for instance built before 1970 for the most part have no grounding conductor (the mouth of your three prong outlet) connected to it. “Knob and Tube”, “Knob and Nail” or “Old style romex” are in almost every home in Drexel Hill. Many homes have no ground rod installed and connected to their electrical service. No lightning arrestor, no “Whole Home” surge protector.

Did Civera’s Deli have a Surge Protector that may have helped drain off a high voltage surge from a Mal functioning transformer? Probably not. Where I live (Westbrook Park) if I were to remove my cold water and earth ground and rely on the transformer ‘s neutral my house would probably catch fire. Think I’m kidding? A few years ago my neighbor was renovating his home and called me to come over and find out why every time he used a drill to mix drywall compound, the lights would dim to almost nothing.

What I found out is that the plumber removed the cold water ground to his electrical service. Even with a ground rod installed (there is clay under our homes) he had no return path to the transformer. He called Peco, and a technician came over later on that afternoon, checked out the homes electrical service, and told him that the problem was in the meter box. I told the tech that I was a licenced electrician and that the “problem” was in Peco’s transformer. He told me he would make note of it, and left. to this day I believe that the transformers “neutral” is not connected.

Bottom line? Go to your local hardware store and buy a receptacle tester that shows you an open ground, open neutral, reverse hot and neutral, and correct wiring. Get a local licenced electrician to inspect your home and install 5 items that may save you your home, and more importantly your life :

A ground rod
A lightning arrestor
A “Whole Home” single phase surge protector
GFCI receptacles where required
Smoke detectors where required

Cheers and Go EAGLES!