DCCC re-opens today but….

DCCC students will be welcomed to the post-VTech college campus. I hope the students don’t have a lot of books to carry, because they are out of luck without backpacks. Doesn’t this administration know that if all the students were allowed to carry guns then any attempt to create a catastrophe could be eliminated immediately? sheesh.

Taken from the DCCC main page:

There will be a visible police presence at all campuses, in addition to the College’s existing Security officers. Access to all campuses will be limited. Anyone reporting to any College location is not permitted to bring bags, backpacks or other parcels into our buildings. Clear plastic bags may be used to carry personal items. Random searches will be conducted and metal detectors will be utilized. All students and College employees will be called upon to remain vigilant and report suspicious behavior on the part of any individual to College Security or the police immediately.