Phila.’s unlikely energy source

Venezuela’s socialist president, Hugo Chavez, who has been a persistent antagonist to President Bush, is providing relief to some poor families in the Philadelphia region squeezed by the high price of home-heating oil.

A subsidiary of the Venezuelan national oil company will ship five million gallons of heating oil for distribution at a steep discount to as many as 25,000 low-income families in the Philadelphia region next month under a deal brokered by U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah (D., Pa.) and a nonprofit energy cooperative.

So this is obviously a political move by Mr. Chavez there. Do I care? Do the people who are getting this discount care? No. Who the hell cares on the motivation of it I’m just glad its happening.

But who’s it really helping? I would say its not helping the poor its helping the oil companies from trying to get paid for their overpriced commodity. The outcry from the public over a company proposing to stop oil service to low income families due to mounting bills would be ridiculous. How do you stop this potentially politically horrible issue? Why work the angles to make it look like your getting a break.

What a better way to play the ‘we’re helping the poor out’ angle for an oil company than by working with someone who hates the current administration with assistance by a democrat.

The bottom line is the poor will continue to get home heating oil. Just keep in mind why this is happening.

Roller Derby Queen

I was tipped off about this story that happened in Dallas,Texas recently. It involved a member of Assassination City,(A local Roller Derby team), 25 year old Michelle Metzinger. The officer,15 year veteran Ceaphus Gordon, has numerous internal affairs investigations under his belt for police abuse. I have obtained these pictures. Judge for yourself.

Hands on the car!
Get back or your next!
Did that hurt?
I told you to stay down bitch!
Does this look like she's resisting arrest? For skating accross the street?
Blood all over the place..

Promotion, Propoganda or Cult-like Beliefs?

(gets on soap box)

I have a problem. Its an issue I don’t understand. Its also something I can’t 100% identify with but at some level can.

Breastfeeding. No not those who tend to not care about the environment in which they do it, though some tend to believe there is never a ‘wrong-place’ for such an action, but those who promote it.

Acutally no, not those who promote it, those who are freaking Nazi’s about it.

There are basically two options to such crazy people, breastfeeding or bottle feeding. To such people bottle feeding is the devil, an instrument of satan himself.

Now while I don’t and never will doubt the pros of breastfeeding there are many cons to the way it is promoted. Again, yes, many many pros of breastfeeding. What I don’t understand is the emphasis on the actual act of breastfeeding and not the emphasis on the breast milk itself. To me they’re kind of missing the boat. Talk with these ‘people with blinders on’ and you hear all about the greatness of the milk but never much about pumping and storage and all that. They don’t make that connection. The train is…milk is good, so breastfeed. Even trains have the ability to switch tracks.

So persistant is the propoganda that its hurtful. Mentally or emotionally uncomfortable with breastfeeding? Well your just a bad mother. Calm down there with your Tom Cruise like crazyness. Some people just are uncomfortable with it. Some people just can’t handle it or just can’t do it. There is nothing wrong with these mothers besides being human.

Again (yes, tons of disclaimers to avoid nasty annoying people who don’t understand my point because they’re blind to anything beyond breastfeeding) I do agree there are many pros to breastfeeding, not just utilization of the milk produced, and believe if you can do it and are comfortable doing it its the best option. My point is, the crazy people act like its the only option a real mother would choose.

All they accomplish is lowering the self esteem of expectant mothers who have a problem with it. What about the new mothers who really believe in it and really want to do it but for some meta-physical reason can’t? Can’t produce enough milk? Oh yeah well your a bad mother because you can’t breastfeed. Child having problems latching on? Your a bad mother and are doing it wrong. Sure they don’t say this outright but that scenario never plays in their minds. Breastfeeding or hell is the stance they project.

Good strategy. Women go through all these crazy changes phsyically, mentally, emotionally, chemically. 9 months of all this stuff going on, all of it culminating in a couple of hours (if your lucky). Your stance? Breastfeed or go home. Gee, good support system. Good looking out for the health of ALL involved.

So thank you to all those nazi breastfeeding propoganda-ites. Thanks for making my wife feel like a bad mother-to-be. Yes we both know of many people who have bottle fed (with breast milk and/or formula) with success and have raised wonderful human beings…but talking to you people you wouldn’t think they existed.

(gets off soap box)

Hacked Again

In an eariler post, I told how one of my other web sites was hacked. Tonight, as I was checking my referrer logs on this site, I came across a Google search of Clifton Rams.Buy XenicalBuy Xanax Buy Phentermine mp3 players, etc, was not something that I authored. It seems that yet again, my iPowerWeb server (The same company that hosts this site) was compromised by some scum sucking prick. By using a flaw in PHP, these losers can inject script into any html page. To put penis enlargement pill website links on a site that is about youth football and cheerleading is sick.

At any rate, the damage is done. Google has spidered the page and until they re index it, the porn and pill links will still be associated with it. The good thing is that the web tech who answered my call was fast to delete the offending code, and offered to keep an eye on any other malicious attacks.

Time for some shut eye.