What’s Next?

After reading this article in the Daily Times, it makes me wonder just what’s next in the minds of politicians.

The good Parkside Police Chief John Egan gun proposal reeks with our right to do as we please on our property. seriously, BB guns? When I was a kid I owned several, as well as my friends. We would go down  Cobb’s Creek Park and either shoot squirrels or pigeons or line up some tin cans. We also made a backstop in my basement with a target on it.

Back then, you could walk to Upper Darby High School with your match rifle in a soft case if you were on the Rifle Team without any cops giving you trouble. I know, times have changed. 9/11, Terrorists, Fear, etc just gave the government more power and control over you and me. ID cards, keyfobs, swipe cards, all for your protection. Right.

Snow Job

Been awhile since I posted anything on this blog, I’ve been on Face Book ranting and raving to the masses. So in the midst of this mini snow storm, I’d figure I would bitch about the snow and what impact it will have on Delco. I for one find it funny that the Upper Darby School District waits until the last minute to contact KYW and tell them if they are on a 2 hour late, or school is closed. Oops! I see there is a two hour late today posted on thier website. My Bad.

Tina Fey Cracks Me Up


You got to hand it to her, the resemblance to Gov.Sarah Palin is remarkable. Tina a.k.a Elizabeth grew up in Upper Darby, in the Cardington section (right across the A.A. field from my house in Stonehurst), and went to the Cardington Elementry School, then B.H.J.H.S., then Upper Darby High School. I always wanted to ask her these questions:

Tina, did you ever hang out at “Mediterranean Pizza” on Marshall and 69th St?
Go bowling at Gehris Lanes on Market St?
The Bolero to shoot pool?
Go to the Tower Theatre on Ludlow?
Go to the “M&M Market” or the “10th Inning”?
Attend “Tot Lot”?

Seriously, What I really want to ask you is how you felt about growing up in Cardington, and how did you get that scar. Was it down at Cobbs Creek at the Ice & Coal plant? The See Saw at 69th st? The Bolero? Wawa? My buddy say’s he heard it was from a dog near the firehouse. To tell you the truth I really do not care how you got it, I have many of my own..

Great job doing the parodies, you crack me up in this crazy world!


Clifton Heights Democratic Party

dosen't look like no donkey to me..
I received a flyer from them today in my door. Not knowing anything about them, other than Katie Leonard, my “My Space” buddy, I found that their web site is rather navigable, as in all links seem to work, etc. My only problem is that on the flyer, it says:

Vote Straight Democrat.
I have never voted a straight party ticket in all of the years I have voted. I research the candidate, weigh their contributions to the community, then see what they have to offer me, the voter. Bob Penjuke is my current committeeman here in Clifton Heights. He took over the post after his wife passed away. As my committeeman, (and neighbor down the street) has addressed every issue that I have brought to him, as did his wife Pat. So to see various Democrats like Kevin Parsons state: ” After watching the town go down hill he decided to run for council, and that it is time for a change.” statement kind of took me by surprise.
What went downhill? Sure the whole county is being affected by druggies and kids with guns (I blame parents and MTV for it, if not the lax social services) but Clifton Heights as a whole is a decent town, with the Clifton Rams and the PAL and the best Fourth of July fireworks on the east coast as all positives! Here’s how someone like myself can be swayed to vote for them. Mary McStravog, running for the fourth ward states:
“Mary is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the children of Clifton Heights by addressing recreational needs, especially for the teenage population lack of services our children are receiving in Special Education by working with Upper Darby School Board. Mary is focused and passionate about meeting the needs of families in Clifton Heights, serving the elderly, single parents, for those that are struggling with various issues.”
The key words are “Quality of life for the children”. That is what matters to me. See, the way I was brought up (Catholic school where the evil nuns solved your ADHD with a ruler) was that us as kids had fun growing up. We also had responsibilities, in which if we did not keep, were met with an iron fist, not kid gloves and Ritalin. There’s more to it than running a campaign where you can find faults in your opponent (Well, maybe I’m wrong, look at rove vs. McCain in 2000), than to really come out and tell it like it is, what you can do to change your area in a positive light.
P.S. Your donkey looks like a Hyena 🙂

needs a paint job

P.S.S. This sign needs a fresh coat of paint.

Memories Of Graduation

Memories Of Graduation

I posted this You Tube link on My Space the other day, in the hope of trying to sway my Son to go back to Upper Darby High School. I don’t know if he watched it, but he told me today that he wanted to return to Upper Darby High School and get a “real diploma”, as both myself, his Mother,Brother, and Sisters have received in the past.

Only thing is, I’m sure I will find resistance from the Upper Darby School Board, along with certain teachers and administrators.Well So be it! I have my own “options” to put “on the table”. They surely know this, and so does my attorney.

My advise? Let sleeping dogs lie.


Upper Darby High School – The Gloves Come Off

Well it seems that the gloves have come off concerning my family and the Upper Darby School District. In a nutshell, my Son was attacked in the hallway (With lots of those new digital surveillance cameras in place) on October 19th, 2006 by a kid named “Chuck” S. The attack was unprovoked and occurred at around 7:15 AM. My son had his hands in his pocket and his backpack on his back with a heavy coat.

The thug, “Chuckie Boy”, cold cocked my son and continued to pummel him. He regained his sense of awareness, and did what any normal young man would do. He defended himself. The so called “fight” was soon broken up and both my Son and “Chuckie Boy” were suspended. This was far from over though. Two days later, on Saturday, my Son, my Wife, and his fellow “Metal band” members were in Philly at a gig they were playing when all their cell phones were going off around the same time. Seems that “Chuckie Boy” and about 15 to 20 of his “Homies” were in Clifton Heights, looking to “finish” my Son off. Rumors were that these punks were out to “Cap them”, as in to shoot them. Enough is enough I said, actually trying to let the “punks” know that I would do anything including go to jail to thwart their plan.

As a direct result of my son, who ain’t a coward and could easily take on Chuckie Boy in a heartbeat one on one telling me and my wife that he was scared to death to return to the High School as he was a marked man by these “Scumbags“, we decided to remove him and Home School him, painful as it was (We bother graduated from UDHS). Well now I thought this was over, my son doing quite well at Penn Foster, and working part time.

On 2/21/2007, a certain Heather M. King, Assistant Principal of Upper Darby high School filed two “Private Criminal Complaints” against my son, based on what I guess was the so called “Fight” that occurred in October. Especially read pg. 6, about their deal with us and “Time For Teens”, “Either do as we say or pay a heavy fine?”

My Son can either :

“A”. Plead “Not Guilty” “B”. plead “Guilty” or “C”, attend two “Time For Teens” sessions, at a cost of $100.00 dollars, while admitting no guilt and for “first time offenders”. So tell me, does this sound like Extortion or what? Who funds this program? Are they a part of Upper Darby School District? A woman (Ms. King) files a “PRIVATE” criminal complaint yet it’s in the behalf of her employer, the Upper Darby School District, basically threatening me (As the bread winner) in the family to shell out about a $$$ grand if we don’t take “Their Deal” = TOTAL BS!
My Son was attacked and retaliated (As would any NORMAL Person) in that instance. I taught my Son to do just that, not run away and have the thug feel that he/she can do it over and over with NO disciplinary action whatsoever. My Wife is going to take “The Deal”, against my wishes.

There must be someone who understands the law of the land that can give me legal recourse in the above matter. ACLU? Counter file a Private Civil Suit “in excess of $50,000 of course” against Ms. King, Mr. Kramer, Mr. Bell, and the rest of the UD Administration for harassment, failing to protect my child, not adhering to President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act? Or just hope that Judge Cullen sees the light and dismisses the case based on the fact that the charges are in fact to me a sure fire way of covering tthe School District’s asses from any civil law suits that may have or already been brought by myself or other parents that are disgusted with the “Babysitting” “Gerrymandering” and “Racist” policy of UDHS?

Anyway… I’ll let you all know what happens on 3/20/2007.