Speakeasies In Clifton Heights?

Shawn McGee and Maria McKnight - Photo from the Daily Times
I was talking to a friend yesterday that I’ll call “Jane” about the recent undercover drug busts in Clifton Heights, where I live. She told me word on the street is that from now on, several bar owners have instructed their bartenders to flag after a few drinks anyone who isn’t a regular. If this is true, this to me means that the owners are bacicially condoning illegal activity, much like the Speakeasies did in the 1920’s, but not for booze, but for drugs. To those who say they have a right, I say maybe they do, but two beers and your out while a regular can get shitfaced is biased and could backfire with the right attorney.

Maybe they are just scared of legal trouble, maybe they knew about it (the drug dealing) all along and turned the other cheek. Regardless, those drugs today are illegal as of this blog post and the two young undercover officers should be commended for taking on the job. I’m actually going to Tailgators in a few weeks, as my Son’s band is scheduled to play there. Will they label me a narc? A Cop? Who knows? I’m there for the music and keeping an eye on things.