Welcome to the United States of America!

Spam message about immigration

Today I received an e mail trying to sell me citizenship to the United States. Gee, I though that I was already a citizen, being that I was born right here in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Intrigued, I clicked on the link. alas, it took me to some bs link farm website (I was expecting something different.)

The ad got me to thinking.. What if everyone who made it into the US was automatically deemed a US citizen? This could happen only if certain things were changed of course, namely the U.S. constitution. But if George Bush would become supreme emperor of this country, he could throw the Constitution into the trash, and grant these people of his “New World Order” their wish.

What do you think? Is that a good deal or what!

Cheers to all you immigrunts!

Honey… Your WRONG about the Mexicans

I just got into a heated discussion with the wife about illegals. She in one swift sentence stated that “The Mexicans do jobs that Americans won’t do”. Really? how about the Mexican cement contractors who last year managed to shut down a job that I was on in Honey Brook, all because of “Mexican protest week”! Or how about the landscapers and drywallers in Newtown Square working at the new Long & Foster building? Do you think that there are Americans not able, capable, or interested in doing that type of work? My Dad had a landscaping business, and employed local men and a few Irishmen off the boat. May I employ some cheap labour? Would you want me to wire your new home with them? Hell, I’d make a way better bottom line, maybe enough to take next summer off.

Bottom line is this: There are many many AMERICANS who would be willing to shovel shit just to feed their families. So to the wife and other liberal morons who want to allow these 30 million illegals to become Americans by paying a fine? Please! Open your eyes! They do not like America or Americans. They do not intend to assimilate and learn our national language. The do want to work and make money and send it back home, thereby screwing up our already fragile economy. They already get free health care, spit out kids every nine months in the hope of having an American born child, and as of late, are visibility protesting for their so called rights.. What about our RIGHTS?

So the next time you see these illegals with there shifty eyes and speaking in Spanish in front of you while doing the job that an AMERICAN doesn’t want to do, remember your job could be next.


A great link about those innocent loving Mexicans…