Community Service – Seat Belts Optional

This is going to have some serious legal ramifications. I can only imagine what David Landau will have to say about this..

Read on:

Community service turns into wild ride
By Timothy Logue,

CHESTER — Seven non-violent offenders sentenced to community service were taken on a hell ride Friday by a drunk county employee responsible for transporting them to and from their trash-picking duties, officials said.

“It was terrifying,” said one man who held on for dear life as Adonis Robinson swerved in and out of oncoming traffic and hopped an occasional curb while driving through Upper Darby, Lansdowne, Clifton Heights and Aldan. “The guy was absolutely toasted.”

By the time Robinson crashed his county van into a Mercedes in the 200 block of Edgmont Avenue in Chester, six of his passengers had bailed out at various locations.

“I’ve had a lot of people show up for community service drunk, but this is the first time for one of my drivers,” said Community Service Director Walter Omlor, who immediately called Upper Darby police when he got word one of his drivers appeared to be driving under the influence. “I know he wasn’t on anything when left in the morning.”

Robinson, 54, of the first block of Worrell Street in Chester, was charged with DUI, recklessly endangering another person, driving at unsafe speeds, careless and reckless driving, aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under the influence and driving with open container.

He was taken to the cell block at the Chester Police Station and later arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Spencer B. Seaton Jr., according to Omlor, who said Robinson had worked for the county for more than seven years.

“I’m a constable and just happened to have warrants on another guy Chester had in custody,” he said. “I saw (Robinson) there and said, ‘You’re done.’

“Everyone in the county knows if you drink on my crew, it’s over.”

Robinson took his community service crew, made up of at least three DUI offenders, from Media to Upper Darby for trash duty along West Chester Pike at about 7:45 a.m. Friday.

When the group wrapped up its first shift near Upper Darby police headquarters and got back into the van, it became clear something was wrong with their driver.

“He picked us up around lunchtime and drove a few blocks toward 69th Street and then he stopped for no reason in the middle of a busy intersection for about 10 or 15 seconds,” said one member of the crew who requested anonymity. “Then he made a right and hit the curb.”

Robinson made his way up 69th Street Boulevard past the Tower Theater with his crew of four men and three women, stopping briefly at a Burger King near Church Lane and Marshall Road.

“We got out for a few minutes to get some food and nobody wanted to get back in the van,” the crew member said. “One girl looked absolutely terrified and another guy looked at me after we got back in and said ‘Do you smell that?’

“I said, ‘Yeah I smell it.’ By that time, everyone knew the guy was totaled, but I was afraid of the consequences if I said something or turned him in… I didn’t want to lose my (community service) hours.”

After booting his crew out of the van for another 15-20 minutes while parked outside the Pearle Vision Center on Church Lane, Robinson collected his crew and headed for Baltimore Avenue.

“He was swerving really bad and getting progressively worse,” the crew member said, adding most of the seatbelts were ripped out of the van. “We almost got into an accident at Baltimore Pike. He slammed on the brakes and nearly hit the car in front of him.”

Robinson made a right on Baltimore Pike and crossed over Lansdowne Avenue on his way toward Clifton Heights. He pulled over at the Kmart when a woman requested he stop so she could use the bathroom. “That’s when one of the girls called Community Service and told them what was going on.”

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael J. Chitwood said his department got a call about a community service van with a drunk driver in the vicinity of Parkview Avenue and State Road at 1:45 p.m. but the van was never located.

“That was my call,” Omlor said. “I told them, ‘If you find him, test him. If he’s drunk, lock him up and I’ll come get my van.’”

With his seven passengers onboard again, Robinson exited the Kmart lot and headed back toward Upper Darby, again making use of the entire roadway.

“At that point,” the crew member recalled, “one girl started saying, ‘Please stop, please stop. I want to get out.’”

The three women and one man jumped out of the van at Lansdowne and Baltimore with Robinson hardly noticing. Two more passengers got out on Providence Road in the Secane section of Upper Darby after Robinson took them on a wild ride through Aldan. By the time he crashed in Chester, Robinson was down to one passenger.

“I have no idea what brought this on,” Omlor said. “It was purely out of the wild and I was as stunned as anyone.”

The mother of one woman on the crew — a Villanova student arrested for registering a blood-alcohol level of .03 while traveling as a passenger in her friend’s car in the week leading up to her 21st birthday — was furious when she learned of her daughter’s ordeal.

“She was really nervous about (community service) and I tried to reassure her, saying ‘You’re in good hands. You’ll be fine.’ Then I find out she could have been killed.”

The crew member said riding with Robinson was the most persuasive anti-DUI message he had ever seen.

“The first call I made when I got out was to community service and the second call was to my lawyer,” he said. “It’s pretty ironic. I was there for DUI and I know at least two others who were, too. That guy taught everyone in that van a lesson.”

Chester police did not have any information on injuries to Robinson, his passenger or the driver of the Mercedes.

When are the elections again?

Vote Katie Leonard for Upper Darby School Board

Yes I went through this before. But this time I am really sure of this young woman in her dedication to Upper Darby residents and students, (Morso that I can say about the others who I’ve taken the time to research,) I am Sure in the fact that she is sincere and really wants to serve both the taxpayers, parents, and students of Upper Darby School District. I first got wind of Katie on My Space, a (Social networking web site for you newbies) and was impressed after reading her profile and visiting her web site –

So, as a unabashed favor to Katie, I endorse her for Upper Darby School Board, and hope you will too. Come election day, it will take the average voter in Delaware County once at the polls 15 minutes of their precious life to speak out on what they really really want to change or stay the same in their neighborhood!

To be quite honest with you I don’t know who is running for the job, other than Katie. That is why I am voting for her.

From Her My Space:

I am running to serve our school board and would appreciate your support.I have lived nearly my entire life in Drexel Hill and had the privilege of attending Garrettford, Drexel Hill, and Upper Darby before graduating in 2001. Since then, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and am now attending Temple Law School and West Chester University, where I am working towards teaching certification in English and social studies.While I take immense pride in the education and opportunities Upper Darby schools presented me with, many people have become increasingly critical of the system. It is for that reason I am seeking your vote this primary season. I get frustrated hearing people make negative generalizations about the very schools I attended not too long ago. Of course our schools have some problems. But every district has its own set of problems. The answer is

Read more here…

Bottom line is forget that you maybe do not agree with me or like me for that matter.. Do use what our forefathers gave you and give a damn on how both your money is spent and your children are taught in Upper Darby Township!

Election Day is November 6, 2007 – Polls open at 8:00 AM! Find time to grow some and feel good afterwards!


P.S. Penn Delco?
Too bad Katie isn’t vieing for a spot on your board.. She would clean house with all your corruption!

The SCHIP Dilemma – Are Your Children Worth it?

I’ve been closely following this bill to increase funding for low to middle income families who cannot afford health care for their kids. President Bush vetoed the bill, urging congress to give him yet more money for his “nation building” regime in the Middle East. Well how did our reps in Pennsylvania vote?

Democrats – Altmire, Y; Brady, Y; Carney, Y; Doyle, Y; Fattah, Y; Holden, Y; Kanjorski, Y; Murphy, Patrick, Y; Murtha, Y; Schwartz, Y; Sestak, Y.

Republicans -Dent, Y; English, Y; Gerlach, Y; Murphy, Tim, Y; Peterson, N; Pitts, N; Platts, Y; Shuster, N.

To those “Republicans”, Peterson, Pitts and Shuster, you should be ashamed. As Jane Hamsher points out here, people need to be motivated to do something about their so called elected officials when it comes to such a needed service. Please don’t tell me it’s socialized health care either. America is dead last in health care for the people, while doctors, insurance companies and lawyers get fat with money. How much do they (lobbyist) contribute to these elected officials who all tout that they are for the people again?

I have a question for all who are running for office here in Pennsylvania this November:
How would you have voted for the SCHIP bill?

P.s. Michele Malkin? You ought to be ashamed of yourself!

Clifton Heights Democratic Party

dosen't look like no donkey to me..
I received a flyer from them today in my door. Not knowing anything about them, other than Katie Leonard, my “My Space” buddy, I found that their web site is rather navigable, as in all links seem to work, etc. My only problem is that on the flyer, it says:

Vote Straight Democrat.
I have never voted a straight party ticket in all of the years I have voted. I research the candidate, weigh their contributions to the community, then see what they have to offer me, the voter. Bob Penjuke is my current committeeman here in Clifton Heights. He took over the post after his wife passed away. As my committeeman, (and neighbor down the street) has addressed every issue that I have brought to him, as did his wife Pat. So to see various Democrats like Kevin Parsons state: ” After watching the town go down hill he decided to run for council, and that it is time for a change.” statement kind of took me by surprise.
What went downhill? Sure the whole county is being affected by druggies and kids with guns (I blame parents and MTV for it, if not the lax social services) but Clifton Heights as a whole is a decent town, with the Clifton Rams and the PAL and the best Fourth of July fireworks on the east coast as all positives! Here’s how someone like myself can be swayed to vote for them. Mary McStravog, running for the fourth ward states:
“Mary is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the children of Clifton Heights by addressing recreational needs, especially for the teenage population lack of services our children are receiving in Special Education by working with Upper Darby School Board. Mary is focused and passionate about meeting the needs of families in Clifton Heights, serving the elderly, single parents, for those that are struggling with various issues.”
The key words are “Quality of life for the children”. That is what matters to me. See, the way I was brought up (Catholic school where the evil nuns solved your ADHD with a ruler) was that us as kids had fun growing up. We also had responsibilities, in which if we did not keep, were met with an iron fist, not kid gloves and Ritalin. There’s more to it than running a campaign where you can find faults in your opponent (Well, maybe I’m wrong, look at rove vs. McCain in 2000), than to really come out and tell it like it is, what you can do to change your area in a positive light.
P.S. Your donkey looks like a Hyena 🙂

needs a paint job

P.S.S. This sign needs a fresh coat of paint.

Bad Apples In Every Profession

In today’s online edition of the Daily Times you can read about a Delaware County Deputy Sheriff who was arrested after being charged with threatening his estranged wife and her 9-year-old son with a gun. The Deputy, Martin Hineman, was arrested at a local Wawa after a brief manhunt. Thank God no one was hurt, unlike what happened to these people out in Wisconsin.

Bottom line? Everyone has the ability to snap. Even those who carry guns in their profession. To the anti gun people I say: What do you do about this?

Why the GOP must nominate Ron Paul

My friend Erin from Texas knows Ron Paul is the only true Conservative Republican out there.

It’s time Republicans here in Pennsylvania take notice of Ron Paul. Ron Paul is a true Conservative, and no one can spin his record, including the MSM shills like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Rielly, or Shawn Hannity, so called “Republican Conservative commentators. Even the Democrats cannot fathom what Ron Paul is about. Instead they choose skanky Hillary Clinton, a woman who has no intentions of withdrawing out of the M.E. Myself, like Erin, are quite aware that Ron Paul is a long shot to win. But I’d rather vote for Hillary than a guy who dresses up in drag and uses 9/11 as his platform.

Read on…

By: Joe Dumas Published on 10/02/07

Why must the Republican Party nominate a 72-year-old grandfather from the Gulf Coast of Texas, until the past few months little known outside his district, as its 2008 standard-bearer? Very simple: the alternative is eight years of President Hillary Clinton. That ought to be enough to get the attention of every conservative who happens upon these words, so let me explain.

It should come as no big revelation to anyone inside or outside of the Republican Party that the GOP has lost touch with its conservative roots. Massive deficit spending that would make Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter blush; foreign adventurism beyond the wildest dreams of Woodrow Wilson or Teddy Roosevelt; more big government programs than FDR or LBJ (Google “Medicare expansion” for a massive example) … the Republican Party of the early 21st century is clearly not your father’s or grandfather’s GOP.

There are no more Robert Tafts, no more Barry Goldwaters, not even any more Ronald Reagans (as imperfect as he turned out to be after reaching the White House) … except one: Ron Paul. Dr. Paul (an OB/GYN who has delivered more than 4,000 babies) is the last, best hope for the GOP to reclaim its once-upon-a-time status as the party of limited government.

It isn’t his status as the leading advocate of limited, Constitutional government that makes Ron Paul a must-nominate for the GOP, though. It is true that in the long run, the Republican Party needs him to help it reclaim its nearly dead conservative spirit, and this indeed will be his lasting legacy. But, in the short run, the party needs him to win the 2008 election and save the country from another Clinton presidency that would be far worse than the first. (Unlike Bill, who was apparently mainly involved in politics to get the attention of the ladies, Hillary is a true believer in socialism; and, with a Democratic majority in Congress, she will have an excellent opportunity to expedite its widespread implementation in America.)

Fact one: Hillary Clinton will win the 2008 Democratic nomination. She is an experienced, cut-throat politician with deep ties in the party, and can take Barack Obama down pretty much any time she wants to. And John Edwards is not serious about pursuing the nomination. He is just positioning himself to be the VP nominee again, because in the wake of the 2006 Congressional elections he believes that Hillary will win the Presidency by taking a few key states where John Kerry fell short. Long story short: forget the others – Hillary is the woman to beat in 2008.

Fact two: The 2008 election will be won by the candidate who most credibly addresses the growing anti-war sentiment that has been embraced by the majority of the country’s voters. (Google “2006 mid-term elections.”) 70% or more of Americans want our troops out of Iraq, and for many of them, it is the defining issue of the campaign. You may agree or disagree, but it’s a fact and it is going to decide the 2008 Presidential election.

If it comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. any of the “establishment” Republican candidates, she wins by default. She may have voted for the war originally, but she will continue to claim that she was misled by the Republican administration, and that we should trust her to make things right. (Of course she won’t really get us out of the Middle East mess, but Joe Six-Pack won’t figure that out until after she wins the election.)

If any of the supposed “front runner” Republican candidates (Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Fred Thompson) wins the GOP nomination, Hillary Clinton is essentially a lock. Not only will she win over a sizable portion of the independent vote with her (perceived) status as “the anti-war candidate,” but – simply put – the GOP will not turn out its base in sufficient numbers to win.

Nominate Rudy Giuliani? Conservative, red-state voters are not going to turn out to support a gun-grabbing Northern liberal faux Republican who dresses in drag and is a charter member of the Wife-Of-The-Month Club. The social conservatives, along with the fiscal conservatives and the key swing voters (libertarians and constitutionalists) will either stay home on Election Day or vote third party. Rudy won’t even carry his home state, and ask Al Gore how that usually works out. Slam dunk, Hillary wins.

Nominate Mitt Romney? You get basically the same result as Giuliani without the (bogus) “America’s Mayor” 9/11 cachet. Conservatives in the South and West won’t turn out for the former governor of “Taxachusetts” who has flip-flopped on virtually every issue they hold dear. The fact that Romney is a Mormon won’t help him with the mainstream Christian base, either. He probably can’t win the GOP nomination, but even if he does, Romney is toast in the general election.

Nominate John McCain? Not gonna happen. His campaign has taken a nose dive from which it will be virtually impossible to recover. As of the end of the second quarter, even (supposed) long-shot Ron Paul had more cash on hand – and, when the third quarter numbers come in, McCain will be even further behind in the money game. He probably won’t even be in the top five on the GOP side. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. And even if he could pull off the apparently impossible and come back to win the Republican nomination, he loses to Hillary on the war and many domestic issues as well.

Fred Thompson? He’s the last hope of those Republicans who are looking for a “mainstream” candidate to save them from looming, seemingly inevitable defeat in 2008. On the surface, he appears to have more of a chance than the previously mentioned “big three.” After all, he has the “actor factor.” It worked for Reagan and, more recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger in California – couldn’t it work for Fred, too? Well, no, not this time around.

Like Ronald Reagan, Fred Thompson is reasonably good at reading a script. Unlike the Gipper, though, Fred is just awful at speaking extemporaneously. In case anyone was wondering why Thompson waited so long to declare his candidacy, it’s obvious to those who know anything about his abilities and liabilities: he wanted to avoid as many debates as possible.

Like Obama on the Democratic side, Thompson is an empty suit. He looks reasonably presentable, but sooner or later he has to open his mouth, and when he does he doesn’t say anything of substance. And not only does he lack speaking skills and charisma, but his positions (if one can call them that) are mush. If possible, he flip-flops even more than Giuliani or Romney.

The less he speaks in public (especially with other candidates around to rebut him), the better for Fred. Unfortunately for Thompson, while he has so far been able to duck any direct confrontation with his GOP rivals, he won’t be able to avoid debating Hillary if he wins the Republican nomination. And about five minutes into the first debate, with no “Law and Order” writers to put words in his mouth, it will be over. Game, set, match, Hillary.

Oh, and by the way, the one issue on which Fred Thompson has come closest to articulating something resembling a consistent position is our continued involvement in Iraq. He’s for it. That’s not going to fly in November 2008 any more than it did in November 2006.

When you look at it objectively, there isn’t a single one of the “Big Four” GOP candidates who can beat Hillary Clinton head-to-head. And none of the “second tier” candidates (Huckabee, Brownback, Hunter, Tancredo, et al) have stepped up to the challenge. Really, there is only one remaining viable Republican candidate: You guessed it, Ron Paul.

Only Ron Paul can take advantage of the Internet the way Howard Dean did before he imploded four years ago. Indeed, he has already captured the Internet … the Ron Paul Revolution is already in full swing online. It sure was nice of Al Gore to invent the Net for Ron Paul supporters to take over, wasn’t it?

Only Ron Paul can outflank Hillary Clinton both to the left on the war and civil liberties, and to the right on everything else … which is the only winning strategy the Republicans can plausibly employ in 2008.

Only Ron Paul, who is truly pro-family (married to the same woman for over 50 years, with 5 children and 18 grandchildren – no “trophy wives” here) can motivate the socially conservative base to actually turn out and vote.

Only Ron Paul, who wants to eliminate the IRS (and a host of other federal agencies) and stop the Federal Reserve from devaluing our money through runaway, printing-press inflation, can motivate the fiscally conservative base to cast a GOP ballot in 2008.

Only Ron Paul can keep the Libertarians and Constitution Party members from splintering off to support their own third-party nominees rather than another neo-con, Bush clone Republican. (In fact, the 2004 nominees of the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party, Michael Peroutka and Michael Badnarik, have both already endorsed Ron Paul’s candidacy.) While the LP and CP typically command only a small fraction of the overall vote, that may well be enough to turn the tide in a crucial state or two. Ask Al Gore if he could have used half a million, or even a few thousand, of Ralph Nader’s votes in 2000….

Yes, when you look at things objectively, there are only two candidates who can win the White House in 2008: Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul. The contrast could not be more stark, nor the results for the future of America more divergent. If you are a social or fiscal conservative, a libertarian, a constitutionalist, or just an independent concerned about the future of our country … now is the time to consider your options and act accordingly while there is still time to affect the outcome.

The Ron Paul Revolution has begun!

Spotlight – Joyce Baldassarre Photography

sample of joycebphotography

Joyce is one of our members over at Delco Singles, a singles network for local people to get to know each other.
From her web site:

Hi and thank you for visitng my site.

All my life I have had a passion for photography. and now I want to share my passion with others. Please take some time, go through my galleries, and enjoy!!!!

I live in Brookhaven, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, close to Delaware and New Jersey, so I am available almost anywhere in the tri-state area, even northern Maryland. If you have an upcoming event I hope you will consider using my services. I offer a great package at a reasonable price. I promise PERSONAL attention and care. I don’t just have clients, I MAKE FRIENDS.

In addition to this website I also have photos posted at:

Joyce Baldassarre


If your looking for an experienced photographer for your Wedding, Engagement, Family Portrait, etc, give her a call and she will be happy to work with you.

Going To The Dogs?

FEZ, our dog.. Mean to strangers, But lovable and faithful
I read recently that our current County Council is going to turn Kent Park into a “Dog Park”, at a cost of over $440 thousand dollars. My sons and me like to fish in that area, especially above the dam. While the concept of this park is a noble one, Imagine the legal ramifications of having it. Let’s say a dog (like one of those nasty pit bulls) gets loose and mauls a child? Or the same pit bull attacks my little Chihuahua?

Quote from the County Web Site: “There is a lot of public support across the county for dog parks. These are facilities set aside for dogs and their owners to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment,” Cartisano said. “This isn’t just a dog issue; it’s a people issue. We want to establish a fenced-in dog park where well-behaved canines can exercise in a clean, safe environment without disturbing other people, wildlife or property.”

“Well-behaved canines”

means over 70 percent of dogs (including our dog) will not be allowed into the park. C’mon now. Dogs hate other dogs. Chihuahua’s are mean and nasty. Our’s was an SPCA dog, and after he gotten sick, the vet saw evidence of abuse (cracked ribs), etc from the former owners. So will they have an obedience school at our disposal there?

“A clean, safe environment without disturbing other people, wildlife or property.”

And the issue of trying to fish while hundreds of barking, snarling mutts isn’t my cup of tea either. What about the locals? Would you like to work 3rd shift and have to come home to hear mutts barking while being forced to smell dog crap?

My answer is to build a recreation center, complete with a “skate park”. The youth of Delaware County need s p a c e more so than “Man’s best friend”. Kids today are in some areas (Springfield) forbidden to skateboard on public property. I would be the first to volunteer to oversee the children, and maybe even strap on my Rollerblades and show them a thing or two.

To those who remember “Tot Lot”, and “Box Hockey” in UD. Those were the good old days, before X Box, PS2, and even this Pandora’s box in which I type this post, items that rob America’s youth of an interactive personal childhood, complete with fights, friendship, competitiveness, and scraping your knee. Build a decent recreation center FOR CHILDREN, Not DOGS.


UPDATE – 7/22/08: According to the News Of Delaware County, The Dog Park is officially open tomorrow. Will Oni bring her Pit Bull to meet my Chihuahua?

Posted on Tue, Jul 22, 2008

New county dog park opens July 24 in Upper Darby

Delaware County Council invites dog owners who have well-behaved canines to enjoy the county’s first dog park, located in Kent Park in Upper Darby.Dog owners can let their canine pals romp unleashed in the fenced-in facility, which is part of an overall renovation to the Kent Park facility.

The dog park is part of Delaware County’s extensive parks system, which features 11 parks and 616 acres of open, protected space that enhances the environment and gives people a place to exercise, enjoy nature and build community.

The Delaware County Department of Parks and Recreation and Upper Darby Township are operating the dog park at Kent Park jointly. The dog park is part of a renovated multi-recreational area that features a playground, fishing area, and the separate fenced-in dog park, complete with a covered pavilion, benches, water and, of course, dog-litter bags.

Kent Park is a scenic 10-acre stretch of green that runs along Darby Creek under the historic Lindbergh Bridge. Kent Park is a county-owned park that has traditionally been used for hiking and fishing.

The Kent Park recreational area is part of a broader plan to create a Greenway along Darby Creek.

In response to dog owners, Kent Park offers a fenced-in area for dogs to get fresh air, exercise and playtime with other dogs.

The Kent Park Dog Park features two fenced-in areas: one for dogs 25 pounds and larger; and one for smaller dogs.

Both enclosures are double-gated to prevent dogs from getting loose.

Park users are required to register their dogs with Delaware County/Upper Darby, and to abide by the rules and regulations designed to keep the park safe and well-maintained.

Kent Park Dog Park is located in the 3900 block of Bridge Street, off of Baltimore Pike in Upper Darby.

Hours are 8 a.m. to dusk daily. People must register their dogs to obtain a key fob for entrance. Current license and rabies inoculation are required. Registration is $20 per household; $10 for renewal; $10 for senior citizens and $5 for renewal.

Limited Introductory Use: The computer system for the access key fobs is still being installed. Until that is complete, dog owners will have access to the dog park from 4 to 8 p.m. weeknights and 10 a.m. 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

People still need to register and they will be notified when the key fob system is complete.