What’s Next?

After reading this article in the Daily Times, it makes me wonder just what’s next in the minds of politicians.

The good Parkside Police Chief John Egan gun proposal reeks with our right to do as we please on our property. seriously, BB guns? When I was a kid I owned several, as well as my friends. We would go down  Cobb’s Creek Park and either shoot squirrels or pigeons or line up some tin cans. We also made a backstop in my basement with a target on it.

Back then, you could walk to Upper Darby High School with your match rifle in a soft case if you were on the Rifle Team without any cops giving you trouble. I know, times have changed. 9/11, Terrorists, Fear, etc just gave the government more power and control over you and me. ID cards, keyfobs, swipe cards, all for your protection. Right.

Mr Phelps? Your time is up

After watching the clip on ABC’s Nightline tonight, I’ve come to to conclusion that this family is a threat to our country, and my fellow citizens, and therefore declare that the be “dealt” with with all justifiable means, END OF STORY.

 Forget their so called “free speech” defense, I urge everyone who reads this to gauge the trauma this family has bestowed upon you and your neighbors, then take legal action against them.  They are Terrorist, plain and simple. I fear for my families safety, and for my own.

So Mr. Phelps and family? Go away, you have been put on notice. and here’s my message to you…

Good morning Mr. Phelps, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to cease and desist all protests, legal bullshit wrangling, and just go back to what rock you crawled out from.  As always, should you or any of your Westboro Baptist Church Members be caught or killed, I  will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds…


The Meaning of Mothers Day

Another Mother’s Day is here.

To me it’s just another day, to many women who are Mothers out there it is a special day, a day reserved for them to be pampered and thought of and doted over. Well pamper them I say, but do it in a way that actually means something to them, not just saying “Happy Mother’s Day Mom, here’s some flowers” and walk away. Maybe spend some time with them while they are still alive, if not, remember all the times you had with Mom and talk about it to someone like a Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunt, Dad, etc.

Honestly? My beef with Mothers Day is the over commercialization of it, as well as Memorial Day, Fathers Day,Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, etc. Here’s a decent website that actually tells you things to do with Mom, where to take her, how one should admire and respect and love her, and gives tips like “Be thoughtful for your mom always and treat your mother like a princess everyday. That can be the most wonderful gift to your mom.”

Years ago, I used to buy Mom some flowers, but when one year she exclaimed to me “Mums are for the dead!”, that ended my flower/plant buying days, although I read where Chrysanthemums, or Mums can produce visual hallucinations. In today’s screwed up world, not a bad idea, eh?

Seriously, A Happy Happy Mothers Day to all of you “Mothers” out there, may this day shine upon you, bathe you in content, soothe your body, bless your soul, and release all your anxieties. Well it’s off to CVS to buy some Cards. Have a great day 🙂


The Daily Times Needs YOU!

As I sit here on a half decent Sunday morning, I checked out the Daily Times web site as I usually do every day. I see that Phil Heron, editor of the times is pushing his recruting drive to have local people (like me) to join the ranks of “Community Journalists “. People like Lou Mahlman, Buck Fleming, KatieRose Keenan, Eric Koehler, and Jennifer Hoff have answered the call. My question is: Will the Daily Times staff feel threatened by them? Am I crazy here? Nope, you see the days of print (as in newspapers) journalism are slowly dying, replaced by facebook, myspace, twitter and other online mediums.

Journalist like Alex Rose (Who interviewed me several years ago about our website) have great talent in reporting and commenting on a story. To read it online just isn’t the same as sitting in my van in the morning, drinking a Wawa coffee, and reading it on paper. I am afraid (some beg to differ) that the newspaper business is going to the wayside of the typewriter and shoe repairman. Only time will tell.

Oh yeah, and if anyone from Delaware County wants to contribute here? By all means you can contact me at frannyward@yahoo.com . You MUST have a blogger or gmail account because Google bought Blogger and now Google is demanding it. Oh how I miss the typewriter.


Politics in America (8th Edition)

Getting with the Times?

Well well, I see now that the Daily Times is finally doing what I have been doing now since June of 2004. Blogging about Delaware County, what’s on my mind, what I think about this area, the Upper Darby School District, etc. On this blog (I had to recently move it here to blogger because they are canceling FTP to my web site and others in May) we have only two contributors at the moment, Paula Brown and my Wife Elizabeth, who’s father “Ace” incidentally worked for the Daily Times for forty years, both are MIA. I don’t blame either, as Paula and I may beg to differ on Politicial issues, and Liz just isn’t really interested at the moment.

along the way, we have had several bloggers as contributors, ranging from Casey Roncagilone, to Don Roberts, and briefly, Peter Porcupine. But in this day of Facebook and twitter, many people seem to go for the shorter posts, not the blathering like I’m doing right now. I will say that I will be blogging much more this year, voicing my opinions about Upper Darby, Clifton Heights, and in general, Eastern Delaware County. If you would like to join here as a contributor, just shoot me an e mail telling me why you want to blog here and what section of Delco you live in. Just think of it this way. your own little venting ground, where at least 5000 people will read your rants and raves each month.


P.s. Gil? Phil? Your also welcome as well as Alex.

2010 – Where I’m Heading

I’ve been thinking about last year, a year that saw myself earn far less than previous years as a self employed electrician. I now find myself trying to figure out how to earn more money and possibly purchase a home in Clifton Heights. (Yes the homes in Westbrook Park are averaging 150,000).

But my chances are slim to none, as is the case for many others in my trade. People just ain’t spending money on repairs or additional electrical work.I fear that this year will be worse than last, and it is driving me nuts.If you work for the county, or any school district, or township? your pretty much safe.(I should have applied twenty years ago), and also state and federal jobs.

Being self employed has taking it’s toll on me, sad to say I’m running out of gas so to speak.


The Stand

I received a pre-recorded message from the Superintendent of Upper Darby’s Police, Michael Chitwood last week informing me of a town meeting to be held right across the field from where my Mother still lives. I didn’t give it much thought, being that I live in Clifton Heights, where were relatively still safe? from these cretins who commit violence.

Then the other night I watched Steven King’s “The Stand”, a movie that pitted good against evil, Armageddon at it’s finest. Lastly I came across a fellow local blogger who posted her thoughts on the meeting and came to the conclusion that we here in Delco need to make a stand. From Darby to Chester to Middletown to Sharon Hill, Delconians of all races, religions and political affiliation need to get involved and help keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.

It would be nice to hear first hand from the men in blue what they need from us and what we need to do to help.

326 Watkins Ave
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Phone: (610) 734-7652
6:30 PM.