Getting with the Times?

Well well, I see now that the Daily Times is finally doing what I have been doing now since June of 2004. Blogging about Delaware County, what’s on my mind, what I think about this area, the Upper Darby School District, etc. On this blog (I had to recently move it here to blogger because they are canceling FTP to my web site and others in May) we have only two contributors at the moment, Paula Brown and my Wife Elizabeth, who’s father “Ace” incidentally worked for the Daily Times for forty years, both are MIA. I don’t blame either, as Paula and I may beg to differ on Politicial issues, and Liz just isn’t really interested at the moment.

along the way, we have had several bloggers as contributors, ranging from Casey Roncagilone, to Don Roberts, and briefly, Peter Porcupine. But in this day of Facebook and twitter, many people seem to go for the shorter posts, not the blathering like I’m doing right now. I will say that I will be blogging much more this year, voicing my opinions about Upper Darby, Clifton Heights, and in general, Eastern Delaware County. If you would like to join here as a contributor, just shoot me an e mail telling me why you want to blog here and what section of Delco you live in. Just think of it this way. your own little venting ground, where at least 5000 people will read your rants and raves each month.


P.s. Gil? Phil? Your also welcome as well as Alex.

The Haverford Blog Revisited

Recently I visited the Haverfordblog, a website I used to visit and post since it’s creation. I noticed that it has new owners, BlueHorseradish LLc, out of Haverford, PA. The thing that gets me is now they dumped the link to my website, Totally Delco. If you want a link, you have to pay now? From their site:

Advertising on the Haverford Blog

As of January, 2010, the Haverford Blog accepts paid advertising. Ads are in the form of graphic images in the right column of the Haverford Blog bulletin board area. Images can be hyperlinked to the advertiser’s website.

Advertising Rates

Graphic image ad rate: $50 per month for 1 month, $100 for 3 months. Ads will be rotated regularly so that the position of individual ads varies from time to time.

Images should be provided in a standard web image format (.jpg, .gif, .png) with a width of 200 pixels or less and a height of 200 pixels or less. If an ad image is not available or needs to be created, contact for assistance; graphics and logos can be created on a fee basis.

Advertising is only accepted on a prepaid basis. Payment can be made via check or a PayPal invoice can be issued to pay via PayPal or credit card.

The Haverford Blog reserves the right to accept or reject any ad or advertiser.

The Haverford Blog also displays paid advertising supplied by a third party search engine. The Haverford Blog does not directly control the content of such ads.

Well now, seeing this makes me a bit pissed off, being that the front page links have I believe free links, and I see that My is on there, as well as others that were when this site was linked. So here’s the deal. While our main site is being upgraded, send me your business link to your website and if you have a small banner, the link to it. I’ll gladly put it up for free.
My e mail is