Runaway Bride

They “found” Jennifer Wilbanks today, safe but tired in New Mexico. Turns out she had a case of “cold feet” I am happy that Jen is alive, and laughing at some of the vulture news outlets who compared her missing as another “Lacy Peterson”. She initially told through a 911 call that She had been abducted.

So who is mad about this? The news media made this a national story, only for the fact that she had 600 people attending her wedding today, was from a well to do family, and was White. Many people go missing, such as the law man from Bucks County, or the couple from Philly. How come no hoopla? Not a peep from CNN, or MSNBC or any other major media outlet.

As I type this, I am listening to FAUX News. (Wife watching it, I do not) and already they are discussing possible crimminal charges against her for lying. Boy, oh boy, just keep the wheels going!

White + Female + Missing = Big news coverage for the tabloid news. Anything else is unworthy of coverage. What a shame.

The Whale Is Back

There is this whale who was in the Delaware river a week or two ago. It was last seen heading toward the Delaware Bay and everyone involved breathed a sigh of relief. Just a few moments ago I hear that it was spotted in the Schuylkill River! Why cant they just shoot this whale with a knock out agent, then air lift his ass to the Atlantic? It can be done!

Just watch out for his buddy..

Editorial: Santorum rains on free-market parade

In the good old days, Republicans used to want taxpayers to get more for their money.They also used to be in favor of capitalism and the free-market system. That was then. Now, meet U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa. The Pittsburgh-area lawmaker – known best for his stances against abortion and “man-on-dog” sex – is flexing his muscles and reaching for the stars. Specifically, he’s introduced legislation that would restrict the kind of information the National Weather Service would collect and how it can be disseminated.
Santorum would forbid the weather service from providing certain kinds of weather information if it can be obtained from the private sector.

To put it simply, he would force people to buy a product from a business that they’ve already paid for through their tax dollars.

Now why would the Number Three Republican in the U.S. Senate bother with such a mundane matter? The way he tells it, it’s all about protecting Pennsylvania jobs – the jobs at 14 private weather-service companies in the state, including AccuWeather in State College.

They shouldn’t have to compete with the government, Santorum contends. And until a rule that restricted the activities of the federal weather service expired last year, they didn’t have to, either.

Santorum’s critics – and they are legion – see it another way. They point to the $5,800 AccuWeather’s employees have donated to Santorum’s campaign coffers since 1999 and wonder whether that has anything to do with his celestial concerns.

Some, including U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., say the measure could endanger those in the paths of hurricanes and other severe weather who may not be able to get the best and most complete forecasts available. Nelson spokesman Dan McLaughlin fears the precedent of shutting down government services just because the private sector also offers them.

He may have a point. Would guardians of public morality like Sen. Santorum put themselves out of a job because private religions already exist to divine God’s will?

More seriously, the U.S. Senate has no business censoring government agencies that exist to protect the lives and property of American citizens.If private businesses can’t compete, maybe they need to improve their services – or deservedly go out of business.

In any event, the taxpayers shouldn’t get soaked to protect the hides of a few of Rick Santorum’s best friends.

This is one proposal that is all wet.

Today is take your kids to work day

Ok. I am taking both of my Sons to work today. They will be observing me do some telephone wiring. Laws in the state of Pennsylvania forbid your children from doing actual work unless you have workmans compensation on them and working papers. I am not making this up. Also, your employer can refuse you from even entering your workplace with your kids.

Nowhere can I find any legal stuff at the linked site I put up concerning these laws. So be forwarned.

How many of you took your kids to work today? What did they do?

Delaware County Freecycle Network

A quick note: If you live in Delaware County or the surrounding area and have something that you do not want anymore, and are willing to give away to someone else, then The Delaware County Freecycle Group on Yahoo is the place to go. Join in and post you item(s)!

More from the group:

Delaware County, and neighboring area, of Pennsylvania, Freecylce Network is open to all who want to “recycle” that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it’s a chair, a fax machine, piano or an old door, feel free to post it. Or maybe you’re looking to acquire something yourself. whatever – you can post it (with the exception of explosives, weapons or any illegal items).

*Every item posted must be FREE*, no monies exchanged. Post your items here so they can find new homes with someone who needs them. Let’s keep usable items out of the landfill! We all know about recycling, but reuse is even more environmentally friendly. The only requirement is that it must be FREE. No trading, swapping or bartering, please.

The Delaware Co. group is involved in many activities during the course of the year. Please go to the Database and Poll sections of the group list and check them out. If anyone has any questions, or not sure about a certain item to post please feel free to email I will be happy to help.


Now This Really Moves Me

To my fellow Veterans, and to all Americans.
From Bones ‘Morning Coffee”

There comes a time in each generation, where men of valor and courage are forced to stand up for what they know to be right, and true, and just. Such a time is now upon this generation. It is a time where division and strife among us will surely lead to our own certain destruction. It is now, once again, a period in our history when individual self-interest, and personal ambition, must take a back seat for a time. This time is today.

Veterans, you have polarized yourselves; not along political party lines, but along ideologies concerning which among you is more deserving…or less deserving…of compensation from the government. It is now time to forgo such selfish considerations. There are peoples, groups, and organizations, that even now seek to destroy all that you have sacrificed so dearly for. Freedom is no longer freedom. Liberty is taken as license. Personal responsibility is a concept that is no longer considered. Individuals in America even now use the law in order to make other Americans responsible for what they, themselves, have said and done. The courage of a man’s convictions is long gone from use in public debate. All that matters among today’s Americans seems to be thoughtless, and self-destructive, ad hominem attacks upon one another. Logic, critical thinking, common courtesy, and mutual respect, have become the lost arts of our civilization. Such things are now missing from among us as a people. Ethics has been forsaken, and morality is the subject of punch lines. Honor is a curiosity. Courage has been exchanged for fear. The founding religion of this nation has been legally forced to the fringes, and Islam, Buddhism, Wicca’s, and other pagan religions, are set above it, by law. The American government controls more and more of what a man may say, as well as what he might do. Dreams and plans for his future, the future of his children, and of his grandchildren, are predicated upon what the government will or won’t do to disrupt those dreams.

Politicians, local, state, and federal governments, cause division among you by what they offer to one Veteran, or group of Veterans, over the real and perceived needs, wants, and mere desires of another. Additionally, there are many among you who desire nothing else but more of the government’s income, thereby allowing more of its influence over your own lives, as well as over the lives of your children, your wives, and your husbands, merely for the price of a few more dollars from government coffers. In such a way have you allowed the government to divide and conquer you, so that you are without real, unified, and present voice among the people of this once mighty nation. These things must end. Such behavior does not become you. It denies the real and ready sacrifice that you have made for yourself, your families, and for all Americans. For the cause of freedom’s sake in America, it is time to stand up, and to be men and women of valor, honor, and integrity, once again. This nation needs you now as it has never needed you more. This nation needs you standing together, united, and speaking as one voice, for one America.

With your combined skills, leadership, and management abilities; with your knowledge and experience; with your honor, courage, and commitment; with the professionalism and dedication of purpose that only Veterans can call upon; it is left to you, once again, to correct this nation’s course through history.

Foreign nations buy influence in our legislatures that is guaranteed only to American citizens through legal elections. The government beggars its citizens through high taxes and unjust laws, as well as through the unjust and inequitable application of its laws. The government borrows what it cannot hope to repay, and has no intention of repaying. Meanwhile, it punishes its citizens for merely doing business and earning a living. No one in government leads by example. None in government are among the last to eat, nor are they among the first to lead. Their only sacrifice is for personal gain. The government presently borrows money that it cannot repay, in order to give that same money as an offering to other nations, in order to secure their co-operation in its drive for power, and for survival among the nations. Our treaties with other nations have continually entangled us in their internal problems, to our own detriment. Foreign nations curse us if we help them, and the same nations curse us again when we do not. America is presently upon such a course that nations throughout history have followed, each to its own eventual, and certain, destruction.

The culture of America has been shattered by our own goodness, and because of our goodness, our unwillingness to defend ourselves from the depredations of many and several nations, who openly and illegally encourage all of their poor, weak, helpless, and criminal, to cross our borders. Those people, used by their own governments in order to purposely endanger our economy, destroy our culture, and further weaken us in many and sundry ways, now claim citizen’s rights among us without having any knowledge of our language, customs, culture, or laws, and without any intention of becoming American citizens. When detained, they often make false claims of torture and mistreatment, and ask for the services of a tax-paid lawyer…and of a reporter.

They make a false claim upon our lands, upon our sovereignty, and upon our peace. They claim rights that you have sacrificed your lives, health, families, and careers in order to protect. They claim citizen’s rights in our courts of law. They even now claim the same money from the government that you have claimed for yourselves; this Veteran’s group for one group of Veterans, that Veteran’s group for others. You fight and argue among yourselves for money from the government. You use the government to your own ends, and the illegal alien has only taken his cue from you. You wonder why all of these things happen in America, the country that you’ve fought, bled, and cried for, and the answer is that you are divided among yourselves. This should not be so among you. It is time to be united as men of action once more. Men and women with a single purpose: The restoration of liberty and freedom in America, for Americans.

The government ignores The Constitution for its own purposes, and when it is convenient for it to do so. The Judicial Branch takes its cue, not from The Constitution of the United States of America, but from case law in other nations. The government has increased its laws repeatedly, and each time told of how such laws will increase convenience and security, but only Americans are subject to its close examinations and penalties. Americans, old women, and even Veterans and the disabled, are subject to random strip searches, searches of their homes, constitutionally illegal phone taps, and investigations unfounded by any evidence. In such cases, most Americans are often without the benefit of legal representation, or of any recourse for redress of grievances.

The government itself violates the very Constitution that you took an Oath to defend and to protect. Your contract ended, and while you may no longer be subject to the orders of superior officers, the rest of the Oath still stands. It is still valid, for it is an Oath that was taken before both man and God. Are you an Oath breaker?

What will you do, this day, to defend your rights, your freedoms, your liberties, your honor, your country, and your Constitution? Will you speak with one voice? …or will you continue to be divided over mere pieces of paper, and which among you receives how many of those pieces of paper from the government? A government that only seeks to keep you divided, that it might be free to do as it wishes with your freedom, and the freedoms, liberties, prosperity, and happiness, of your children and your grandchildren.

This day, this very day, you have a choice to make. What will you do with that choice? Will you stand, merely for what you can get when you can get it? Or will you stand, and speak out, as men of action, and men of valor, and men of freedom and principle, for freedom’s sake?

It is your decision to make. No one else can make it for you. No one else can save this nation from itself but you. Each and every one of you bears responsibility for the tomorrows that this nation will have. Whether those tomorrows are good or ill, it is now your choice and your responsibility. It is time for this generation of free men and women to make themselves known. How will history judge you? As men who seek only your own desires? Or will you be known as being among the greatest of the Patriots of our nation’s great history? I know that as Veterans, unified as one voice that you can return this nation to its course, a course that is destined for glory. A glory that is predicated upon individual freedom, and personal liberty.

May you be true Patriots, and may you decide once again to stand in the breech, brother next to brother…as one. As Americans standing together, for America.

Warren “Bones” Bonesteel
“Morning Coffee”
Author and columnist
P.O. Box 1413
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 388-3005

How about you?

Observations At Night

As I sit here listening to the television in the other room I just cannot fathom what the fuck is going on in this world anymore. My wife is watching some show about Jessica Lunsford, the young girl who was raped and brutally murdered by John Couey, a piece of shit that if you could give me just 24 hours with him and my electrical skills, would wish he was never born.What I would do to him I will not divulge. I often wonder what goes through these peoples mind as they live day to day.

Changing gears, I see the Senate approved yet another 81 BILLION dollars for the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just why are we still there? Fuck these people! They DO NOT want us there and I am dam sure that most of the military personnel over there don’t want to be there either. They want to come HOME. Home to the United States of America, a country that once was revered by the rest of the world.

What is more important to you, the American citizen? The Iraqi people and their freedom? Or dealing with your problems. The skyrocketing prices of gasoline, food, utilities, insurance (Not to mention HEALTHCARE, in which I believing a bill for $770.00 every month that is getting harder and harder to afford.) I know that some of you who may read this will side with the Government, believing that they know what’s best. BULLSHIT! I only have a H.S. Diploma and I could straighten out this country in 1 year. You read it right, one year.

1. Quit meddling in other countries affairs , in the guise of “freedom”.
2. Dump the Federal Reserve Bank.
3. Ban “Outsourcing”, and keep jobs in America , by Americans.
4. Ban lobbyist, and any corporate donations to politicians.
5. Close our borders completely.
6. Get big business out of the government.
7. Abandon the Patriot act, and start looking for the real terrorists.
8. Ban ANY official from holding office if they hold dual citizenship.
9. Tax the hell out of the oil companies, to pay for the mess that they started.
10. Give new credence to the saying: “Your either with US or against US”.

We (Americans) are good people, who are being fucked over by a few who don’t give a rats ass about me or you, or any other person. Just themselves.
Who’s the real enemy here?

Blog Shares?

I found this on my referrer logs. I never thought that Blogs could be so valuable. The sad part is that only one incoming link from JRH and his Blog Upon Further Review gives me any value. (Thanks JRH!)

Still in all I do not want to be a blog whore. I created this blog so I could interact with others in a safe medium. I do not have many friends, believe it or not. Most of my in person friends are women. I have several “Blogs”, notably my old Live Journal one. Back then, I was involved in the cam girl world, and I loved to piss people off. (See Troll)..

Screw it. Feel free to read my posts, and hell, maybe I’ll reply to them.
Note: My PhillyDad Journal is not one for any self righteous politically correct stuffy assholes to read. What you read is what you get.

Alison Martinelli – Too Young & Innocent to Die

I received a telephone call from my daughter Natalie last Friday morning. She was calling from her cell phone from Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, where she goes to school learning to be a Hair Stylist, etc. She asked me to pick her up, explaining that she was not feeling well. I told her ok, and promptly left the Home Depot in Clifton Heights and my basket full of electrical stuff. I then fought the traffic on 291 and then in South Philly to reach her.

She got into the bucket truck that I was driving and told me about her friend and classmate Alison Martinelli from Drexel Hill who was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago. She was in tears and freaked out about it. I tried to console her to no avail. I had read about it in the Daily Times shortly after it happened and felt sick myself that such a young woman could meet a tragic death because of being served booze at a place that she worked at. I never knew beforehand that my daughter even knew her, let alone was friends with Alison and due to graduate this July. My daughter heard rumors and so did I that Alison’s Dad warned the staff at the Bryan Street Pub where She worked NOT to serve her booze several times before. 19 years old, for Christ sakes! The same age as my daughter. God I sit here with my gut torn out, feeling badly for her Parents.

I feel horrible for Alison’s Mom and Dad, and her family, Boyfriend, and many, many friends. I also feel angry toward who ever served her the booze. No wonder that the owners of the Bryan Street Pub were asked to NOT attend the funeral services. But this all is rumored mind you. I also read that she did NOT drink at Bryan Street. I do not know the facts, but I do know that because of SOMEONE serving or buying this woman booze, She is DEAD. Does this bother you? To most of you who read this, probably not. Well it bothers me!

I am taking Natalie up to where the crash happened to lay flowers there at Her request. Maybe She can find solace for the loss of her friend where she was too upset to attend Alison’s viewing & funeral. So what happens next? Criminal charges? Civil charges? All will NOT bring back this gifted, beautiful young woman. It just makes my blood boil on another senseless death.

People need to be held accountable here! I am no angel myself. I got in some trouble of my own in the past. A bad time in my life, I’ll explain it some other time. (There is no reason though to drive drunk mind you). Thank God I never hurt anyone but myself. What gets me is that the current BAC to get a legal consumer of alcohol in trouble in the state of Pennsylvania is 0.8. In most fatal DWI related automobile crashes the average BAC is over point 14. MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Drivers want ZERO BAC while driving. To me this is non attainable, short of banning booze altogether.

I have an idea. What needs to be done is to hold the bars and clubs in Delaware county accountable, both criminally & civilly. There should be a license for bartending in the state that INCLUDES being aware of customers who should not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle due to excessive consumption. Check your keys at the bar, just like checking your guns in Carson City, years ago. Maybe I am grasping at straws, but this hits really close to home, so I chose to post about it.

In closing: To Alison’s parents and family, I am at a loss of words for you. I can only imagine your pain. I am sorry for your loss and have and will pray for you and your Daughter.