The Stand

I received a pre-recorded message from the Superintendent of Upper Darby’s Police, Michael Chitwood last week informing me of a town meeting to be held right across the field from where my Mother still lives. I didn’t give it much thought, being that I live in Clifton Heights, where were relatively still safe? from these cretins who commit violence.

Then the other night I watched Steven King’s “The Stand”, a movie that pitted good against evil, Armageddon at it’s finest. Lastly I came across a fellow local blogger who posted her thoughts on the meeting and came to the conclusion that we here in Delco need to make a stand. From Darby to Chester to Middletown to Sharon Hill, Delconians of all races, religions and political affiliation need to get involved and help keep ourselves and our neighbors safe.

It would be nice to hear first hand from the men in blue what they need from us and what we need to do to help.

326 Watkins Ave
Upper Darby, PA 19082
Phone: (610) 734-7652
6:30 PM.