I Haven’t Got A Clue..

I found this in my e-mail inbox:

World’s first human accelerator (50 drummers drumming, 15 dancers moving, 5 video makers projecting, and one accelerator ring).

nitty gritty: date: Friday, 7 September 2007 location: northwest corner of 2nd & Race run times: 7:45 PM, 8:30 & 9:30 (each set is approximately 20 minutes) rain date: it won’t rainurl: http://www.principlesofuncertainty.org/admission charge: none

As you may know, particle accelerators basically smash things up just to see what happens. Our experiment will basically take the same approach with people in place of subatomic particles. The “thinking” here is that the chance of something interesting happening may increase whenever you bring lots of people together.Our particular experiment was designed with the help of the kind experts at Fermilab http://www.fnal.gov/. Their machine achieves about 2 million proton-anti proton collisions per second. This project has no federal funding so we’re shooting for about 25 every 20minutes. The experiments will be free and open to the public.

More info & a FAQ here: http://principlesofuncertainty.org/

I did some research and found that this person is behind this mysterious “black” project.

I cannot attend, being that my wife’s birthday is the next day. but to those who do, please fill me in on the outcome..


Abandoned Bunnies

This afternoon my Son and I were cutting our neighbors lawn. Nick had just cut over a section of grass when the neighbor motioned for him to turn off the mower. To my surprise the bunnies were unscathed, huddled in their shallow boro.

Four little bunny rabbits left alone to fend for themselves..

Earlier in the week, my wife saw a dead rabbit who was hit by a car at the top of our street. I’m wondering if it was these little one’s Mommy. If so, I doubt if they have a chance to live, being that they are so little with no one to guard them or nourish them. We had domesticated bunny rabbits back when we were first married. One of them got pregnant and died after delivering five bunnies. My wife and I tried to feed them everything that we were told to by our vet,but to no avail. one by one they all died of starvation. It was sad and frustrating.

What a shame for these bunnies..

Gil Spencer Has A Blog!

I read about it this morning in the Daily Times. Good to see that Gil is finally getting into the Blogosphere. I had e-mailed Gil several times in the past to become a contributor of this blog, but no bites. It would have been interesting to see the comments that would have come after one of his “Bush” loving posts lol. I guess maybe that he had come across one of my posts directed toward him. If so, then I couldn’t blame him one bit for refusing. I actually do like Gil, have met him a few times, and thought that his article that he did about Tommy Geromichalos was sincere and started the ball rolling to keep St.Cyril’s School open. So I look forward to reading his blog, and maybe post a comment or two.


P.S. The link to his blog is not working as of 10:50 AM.

P.S.S. His blog is up and working..

Find Anyone’s Email Address

The good things

I agree too much political posturing has dominated the blog.
So here is something different.
I’ve lived here my entire life, and I can say it’s a good place with good people.
Everyone has problems, I look forward to tomorrow, It’s the day when anything can happen.
I hope to start seeing the positive of Living In Delaware County posted here.

The Revolution Is Here – Ain’t No Stopping US Now

I grew up in this era, with the Vietnam war, Johnson, Nixon, draft card burning, anti war, etc and found this video only fitting for the RON PAUL REVOLUTION! Forget about Mitt Romney, he didn’t win shit in Iowa, as the investigation on the rigging of the Diebold voting machines will prove.

There’s NO STOPPING US now, Do you hear that you Dem’s with your next “Clinton”?

America needs a drastic change, and you won’t see any MSM outlets helping to report the real truth, including the Daily Times. Get out of Iraq and the middle east, quit bowing to Israel, Saudi Arabia and all these “special interest” groups that lobby you senators and congressmen and women, Secure our borders, and for God sakes repeal the Patriot Act and re open the investigation on what really happened on 9-11-2001! Along with it, how about securing our borders, get rid of the Federal Reserve and IRS, and imprison all of the CEO’s of the big corporations that have been raping us for decades!

Yeah, that’s a tall order to fill, the last President to try to do this was JFK, and look what happened to him. Bottom line is: The “next” 9-11 that happens in this country will be scrutinized, examined, and most of all, disbelieved by a large informed segment of Americans and of course the rest of the world. How we react will determine the outcome of our once Republic, as in the Republic of the United States of America. So I say to you one last time:

Your either with US or against US..

Sound familiar?