Delaware County Real Estate – Time To Sell?

I was wondering just what it would take to have my web site listed in the Delaware County Real Estate journal. Currently I provide a link to one Real Estate agency. There is a housing bubble that is about to burst according to the experts. So what does this mean? Will it be like is was in 1994 when I offered a man 98K for a Westbrook row with a big back yard, only to be refused and 14 months later he sold it for 78K?

In a sense I want the housing bubble to burst. It will mean lots of homes here in Delco for cheap. Only problem is having the capital to buy them. I want to own my own home. Not spend a grand a month to rent one while maintaining it to boot. In other news, the Eagles are playing tonight. 20 bucks says they get thier butts kicked. Any takers?

I thought so…

They Call Me Agent Fran

Well not really. But I just took the CIA’s new online test. According to the results I am a “Thoughtful Observer”. Some myths about the CIA are posted below.

At the CIA, the challenges of today’s fast-paced global changes present opportunities for exceptional careers. Our intelligence mission is the work of the nation — and our success depends on a network of professionals around the world.

Myth 1-You’ll Never See Your Family and Friends Again.

The work we do may be secret, but that doesn’t mean your life will be. Because the variety of CIA careers is similar to that of any major corporation. So… your friends and family will still be part of your life.

Myth 2-Everyone Drives a Sports Car with Machine Guns in the Tailpipes.

Car chases through the alleyways of a foreign city are common on TV, but they’re not what a CIA career is about. And, they don’t compare with the reality of being part of worldwide intelligence operations supporting a global mission.

Myth 3-You Have to be Superhuman in Every Way.

You don’t have to know karate or look good in a tuxedo to work at the CIA. But you must possess a deep intellect, the ability to make good decisions and a dedication to serving America through the collection of intelligence.

Myth 4-A Glamorous Lifestyle Awaits You.

Working at the CIA doesn’t mean you’ll be jet-setting around the globe, attending parties with billionaires and showing off your Tango skills. In reality, we depend on administrative managers and staff for our operational success, at home and abroad.

Myth 5-Hardly Anyone Ever Makes it Through the Background Check.

Because of our national security role, CIA applicants must meet specific qualifications — but, don’t worry. Getting caught smoking in high school isn’t enough to disqualify you. Your intellect, skills, experience and desire to serve the nation are most important to us.

Take the test and post your results below.


Toying With The Blog

As you may see, I have been messing with the template for this blog. I wish Blogger would have a better variety of templates, something more like Word Press has. On a sidenote I also would also like to let you all know that Fez is doing good, although he has to get used to not getting turkey on Thanksgiving.


Andre Waters

From my Father on the passing of Andre Waters:

“I worked on the sidelines at the Vet during Eagles home games when Andre Waters played for the Birds. The sound of Andre hitting someone is etched in my mind. This self-made man, undrafted from Cheyney State in Delco, was a ferocious player. That was on the field.
Off the field he was ferociously human. He never big-timed anyone, he was just another guy with a different job, just Andre. I would bring my oldest son to the games with me, 12 years old at the time, he sat in the 700 level with Andre’s people. I once snuck him into the lockeroom with me after a game, he was in awe. Rightfully told to leave when security discovered him there, one of the players stepped in and said the kid was with him. Security let him stay and he hung out with his heroes. The player was number 20, Andre.
Rest In Peace Andre, rest.”

Is The EAGLES Season Over?

I do not nessasallary think so. It was not Donovan McNabb who gave up 31 points to the lowly Tennessee Titans. The one thing though that got my goat was his interception in the end zone. L.J. Smith was wipe open. Did McNabb see him? Dosen’t matter at this point. Donovan is out for the season. Garcia aand Feeley will not be able to do the job with a defense playing so bad.

1 and 4 in the last 5 games puts them at the 500 level. With the Colts giving up thier first loss to Dallas yesterday, be sure to watch them annhilate the Eagles next Sunday. The rest of our games? Why it’s Carolina, Washington, Giants, Dallas, and finally Atlanta. Five teams that could easily run against the Eagles defense.

My prediction? It’s going to be a long shot to make the playoffs, and Philly deserves better.

Our Dog Fez – Condemned To Die?

 Just look at my baby...
Back in August of this year our son Eric went to the Delaware County SPCA to buy a Dog for his brother Nicky for his birthday. He is a Chiwawa male about 3 to 4 years old I was told. He was found on the street in Ridley. At first when we got him home he was both scared and angry, as anyone would be in a new environment. Soon he seemed to accept our home and warm up to my wife Liz and our son Nick as well as our other son Fran.

Myself on the other hand proved to be a challenge. Fez (His new name), watched me like a hawk and barked and actually nipped at my boots. This went on for several days until finally I squared off against him, Man to Dog. What did I do? I fed him and took him on an extended walk around our neighborhood. It worked. It’s funny how one becomes so attached to an animal, but I did. He would greet me at the back door, and jump up and beg for some loving, (Or food, as dogs do.)

Fez is now at the Veterinary Hospital, Four Paws on Springfield Rd in Springfield, PA. He was brought there by my Wife and I after being lethargic and not being able to take a you know what. Seems that after 300.00 I was told that he has a bladder stone or something and needs an operation. This operation will cost $900.00 to $1,200.00 dollars. I thought about it and tried to convince myself that he would be better off dead. But just looking at his picture on my cell phone and the fact that I indeed love this dog convinced me that he worth any amount of money within reason to live his life happy, healthy, and most of all PAIN FREE.

Four or (IV) Paws is located at:
19 E Springfield Rd
Springfield, PA 19064
Telco number is (610) 543-4350

Several of my friends say I am nuts to shell out that kind of money. I say that life is short, and the greedy get theirs in the end. P.S.


P.S. To you know who.. I know there is healthcare for pets. I lost our healthcare for my own children, (Make too much for CHIP ring a bell?) So how can I justify paying premiums for a dog? Tell you what. YOU pay for my kids and I’ll pay for FEZ… DEAL?

Shop for Dog products

Jackass & Company – The Fear Factor

I just got done watching this morons show on Fox 29. Its 2:00 A.M., and I was flipping channels. In a nutshell, he and his wacky blonde wife who calls herself “Rexella” talk about Armageddon incessently, build up Israel as the center of the world, and slam anyone who is not “saved.” As I watched these two blather about 911, Israel, and the fact that I’m going straight to hell because I’m unclean made me just want to buy up all of their tapes, books, and posters!

Seriously, what kind of utter morons actually believe this crap? Did Monsanto genetically alter their minds via the food chain over the last 20 years? Gee, I won’t sleep well tonight because the rapture is coming and I am not ready so I have to spend lots of MONEY that I do not have to ensure that I will be saved…

Good Night.

Delco Election Results – My Predictions

Update: If your here looking for the November 2008 Delaware County Election Results, Please CLICK HERE.

I have had several E mails asking me about this page. Well it’s a few years old.


Original Post:

I have had it with the negative ads that both parties have ran as of late. For what it’s worth, here is who I believe will win where I live in Delaware County, Clifton Heights.

My Congressman

Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak will easily defeat incumbant Curt Weldon. Why? Because myself and other Republicans are fed up with gerrymandering, cronyism and the “Chimp in Charge” who doesn’t care about who dies in Iraq, as long as it’s not his own. Besides, Curt maybe headed to prison, according to a local website.

My State Senator

Ted Erickson – District 26

Ted Erickson will hold on to his job in my book, mainly because he is below the radar screen when it comes to scandals and seems to me to be a decent man.

My State Representative

Nick Micozzie – District 7

Nick Micozzie has a proven track record when it comes to his constituants. He has listened to us, and responded to us. THAT makes him my choice.

Feel free to respond to who you think will win on tuesday where you live.

P.S. Congrats to the Lower Chichester JV Eagles last night on your win against our Clifton Rams, only the bad call to kick the ball to your # 22 allowed you to win .

Here’s a poem I found while Googleing “Delaware County Youth Football”.

Please don’t curse that player down there,
He is my son you see.
To you he’s Just a player to watch,
But, He means the world to me.
I did not raise my son dear fan,
For you to call him names,
He may not be a superstar,
But, He doesn’t need your blame.
This game belongs to them you see,
You’re really just a guest,
They do not need a fan like you,
They need the very best.
If you have nothing nice to say,
Please leave them all alone.
And If you have no manners,
Why don’t you stay at home?
So please, don’t curse those boys down there,
Each one’s his parent’s son.
And win or lose or tie, you see,
To Us, they’re all Number ONE!!!!!