Wild Bill And The Date Rape Caper

date rape

I just watched “Dateline” on NBC with “Wild bill” Stanton. He had a segment about what men would do if they saw another man slip a “date rape” drug into a woman’s drink while they went to the bathroom. Amazingly, not ONE man intervened! In fact, several were gung ho in knowing what they think had happened and one even had the balls to walk down the beach under the boardwalk for “sloppy seconds”!

I have one question for these losers. What if it was your Mother or Sister or Wife or Girlfriend? Would you react differently? Would you try to stop the predator? You see, twice in my life I had to deal with predators of this caliber. The first time in 1980, involved a former GF who was raped by some heathen. I would and still would to this day kill him in a slow painful way if I had the chance, Yes, I am that kind of guy. The second, in 1988, involved my wife at the former”Divine’s” in Upper Darby. She was slipped a “Mickey” by some spic with pock marks right in front of me, only 15 feet away with Joe Stefferi, a local entertainer and musician.

They tried (the scumbag and his three friends, one a woman no lie) to pull her out the side door. Only by chance, Joe (Who knew my wife) stopped playing the piano and yelled to me. The scumbags left her and ran out the door to a waiting car. Paul Schneider, a former homicide detective and CID operative, also came to her aide. Paul and both of us are friends, and he couldn’t believe what had transpired right in front of him.

Back to “Dateline”… In all of the stories, only one girl didn’t let Wild Bill in the door. My advise? Don’t trust ANYONE. you’ll sleep better at night. And, if you live in Upper Darby, especially Stonehurst, beware.. There are sick fucks roaming the streets at night.