Chico and the Woman

So let me get this straight. A woman named Susan Senn sees a little Chihuahua chained up on the front lawn of a house in Secane. She gets out of her vehicle, walks up to the dog, unchains him, then takes him to Lansdowne and gives him to a friend.
The cops are called, an investigation is started, the doggy found, and a warrant is issued for her arrest. End of Story? Hardly. Thanks to the comment feature on the Daily Times Web Site, several posters who know the “owner” of Chico have said that the dog is left out 24/7. So what if there is a doghouse, water, and food. A Chihuahua is not a cold weather dog and to chain it? Christ what moron would chain a little cute dog like Chico?
Leaving Chico outside is clearly a case of Animal abuse, and the more I read into it, it’s the owner who should be locked up, not Susan Senn. I wonder if the SPCA is looking into this? Is Chico spending the night outside? Will Mike Chitwood hold a news conference and call ms Senn a “Scumbag”? Seriously, there is a web site/ Organization called “Unchain PA Dogs” that is trying to get a law passed in PA that makes it a criminal offence for a person to chain a dog up all day and night.
Seems to me that Chico needs to be set free from his bonds.

ACDC – Let The Cat Out Of The Bag!

I took notice of this reply and am posting it in the hopes that it will raise awareness about cats being stolen in Delaware County, especially in the Upper Darby area. As far as the Animal Coalition of Delaware County being involved with some sort of “Cat Napping” ring, as the below poster suggests, I would have to say that in my opinion in this lawsuit happy day and age?

No Comment other than to say something does smell fishy here. Maybe someone over at the Delaware County Daily Times can investigate this?

Read on:

Anonymous said…

If you can, please post this in the hopes that people will see it.

Due to recent reports of missing cats in the Drexel Hill / Havertown area, I wanted to post a warning to neighborhood cat owners about the Animal Coalition of Delaware County, a local organization purportedly concerned with animal welfare and who place cats into foster homes and special sections at local PetSmarts.

This is an unsettling story in two parts:

(Part One)

Our beloved indoor-outdoor cat (a neutered, male, absolutely beautiful orange Main Coon mix who answers to ‘Saab,’ in case you’ve seen him) went missing from our Drexel Hill home and the area around it about a month ago. He was about nine years old, perfectly healthy, and a very solid animal capable of holding his own in a fight and finding his way home, so we believed him to be alive somewhere, possibly taken in by a concerned animal lover. We searched for him all over the neighborhood, knocked on doors, and registered a lost report with the Delaware County SPCA, heading there every day or so to check the intake rooms for him.

So far, no sign.

After weeks of looking for our boy, our family agreed that, since we had always been a multiple-cat household, we wanted to welcome a new kitten or two into our home. While still searching for our cat at the SPCA intake rooms, we kept our eyes open for kittens in the adoption rooms. When we could find no kittens at the SPCA, we reluctantly turned to Pet Smart and were immediately enamored with two little kittens, a brother and sister. We were told that they were adoptable through an organization called the Animal Coalition of Delaware County (AC DC) and that, pending a clean vet record, we’d likely be able to bring them home within the week.

Of course, that hasn’t happened. Through we put in an application and have a vet record of always spaying, vaccinating, and treating (when necessary) our animals, some of whom lived with us for upwards of 20 years, we have not heard from anyone at the Animal Coalition, save once, when we were informed that the kittens would be carted around to “meet and greets” to ALL of the potential families, whose applications were allowed to pile up before any adoption could be finalized. (Wouldn’t you think that, with so many cats in need of homes, one happy, loving home would be as suitable as the next?) We were also told that it would be “impossible” to keep up-to-date online records of animals’ statuses… basically, from this phone call, we started to get a bad feeling from this organization of animal activists.

(Disclaimer: Now, we respect AC DC for being no-kill and for keeping their animals healthy, but right now, that is beside the point.)

(Part Two)

So, we are still without kittens and still missing our grown-up male. All of our friends know this and have been keeping their eyes open. One friend in particular, knowing how concerned we were and knowing that we had been looking at PetSmart, called this afternoon to tell us a rather disturbing story: the blocks immediately around her mother’s Drexel Hill home have, in the past few weeks, reported FIVE missing cats. Very strange. What’s more strange is this:

One of those five missing cats was a three-legged, micro chipped cat owned by a local veterinarian. She of course conducted a search, and that veterinarian FOUND her cat, three legs and all, sitting in an ACDC cage in the local PetSmart. A happy reunion? One might think. But the organization WILL NOT turn the cat over to its owner, despite her profession and her cries of, “But that’s my cat!” Claiming that they found the cat wandering in a cemetery, the organization says that adoption offers are already pending on this three-legged animal, and they refuse to reunite this veterinarian with her cat.

It sounds remarkably shifty, and we, as a family of cat lovers still hoping for a reunion with our missing cat, are extremely concerned. Is this organization, which could be doing so much for so many animals, really plucking calm, peaceful cats out of residential neighborhoods and putting them up for adoption because they are so against cats being outside? (Prospective AC DC parents must swear to keep their cats indoors 24/7, and the organization reserves the right to make “home visits” to make sure that that is happening.)

Now, we have no concrete proof of any foul play, since the AC DC volunteers at Pet Smart will swear until they’re blue in the face that that cat was found wandering a cemetery and that there’s no way it could belong to the Vet in question. But putting the pieces together raises some very alarming questions and suspicions, and bearing that in mind, I at least wanted to call attention to local cat lovers.

So, if you have a cat who enjoys the freedom of some time outside, BEWARE. Some people believe that cats shouldn’t be able to enjoy their God-given habitat, and it appears to me as though some of those people will sink so far as to snatch your beloved pet right off of the sidewalk in order to put it in a “better home.”

Our Dog Fez – Condemned To Die?

 Just look at my baby...
Back in August of this year our son Eric went to the Delaware County SPCA to buy a Dog for his brother Nicky for his birthday. He is a Chiwawa male about 3 to 4 years old I was told. He was found on the street in Ridley. At first when we got him home he was both scared and angry, as anyone would be in a new environment. Soon he seemed to accept our home and warm up to my wife Liz and our son Nick as well as our other son Fran.

Myself on the other hand proved to be a challenge. Fez (His new name), watched me like a hawk and barked and actually nipped at my boots. This went on for several days until finally I squared off against him, Man to Dog. What did I do? I fed him and took him on an extended walk around our neighborhood. It worked. It’s funny how one becomes so attached to an animal, but I did. He would greet me at the back door, and jump up and beg for some loving, (Or food, as dogs do.)

Fez is now at the Veterinary Hospital, Four Paws on Springfield Rd in Springfield, PA. He was brought there by my Wife and I after being lethargic and not being able to take a you know what. Seems that after 300.00 I was told that he has a bladder stone or something and needs an operation. This operation will cost $900.00 to $1,200.00 dollars. I thought about it and tried to convince myself that he would be better off dead. But just looking at his picture on my cell phone and the fact that I indeed love this dog convinced me that he worth any amount of money within reason to live his life happy, healthy, and most of all PAIN FREE.

Four or (IV) Paws is located at:
19 E Springfield Rd
Springfield, PA 19064
Telco number is (610) 543-4350

Several of my friends say I am nuts to shell out that kind of money. I say that life is short, and the greedy get theirs in the end. P.S.


P.S. To you know who.. I know there is healthcare for pets. I lost our healthcare for my own children, (Make too much for CHIP ring a bell?) So how can I justify paying premiums for a dog? Tell you what. YOU pay for my kids and I’ll pay for FEZ… DEAL?

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