Dead Fish in Delaware County

It seems to me that the lake could have been hit by a large bolt of lightning. People are so quick to say it was “Terrorists”. Get a life.


Snow Job

Been awhile since I posted anything on this blog, I’ve been on Face Book ranting and raving to the masses. So in the midst of this mini snow storm, I’d figure I would bitch about the snow and what impact it will have on Delco. I for one find it funny that the Upper Darby School District waits until the last minute to contact KYW and tell them if they are on a 2 hour late, or school is closed. Oops! I see there is a two hour late today posted on thier website. My Bad.

Mr Phelps? Your time is up

After watching the clip on ABC’s Nightline tonight, I’ve come to to conclusion that this family is a threat to our country, and my fellow citizens, and therefore declare that the be “dealt” with with all justifiable means, END OF STORY.

 Forget their so called “free speech” defense, I urge everyone who reads this to gauge the trauma this family has bestowed upon you and your neighbors, then take legal action against them.  They are Terrorist, plain and simple. I fear for my families safety, and for my own.

So Mr. Phelps and family? Go away, you have been put on notice. and here’s my message to you…

Good morning Mr. Phelps, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to cease and desist all protests, legal bullshit wrangling, and just go back to what rock you crawled out from.  As always, should you or any of your Westboro Baptist Church Members be caught or killed, I  will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds…


COSA In Delaware County – What a Joke!

I have a lot of issues with this so called “Helping the aging of Delaware County”. Number one, in my opinion, they do nothing but ruin family ties, steal the senior citizens assets, and harass and intimidate people who care about their parents/relatives who are elderly and in need.

I will be posting much more on this issue, concerning my Mother, Catherine Ward, currently in Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital with bedsores caused by the inept staff in my opinion. From their website:

The County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA) is the Department of County Government responsible for planning, coordinating and administering programs and services for the County’s population over the age of sixty. COSA’s goal is to enable senior citizens to maintain their independence and dignity, remain in their own homes and communities with appropriate support services, and to deter or prevent unnecessary institutionalization. Special emphasis is placed on serving those who are frail, living alone and are functionally disabled or otherwise in social or economical need.

Well Mom needs to be put in a home! And, when you “As in Fitz Hospital and your agents” send her back home, and she winds up blowing up the block via her not turning on the stove all the way, I’ll see you all in a court of law. you see, i just played my hand. Catherine Ward CANNOT be left alone in her home, but you want to do just that. And it’s all about MONEY, correct?

And where are those “State Reps ” Micozzie and Civera that several people tried to contact about my families situation? Remember November is fast approaching, and YOU are not representing me, my Mother, nor anyone concerned.My sister, Myself and most importantly, my MOTHER needs 24/7 care, care that I cannot give her, nor our family.

Do the right thing, contact me and tell me that this matter will be resolved.. 

P.S. Matt? Your teetering on having a private civil complaint lodged against you concerning me.


Not too reformed, eh?

I just had to post this.

NORRISTOWN – A Limerick man will be under court supervision for about five years after he admitted to using hidden cameras to secretly record the private moments of a Lower Pottsgrove woman in her home.

John Edward “Jack” Klein, 47, of Reformed Road, was sentenced in Montgomery County Court on Friday to 64 days already served to 23-months in jail after he pleaded guilty to charges of invasion of privacy and intercept communications in connection with incidents that occurred between 2008 and 2009.

Judge Thomas C. Branca also ordered Klein to complete three years’ probation after his parole period ends, effectively placing Klein under court supervision for about five years.

The judge gave Klein credit for the time he spent in jail between March 12 and May 14.

Read more…


The Future of the Delaware County GOP

With the May Primary fast approaching, I am curious to see how our local Republican candidates fare. The Republican candidates are as follows:

For Governor:
Samuel E. Rohrer
Tom Corbett

For Lieutanant Governor:
Steve Johnson
Jean Craige Pepper
Russ Diamond
Chet Beiler
Stephen A. Urban
Daryl Metcalfe
John Kennedy
Billy McCue

United States Senator:
Pat Toomey
K. Peg Luksik

US Representative; (District 7)
Patrick Meehan

State Representative; (District 163)
Nicholas A. Micozzie

Corbett, Toomey, Meehan, and Micozzie I can relate to and am voting for. As far as the Democrats, who knows and who cares? If the Democrats gain control of Delaware County, specifically Upper Darby, you can bet that the township will be annexed into the City of Philadelphia. Don’t believe me? Well look it up. The city has swallowed townships like Northern Liberties, Bristol Township, Roxbourough Township, Delaware Township and many more here.

Imagine losing their Police and Fire Departments, Departments of Sanitation, Public Works, and the School District. If you think the township has gone to the dogs now, just wait until November. My advice? Vote Straight Republican in November!

Remembering The Fallen

Yesterday as always I picked up a copy of the Daily Times at Wawa. On page five there was an article written by Paul Luce about the tribute at Rose Tree Park honoring the fallen officers from Delco and the surrounding area. It was a well written article, but to the right of it was a list of fallen officers being saluted by the Daily Times. I read the list and immediately noticed one officers name omitted. His name was Officer Dennis McNamara, an Upper Darby police officer who was killed in cold blood by some scumbag named Thomas Campbell.

For the times to “forget” him to me is an insult to the UDPD, the McNamara family, and the citizens of Delaware County. I just hope that the times included his name in today’s Sunday Times.