Thought Crimes and Mistermeanies

I’ve been following the trial of Ernest Zundel, A German who denies the Holocaust existed was sent to prison for five years. Weather your Dov Zacheim or Mel Gibson, the fact that a person can now be sent to prison for not agreeing with something is more Orwellian than ever. Were “Six Million Jews” murdered in extermination camps in Germany during World War II? Most people say so. Me? I couldn’t care less. Call me a cold hearted bastard, but there were over 160 million murdered world wide during WW2, from the “Rape of Nanking” in China, to the “Death March” of Bataan, to the Russian Front. Many ethnic groups, from the Poles to the Chinese to Filipinos and even Germans themselves were killed. How many American servicemen and women? Look up the bombing of Dresden and see how many civilians were outright murdered by Allied bombers, what some say was overkill.

Some wacko extremist say that the Zionist were behind it all, making way for the Balfour Proclamation, so that the State of Israel could come into being. So how does this affect me, an American of Irish decent? (Although my Grandmom’s maiden name was Spellman, no relation to the director.)It dosen’t.

Regardless of how I feel, the fact that a person can be arrested and locked up for pure thought doesn’t sound to thrilling, eh? Anyone denying that we landed on the Moon? Three years hard labor for you! Have a thought in your head about Exxon/Mobile and other petro chemical companies ripping you off at the pumps? Don’t agree with Homosexual Marriage? Hate George Bush? Hillary? Think that Obama is a Muslim spy? Your all going to an internment camp, courtesy of Halliburton.

America and Americans have a right to exist..