Then And Now

I remember listening to Johnny and June on the AM band in the sixties and seventies as a kid. After watching “Walk The Line” on DVD I get chills watching this above You Tube Video. It bares your soul, or does mine to the fact that people are mortal. Watch it and tell me your thoughts…


Remembering Officer Dennis McNamara

Dennis McNamara July 4th, 1958 - January 30th, 2002

Five years ago Tuesday, January 30th, Upper Darby Police Officer Dennis McNamara was gunned down in cold blood by a real scumbag loser by the name of Thomas “Tom Thumb” Campbell, a career criminal and member of the outlaw Pagan’s Motorcycle Gang. This pig who boasted “He would never go back to jail and would shoot a cop” or something to that effect took a Husband, Father, friend, and all around good cop away from this earth.

The coward that he is, Campbell, like most of his caliber of thug, chose to react to facing the music “As in warrants out for him” by murder. Diane McNamara, Widow of Dennis, told Gil Spencer of the Daily Times that she did not want Campbell to get the death penalty, to let him rot in jail. I agree after reading her story to a point. If any two cretins on the planet need to be tortured on a daily basis it is Campbell and my favorite scumbag, Mumia Abu Jamal. To you cop killer loving losers who support these low lives? Remember: you or you families may need a cop one day. SAY NO to naming a New York steet in honor of Mumia! Thank you Trek for the link!

My heart goes out to the McNamara family, friends and fellow cops, who have to deal with his murder every day of their lives. I read where Dennis was into the Guitar, and Poetry, things that are both noble and good. Campbell? Crack and Vodka.

What I want to say to Thomas Campbell?
Do you have any remorse???

I’ve included some information and links below.

Donations for Officer McNamara’s Children can be sent to:
McNamara Children’s Trust Fund c/o Commerce Bank Lawrence Park Branch
2014 Sproul Road Broomall, Pa 19008

A painting of Dennis (Pictured above) that can be found here with more information on how to obtain it.

Delco Heroes
Upper Darby Police Department
Officer Down

The Kidd Of Speed

Elena Filatova
I was going thorugh my old favourites on my old hard drive that was sitting on the shelf. The “Kidd Of Speed” was a link that I remember well. It was a link to a web site of a Russian woman named Elena Filatova, who took lots of pictures while riding her motorcycle in and around the Chernobyl area, after the nuclear accident. I sitll find her web site account both chilling and exciting, God knows we could have the same thing happen here in the U.S. – Remember this?

Anyway, a lot of web sites have said a lot about her, one saying the whole thing is fake. I tend to disagree, being that I do see a motorcycle in some of the pictures, and one with the nuke plant in the background. Other sites like Snopes and Boing Boing have chimed in, mainly because they need the attention and to me are disinfo web sites anyway.


Keep It Local – How Comcast Keeps The Competition Out

I use Verizon as both my telephone and Internet access for both my home & business. I have a Verizon DSL connection that on average is 2 times faster uploading than both Comcast And RCN (Both of which I have used at one time or another as my broadband connection.) After reading this article last month I contacted Verizon asking them when they would be installing FIOS in my area.

In my opinion, the above web site is nothing more than spreading dis-information about Verizon, and asking people to add fuel to their fire (Or $$$ in their bank accounts)by signing the petition. I do not like internet access via cable. It is like a bunch of rats on the week end all running through the sewer and then stopping to fight over a piece of crap, blocking the rest of the rats from going about their business.

Bottom line? Comcast, RCN, and the rest of the “Cable Companies” are trying to suppress Verizon and technology that would improve the consumers life and broadband connection tenfold, and interfere with the bottom line of their coffers.. (As in stocks, etc)

Sounds like the oil companies. A dying breed, eh?

Young Votes

On November Seventh, 2006 I spent the entire day at a polling place in Drexel Hill.
Of those who came to vote I counted on one hand those whom I considered between the age of 18 and 30. No wonder their issues are given short shift by the elderly politicians. The issues of youth are decided by politicians who forget what it is to strive and succeed at an age where the toughness of living begins. The bottom line, younger voters don’t vote.

It would take a political scientist to reason why that is. I have my own opinion, but why we don’t take that serious problem and make it a top priority. Of course it is every persons right to exercise their vote. The right to vote was fought by those who spilt their blood so we could plot the course of America. History is replete with the freedom fighters who died for our right to vote, Martin Luther King, suffragettes, South African apartheid fighters, the purple fingers of Iraqi voters who risked life and limb to vote. So why are the youth and so many others so apathetic. Are we so caught up in our daily lives to undertake what those before us who gave their lives so we could exercise this most important right.

Voting is the ultimate reform. Don’t vote and the results are obvious. Apathy and uninvolvement is our Representatives and Legislators best friend. The less you care, the more they can keep you uninvolved, the more their actions are without scrutiny. Voting is the ultimate term limit reform, hold them to the fire and they’re out. Look at Bryan Lentz and Joe Sestak. Thus leads me to my proposal to encourage voter participation. Statistics tell us voter participation is at an all time low. We need to reverse this trend, but lifelong career incumbents benefit from smaller turnouts and in many cases thwart turnout for their re-election. My proposal is to educate those who find other reasons not to vote and convince them to do so.
I have five proposals to encourage voting.

1. Allow 17 year olds to vote only in primaries. Thus indoctrinating their civic responsibility.
2 .Create a tax credit for casting a ballot.
3. Produce public service announcements extoling the historical value of voting
4. Have the state air appeals to encorade young voters to participate.
5. Address the negatives that occur when uninvolvement and apathy results.

These ideas are not borne of my position as a member of the Democratic Party. They are the realization that apathy is a scourge on our society. To be part of a Community entails an obligation to make it a better place when you are part of it. Most of all the young people who follow who will someday thank you for teaching them the value of citizenship that those who have come before you taught you.

KATRINA – Why The EAGLES Were Destined To Lose

The Eagles lost just a few minutes ago in the NFC game, 27 to 24. The Refs called some really shitty calls, especially the one when we were within striking distance with a field goal. These “officials” are bullshit!

I think that the National Football League is corrupt and want the Saints to win it all, based on orders of the Chimp in Crawford. Hey, it will have good ratings, atone for the bullshit job FEMA did there with hurricane Katrina, and make NOLA’s “Saints” the new “America’s Team”.

I want an investigation on these game officials. Like just where do they live, finanical situations, and their buddies. Face it: The Eagles should have one this game hands down!