Conformity In Blog World

Well here it is. After my two previous posts, I yet again am assailed by nasty e- mails, hang ups on my business line, etc, I am forced to delete them. Other contributors to this blog have been MIA, for what reasons I do not know. But my views still stand. I am convinced that there is far more to it concerning the 1983 Beirut barrack attack, the Murrah building bombing, the U.S.S. cole incident, Waco, 911, and the Spain and London train bombings..

These views will be published on my personal blog. To my fellow bloggers. Please let me know if you are still interested in contributing to this blog.


Delco Sizzles

Just wanted to post a quickie. Damn it’s hot! Working inside a school today while enduring a summer cold with no AC and no cross ventilation is not my cup of tea. Tommorrow the same.


P.S. Happy belated Fourth to you to Casey, PIT, Katey Kakes, and the rest of our contributors and readers of this here blog.