Want Results? Speak to an AMERICAN!

A few minutes ago I finally got back online using my Business class DSL service with Verizon. Eariler I had lost the password to my Linksys router so I had to reset it. Of course in doing this I also lost all of the settings for my Static IP. No problem I thought, I’ll just call Verizon. Yeah right. After “talking” to a female cyborg computerized voice, I finally was connected to a residential tech support person. He then transferred me to the business tech support, and, after providing all of my information for the umpteenth time, “Jerry”, with his Indian accent, hung up on me!

I called back, madder then a hornet, and when I finally got a human on the line, I told her that I want to speak to an AMERICAN. Not some moron in Pakistan or India who can neither speak good English nor know or care what my problem is! Enter Brad from Minnesota. He listened to what I wanted; Static IP, Default Gateway, DNS, etc, then provided it. I told him that I was on the phone for almost an hour, and I was finally relieved to speak to a knowledgeable, effective AMERICAN.

So there you have it. If you use Verizon and need effective results to your DSL problems, ASK for an AMERICAN. If your lucky you may get Brad.