The Daily Times Needs YOU!

As I sit here on a half decent Sunday morning, I checked out the Daily Times web site as I usually do every day. I see that Phil Heron, editor of the times is pushing his recruting drive to have local people (like me) to join the ranks of “Community Journalists “. People like Lou Mahlman, Buck Fleming, KatieRose Keenan, Eric Koehler, and Jennifer Hoff have answered the call. My question is: Will the Daily Times staff feel threatened by them? Am I crazy here? Nope, you see the days of print (as in newspapers) journalism are slowly dying, replaced by facebook, myspace, twitter and other online mediums.

Journalist like Alex Rose (Who interviewed me several years ago about our website) have great talent in reporting and commenting on a story. To read it online just isn’t the same as sitting in my van in the morning, drinking a Wawa coffee, and reading it on paper. I am afraid (some beg to differ) that the newspaper business is going to the wayside of the typewriter and shoe repairman. Only time will tell.

Oh yeah, and if anyone from Delaware County wants to contribute here? By all means you can contact me at . You MUST have a blogger or gmail account because Google bought Blogger and now Google is demanding it. Oh how I miss the typewriter.


Politics in America (8th Edition)

Nick Miccarelli – Bush Operative?

After reading this daily times news story about Nicholas Miccarelli, it made my blood run cold. Seems that some coward who hides behind anonymity, purchased this web site via

Info below:

Registrar: FastDomain Inc.
Provider Name….: BlueHost.Com
Provider Whois…:
Provider Homepage:


Created on…………..: 2008-09-08 18:29:31 GMT
Expires on…………..: 2009-09-08 12:29:32 GMT
Last modified on……..: 2008-09-08 18:29:32 GMT

Wow! Only one year? And on my wife’s birthday? WTF?

Enough of that. My problem with this web site is that they associate Mr. Miccarelli with condoning the “war” in Iraq and Afghanistan, while not posting that Mr. Miccarelli is a Veteran. A heads up to the owners of NOGOODNICK.NET. Your playing shitty politics, and it will backfire right in your face, just as Sarah Palin’s assault on BHO being connected with so called “terrorist”.

And from the Daily Times:

“Miccarelli fought to ensure the re-election of the worst presidential team in history, serving as the Bush-Cheney team’s director for South Philadelphia,” the site reads.

“We have nothing but respect for the brave men and women of our armed forces,” said Shafer in an e-mail. “This Web site has nothing to do with Nick Miccarelli’s military service, and his campaign knows it. They are simply attempting to distort reality because they can’t dispute the facts about his political mentors.”

Excuse me? What does a LOCAL politician’s view of Washington have to do with LOCAL representation? NOTHING! To John DeFrancisco? In my opinion you are a dirty dog who needs a bath. I suggest you go see the movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”. Your gonna lose and lose big.

Last but not least, Nick Micozzie and Mario Civera have been my State reps over the years. Both are Republican, both have served well to the community for many years. Although I cannot stand George Bush or Cheney, or even entertain the thought of voting for a man who wants to reinstate the draft, Locally? It’s a no brainer.

Nick Miccarelli – War hero, Republican, Local Councilman – State Representative for the 162 District in Delaware County come November 5th.


Independant Of The Party Machine

“He’s so independent. He’s independent of the party machine. I’m like, ‘Right on, so am I.” <—- This one statement that Sarah Palin says is enough to convince me that she should be PRESIDENT of the Untied States of America. Unfortunately, I'll settle for VP for now.


Installing A Puppet

Quote from Dawn (from the Haverford Blog)

As John McCain did in a news-clip yesterday, I too send congratulations to Barak Obama for breaking the racial barrier to become the first black American to lead a National Party for election to president of the United States.

May the best man win.

My Response:

Why is the national media and John McCain announcing his V.P. pick, like he is the official GOP canidate? Ron Paul and Mitt Romney didn’t “drop out”, just suspended their campaigning.

I am fed up with the MEDIA who is controlled by foreign countries who select candidates. RON PAUL has my vote in November, come hell or high water. That’s my RIGHT. The RNC convention didn’t happen already, did it? Watch for RON PAUL delegates (official from their constituents) to be harassed, bullied, and arrested. And the NEWS response? There just a crazy bunch of so called “libs” when in fact most Ron Paul backers are the most intelligent people in this country who actually see the eroding of the Constitution.

Welcome to AMERIKA.

Damming Video?

Got this from Gil Spencer’s blog a few minutes ago.

I had posted about Hussein’s involvement last week over at the Haverford Blog. I really don’t trust Obama, and to be honest with you think that McCain will start WW3 and reinstate the draft if elected. My Sons and Daughters are not going to be used as cannon fodder for some silver spoon fed out of touch man who feels that war is the answer. My choice is Republican Ron Paul. I will write him in at the voting booth come November. Thousands upon thousands of fellow Americans will also. Will he get elected? Not a chance. But at least I will show them where I stand.