Upper Darby School District – What’s going on?

A few things that have been on my mind over the last few days are detailed below.

Drexel Hill Middle School teachers take notice: I do not like what I am hearing from my sons about what is going on in your school. In a nutshell, To give a kid a five day suspension for defending him/herself from other kids without even listening or caring about what transpired, only because of race, is wrong. Several other students witnessed what transpired a few weeks ago between my son and a black girl in the lunchroom.

She took his five dollars, He asked for it back, You (the teacher in question) told him to shut up and sit down, the Girl denies taking the money, then you give him detentions while she laughs and then throws the five right at him in front of you, then walks away scott free. This kind of race baiting is wrong and sends the wrong message to both the white and black students in D.H. It tells them that if your black, you can get away with intimidation, laugh at the school dress policy, and even physically attack others with no fear of retribution.

God knows what goes on in the High School. I hear that there is an Upper Darby P.O.who patrols the hall on a mountain bike. To the school board, why don’t you take a ride after school to the 69th terminal and wait there after school. Watch as 100’s of kids get off the trolley and buses from Drexel Hill, Beverly Hill, and Upper Darby and board the El for West Philly. And you wonder why the the payers of Upper Darby see red every time you vote for a tax increase? You may ask: “Why don’t you attend a board meeting”? Why should I? If I did attended, and tried even to begin to voice my opinions, I’d be thrown out.

The Community Development Block Grant that then Mayor Sonny Kane first accepted in 1978 was the downfall of Upper Darby. In exchange for some major money, (To build a railroad walkway over Market St), etc, He allowed HUD to bring in section 8 housing. What this did is bring in the lowlifes who did not want to work, just collect welfare. It also lowered the value of the homes. Today in Stonehurst where I grew up it closely resembles a ghetto. Murders and rapes have quadrupled. Drug dealers and the homeless prowl the steets in search of buyers and victims. This is not a White on Black issue either. It’s everybody’s problem. So why does the public officials treat it like it is? Why do they allow black students to get away with the above?

I think know the answer. They are scared. Scared of being labeled a racist. Scared of being sued. Do yourselves a favor. All children should be taught equally. By allowing some to dominate others is wrong on YOUR part. And to those readers who will label me a racist? Go right ahead. You haven’t lived in my shoes growing up in the ’60s and 70’s in the Cardington/Stonehurst section.

Bushington D.C. This Has Got To Stop!

US Army pays Halliburton big bonus

Bonuses? You do know that VP Cheney (Former CEO of Halliburton), has a deferred stock option as retirement? To me, this is a blatant conflict of interest, but hey, who am I? I ain’t in the loop. I wouldn’t lower myself to a sub human way of deceit anyway. So just how much MONEY is to be made from these cretins before they are satisfied? How many American men and women will be killed or scarred for life? When will this “Vietnam2” end? Somebody?

Things are quite cozy in Bushington, D.C. And the thing is, George cannot even stand being there! He makes no “Bones” about it. He prefers Crawford TX. Here’s my take on Liberals vs Consertatives.

Liberals are people who want change, people who are intellegent enough to see that they are being duped.
Consertatives are people who are scared enough to sit back and say “Let our leaders decide what is right for us.. Shut up about it. (O’Reilly comes to mind). Anyway, read on and have a safe weekend.

Halliburton has made billions out of US military deployments

The US Army has awarded defense contractor Halliburton more than $9 million in bonuses for some of its work supporting the military in Kuwait and Afghanistan.
But the Army said performance-based bonuses had not been paid yet to Halliburton’s Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) unit for dining services for US troops in those countries.
Military auditors have criticised those services as too costly and have asked the Texas-based company to justify its billing.
Halliburton and its subsidiaries have particularly been under scrutiny for over-billing some of its military contracts in Iraq.
The Pentagon has also been criticised for extending undue favours to the firm, once headed by US Vice-President Dick Cheney.
“Dining facilities costs questioned by the Defence Contract Audit Agency have not been included in Award Fee Boards but are scheduled to be addressed later,” an army statement said on Thursday. Army Field Support Command in Rock Island, Illinois, said award fee boards held over recent months rated KBR’s performance as “excellent” to “very good” for more than a dozen “task orders” in Kuwait and Afghanistan supporting troops.
Much of Halliburton’s work for the US military is on a cost-plus basis, which means the company can earn up to 2% extra depending on their performance.
A US Army spokesman said KBR had been awarded $9.4 million in bonus payments from its work in Kuwait and Afghanistan.
Overall, KBR has earned $7.2 billion under a massive 2001 logistics contract with the US military and is set to earn more than $10 billion under that deal. It has separate deals with the government for reconstruction work in Iraq.
The bulk of money paid out so far under the logistics deal – about $6.6 billion – is for work in Iraq which still must be assessed for bonuses that could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars.
Army contracting officer Sylvia Youngman said the first military award fee board for KBR’s Iraq task orders would begin on 28 February and would likely take many weeks.
Bonuses are awarded based on, among other factors, how efficient and responsive the company is to requests from the army, Youngman said.

John McCain On A Sunday Morning

Although I missed it, (I was working in Downingtown) I’m sure the viewers of the program Meet The Press were thrilled. Thrilled to see that at least one man has the backbone to stand up for what AMERICA is really about. In 2000, I remember ole’ KKKarl Rove slamming and defiling Mr. McCain. Everything from saying he was a nut to that he got a black woman pregnant.

Well in 2008, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to see that people know the real John. A man of compassion and integrity and devotion to his beloved county. Contrary to what many people think, John WAS a POW in NAM, while others got deferments and went A.W.O.L.

Anyway, remember that John will bring back the REAL Republicans to Washington. Not the ones currently there who are only pawns of TPTB.

But It’s Ok To Sleep With Children, Right Michael?

I’m watching the Michael Jackson saga on Channel 6. In a nutshell, without all the melodramatics, this homo-pedophile who is my age finds it perfecty OK to get young boys drunk and play some sicko games with them. To Michael: Give it up you freaky nutnog! I am fed up with RICH deviates getting away with flat out abuse & rape of innocent children because of your status. May you rot in hell!

And to the parents who feel they need to expose their children to people like Wacko Jacko? YOUR no ******* better!!! I hope you get yours when you get to prision, may your “Celli’s” give it to you ALL NIGHT LONG!

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Remembering Mark Phelan

Mark Phelan and I went to Upper Darby High School. Back then in ’79 we were more concerned about chicks and hanging out down at Naylors Run Park. Three Mile Island was looming just west of us, Khomeini took over Iran from the Shah, and a gallon of gas had just gone over a dollar. Why am I posting this? Well after graduation Mark and I and a lot of others went on to different careers. Me? I became a Dad, had different relationships, started working for an electrical contractor and looking back now I would have changed some things.

Mark went on to West Chester University, then became a cop for a short time, then joined the Army reserve. He volunteered for two tours in Iraq. He was a Lieutenant Colonel based out of Norristown’s 416th Civil Affairs Battalion. What he did I do not know. But remembering Mark from school I’ll tell you that he was proud to be helping others.
Mark was killed on October 13th of last year in Mosul by one of those “improvised explosive devices”. I do not know if this devise was detonated by remote control or by a pressure switch, but either way I’d have no problem shooting the scum bags who placed it there. A lot of you may respond with “We have no right to be in Iraq”, and I’d agree with you. But we ARE in Iraq, and our fellow friends, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters are being horribly wounded and killed by these so called “Insurgents”.

Never serving in the Military, I cannot tell you what it’s like. But I do know that one must take orders. Like the movie “Band of Brothers”, they develop a camaraderie, and will do anything for a fellow brother. So I say to all you over in Iraq and other countries who are defending the United States: God bless you and may God protect you. You are thought of and prayed for every day by both myself and millions of others here.

To Mark’s wife Brenda and family, I am saddened for your loss and feel for you. May God be with you in your grief. Mark will always be remembered as a great guy by all of us who went to U.D.H.S.