Going To The Dogs?

FEZ, our dog.. Mean to strangers, But lovable and faithful
I read recently that our current County Council is going to turn Kent Park into a “Dog Park”, at a cost of over $440 thousand dollars. My sons and me like to fish in that area, especially above the dam. While the concept of this park is a noble one, Imagine the legal ramifications of having it. Let’s say a dog (like one of those nasty pit bulls) gets loose and mauls a child? Or the same pit bull attacks my little Chihuahua?

Quote from the County Web Site: “There is a lot of public support across the county for dog parks. These are facilities set aside for dogs and their owners to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment,” Cartisano said. “This isn’t just a dog issue; it’s a people issue. We want to establish a fenced-in dog park where well-behaved canines can exercise in a clean, safe environment without disturbing other people, wildlife or property.”

“Well-behaved canines”

means over 70 percent of dogs (including our dog) will not be allowed into the park. C’mon now. Dogs hate other dogs. Chihuahua’s are mean and nasty. Our’s was an SPCA dog, and after he gotten sick, the vet saw evidence of abuse (cracked ribs), etc from the former owners. So will they have an obedience school at our disposal there?

“A clean, safe environment without disturbing other people, wildlife or property.”

And the issue of trying to fish while hundreds of barking, snarling mutts isn’t my cup of tea either. What about the locals? Would you like to work 3rd shift and have to come home to hear mutts barking while being forced to smell dog crap?

My answer is to build a recreation center, complete with a “skate park”. The youth of Delaware County need s p a c e more so than “Man’s best friend”. Kids today are in some areas (Springfield) forbidden to skateboard on public property. I would be the first to volunteer to oversee the children, and maybe even strap on my Rollerblades and show them a thing or two.

To those who remember “Tot Lot”, and “Box Hockey” in UD. Those were the good old days, before X Box, PS2, and even this Pandora’s box in which I type this post, items that rob America’s youth of an interactive personal childhood, complete with fights, friendship, competitiveness, and scraping your knee. Build a decent recreation center FOR CHILDREN, Not DOGS.


UPDATE – 7/22/08: According to the News Of Delaware County, The Dog Park is officially open tomorrow. Will Oni bring her Pit Bull to meet my Chihuahua?

Posted on Tue, Jul 22, 2008

New county dog park opens July 24 in Upper Darby

Delaware County Council invites dog owners who have well-behaved canines to enjoy the county’s first dog park, located in Kent Park in Upper Darby.Dog owners can let their canine pals romp unleashed in the fenced-in facility, which is part of an overall renovation to the Kent Park facility.

The dog park is part of Delaware County’s extensive parks system, which features 11 parks and 616 acres of open, protected space that enhances the environment and gives people a place to exercise, enjoy nature and build community.

The Delaware County Department of Parks and Recreation and Upper Darby Township are operating the dog park at Kent Park jointly. The dog park is part of a renovated multi-recreational area that features a playground, fishing area, and the separate fenced-in dog park, complete with a covered pavilion, benches, water and, of course, dog-litter bags.

Kent Park is a scenic 10-acre stretch of green that runs along Darby Creek under the historic Lindbergh Bridge. Kent Park is a county-owned park that has traditionally been used for hiking and fishing.

The Kent Park recreational area is part of a broader plan to create a Greenway along Darby Creek.

In response to dog owners, Kent Park offers a fenced-in area for dogs to get fresh air, exercise and playtime with other dogs.

The Kent Park Dog Park features two fenced-in areas: one for dogs 25 pounds and larger; and one for smaller dogs.

Both enclosures are double-gated to prevent dogs from getting loose.

Park users are required to register their dogs with Delaware County/Upper Darby, and to abide by the rules and regulations designed to keep the park safe and well-maintained.

Kent Park Dog Park is located in the 3900 block of Bridge Street, off of Baltimore Pike in Upper Darby.

Hours are 8 a.m. to dusk daily. People must register their dogs to obtain a key fob for entrance. Current license and rabies inoculation are required. Registration is $20 per household; $10 for renewal; $10 for senior citizens and $5 for renewal.

Limited Introductory Use: The computer system for the access key fobs is still being installed. Until that is complete, dog owners will have access to the dog park from 4 to 8 p.m. weeknights and 10 a.m. 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

People still need to register and they will be notified when the key fob system is complete.