David Landau – A One Trick Pony?

I’ve been interested in the up coming election for Delaware County Council in November now for a few months, thanks to David Landau moving into my town of Clifton Heights. I have visited both parties web sites, and although both talk a good talk, Fizzano Cannon, McGarrigle, and Lewis of Delco 2007 have EXPERIENCE and have served Delco well according to my observations, abit some issues that I’ll describe below.

Wasteful Spending:

To David: Why spend how many thousands of dollars to rent a campaign HQ here in Clifton? That is wasteful spending. Myself and other people residing in the “Blue Collar” section of Delaware County are quite content with the way things are running, and do not want to see Delco be consumed by Philadelphia, like it did to Mayfair, Roxborough, and the greater northeast, an agenda that you Democrats have been trying to do for decades!

Response to your Problem:

I asked Nick Micozzie to look into a matter concerning a neighbor, and he responded. So did his Son and also Tom Judge, all Republicans serving Delco. They actually responded to me, so I in turn feel that they are worthy of being elected. That’s what gets people elected. To be fair to you, your spokesman, George Matysik, has responded to me via email in a positive way, and insists that you are sincere in your ambition to serve us.


There is one issue that David brought forth, that has me interested. “The one trick pony issue” mentioned as the title to this post that has me interested in him. It’s called Cronyism. I know of several people who own companies who have a lock on contracts in the county and have had for years, and why they do is not a secret anymore. Unfortunately, this issue is a non issue, as most voters in Delaware County are not self employed, and couldn’t give it another thought. Another thing is the issue of Upper Darby, once a decent place to live, now turned into an extension of West Philadelphia. David, what would you be willing to do to resolve this?

Number ONE Problem:

What I want County Council to do is to BAN Section 8 housing in Delaware County. Period. Scumbags who play the system represent over 95 percent of the applicants. Our so called “Tax Dollars” fund these people, while people like myself, pay top dollar to live in the area, not to mention NO HEALTH CARE. These are MY issues, and many other voters who will decide the outcome in November. Enough of ranting tonight, I need to find some work to do tomorrow as a self employed electrician so I can pay my bills.

Links to the candidates for Delaware County County Council:

David Landau

Just kidding, here’s the real link to David’s web site..

10/8/2007 – *NEW* Ann O’Keefe for Delaware County County Council!

Andy Lewis, Tom McGarrigle, Christine Fizanno Cannon

Here’s a blog that has a world of opinions on the above issue.
The Haverford Blog

Any other canidates running for County Council, etc, come this November please e mail me and I’ll be most happy to add your link tho this post!