Banned In Kateyland

I’ll make this one short. Since the fiasco with Bobby and RR, and on top of her informing people about my maritial status to boot, she deletes this blog from her blogroll, and bans me from commenting on hers?

Amazing shit, feeling the need to do all that while e-mailing me and telling me that if she can do anything give her an e-mail or telephone call. I think I need to vomit.

Cheers Kate, you remind me of my sister.

Jackboots Are A Coming!

After reading this, I believe Mr. Harris may be in danger of being arrested. Don’t believe me? I’m sure good old DHS has thought about paying this “dissenter” a visit, much to the delight of narrow minded Delconians.

Letter to the Editor:

Group in White House makes Nixon look good
To the Times:

When I look back at the vast quantities of money (our tax money) and government time that Republicans spent with their disgraceful “Starr Report,” I am amazed by the timidity shown when the legitimate subject of Cheney or Bush impeachment is brought up. Alberto Gonzales has been shown to be a complete “toady” for his patron-friend-client George Bush.

This group in the White House is a disgrace to our country and has done severe damage to our reputation and credibility worldwide and has created more terrorist killings of Americans. Their unconscionable arrogance and flouting of the Constitution through executive connivance is just as large if not worse a case of “obstruction of justice” than Nixon ever pulled.

This “Central Committee” in the White House makes Dick Nixon look like a statesman, which he sometimes was beneath his cold, calculating, defensive, insecure shell. Nixon had a heart, which Cheney would rip out if he could gain thereby.

These are the evildoers who lead us. Their rhetoric has been an obstruction of justice, honesty, integrity and idealism.
They deserve worse than impeachment … heads on sticks outside the barricades comes to mind.

But we are too civilized for that, preferring to do our killing from afar using agents plucked from the poor.

Sad days to look back on for historians of the future, when civilized men did not lead and brute force was chuckled over and toyed with by a cowboy with no brain and a wizard behind the curtain with no heart.

Newtown Square

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there. Four of my Children are out of the state, two Daughters in Orlando, FLA. and 2 Sons on the way to Nags Head, NC. My other Son at band practice. Me? Sitting here being bored and hearing the wife bitch about things for me that she wants me to do.

Well I’m chilling out. Men need at least one day a year when they don’t have to be a sub servient male to the other half, and today’s the day.

What does the video above have to do with this? Not a damn thing. I like it. You will too.


A Beautiful Man Lost

I went to a very emotional yet joyous funeral. It was for a friend of my brother, who was like my brother too. There was no one I knew who was so free and happy, always with a smile. We who live in Delaware County lost a good man. Many people pass, but this was the first person who I was close to. I’ll treat every day with more zeal because of Jeff Connell. To his family I thank you for Jeff, he’ll always be with me.
Please look at his guest book and read the many loving tributes.

Casey Roncaglione

Rendell and lawmakers can’t afford late budget


There are few governmental events more widely reported in Pennsylvania than the annual budget war. The dollar amounts are astronomic — state government expends more than $50 billion. The budget negotiations are secretive proceedings, and the stakes, both policy and personal, are enormous. Political careers and reputations rest on budget outcomes. This year’s annual budget melodrama comes complete with an exciting plot complication, and many fear that the new budget is going to be late. But, we’re not so sure.The 2007 fiscal year begins on July 1. Guessing when the budget might finally be passed has become a serious Harrisburg pastime. Seasoned observers estimate it might be as late as the Christmas holidays. A protracted stalemate conjures up nightmares. Thousands of workers would be laid off. The funding for state programs would be halted. Education dollars would be held up, and public confidence in state government would plummet. Yet, many now consider this scenario likely, if not inevitable.

Read the rest of the story here.

Good idea from Sen. Pillegi

A new ally in the fight for open government
News Flash: “Darth Vader turns from the Dark Side.”
OK, you won’t see that headline in today’s newspapers, but a key political figure in Pennsylvania has joined the battle to reform one of the worst open-records law in the country.Pennsylvania politicians like to operate in the shadows, away from public scutiny. That’s one of the reasons our state government is so screwed up.Following hearings in Harrisburg Monday, state Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi finally saw the light.The Delaware County Republican publicly announced his support for a major overhaul of Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law. Gov. Ed Rendell made a similar pledge earlier this year.Reform activists and proponents of open government have been working hard to get the state’s political elite to back the presumption that government records are open unless there is an overiding need for privacy.The way the state’s laws are written now, most government records are presumed secret and it’s up to residents to force government to make them public.The “flip of presumption” has long been sought by open-records advocates who say the current law, which defines just two categories of records as necessarily open, allows governmental entities to bar access to information the public should know, according to the Associated Press coverage of the Senate hearings.Sen. Pileggi said he plans to amend his bill (Senate Bill 1) in the State Government Committee to reflect his new-found position.”Reversing the presumption is a major change, and we need to carefully balance the right of citizens to review records with the need for appropriate exceptions to protect legitimate interests,” Pileggi said. “Developing the list of exceptions should involve input from a wide spectrum of interested parties.”The Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, which has been leading the fight for more open government in Pennsylvania for years, welcomed Pileggi’s conversion.”We are optimistic that we can work together to achieve the necessary reforms to give Pennsylvanians greater access to their government,” association lawyer Teri Henning said.The Pennsylvania Newspaper Association has created a Web site to help keep residents informed about open records in Pennsylvania.The site,, is coordinated by Jamie Blaine, a former newspaper publisher, teacher and consultant, and is updated regularly.PNA believes Pennsylvania’s open records law must be amended to include:1. Acknowledgment that records belong to the publicThe public is entitled to know and be informed fully about the conduct and activities of government.2. Improved definition of “public record” and a presumption of accessRecords in the possession or control of a public agency must be presumed to be accessible to the public. The law should include specific exemptions for records that are not public.3. Burden of proof on agencyIn Pennsylvania, the person seeking access must prove a right to that access. In most states, however, the burden is on the agency to show that specific information is not public under the law.4. Broader definition of “agency”The definition of “agency” must include the General Assembly, state-related universities and any organization or entity that relies substantially on taxpayers’ money.5. Administrative appeal/Office of AccessPennsylvania must create an Office of Access to hear appeals and furnish advisory guidelines, opinions and other appropriate information about the laws to both agencies and citizens.6. Meaningful penaltiesPenalties for open records law violations need to be enforced and the fines increased to make them meaningful.

Police: Woman stands up to prospective robber

Any relation to the Roncaglione that posts here?

UPPER DARBY — A gutsy woman fended off a masked robber who demanded money and claimed he had a stun gun after a late night ATM withdrawal.

Not only did she refuse to comply with his demands she followed him in her car and reported his license tag number to police.

Patrolman Wayne Whitlock checked out the registration leading him to a residence on the 2500 block of Bond Avenue, Drexel Hill, and the vehicle’s owner, Robert Roncaglione.

Detective Sean Rowe spoke to Roncaglione, 56, who stated he had been home “most of the night,” the investigator wrote in the affidavit.

“Roncaglione did state he is not the type of person who would steal from anybody,” Rowe wrote in the document noting he never specified the nature of the investigation but detected the suspect was allegedly under the influence of a controlled substance

The victim told police she was inside the ATM area of the Citizens Bank, 5045 Township Line Road, and withdrew money when a man wearing a dark colored scarf around his face entered demanding money.

“When the victim refused the actor stated he was going to ’stun’ her,” Rowe wrote in the affidavit. “The victim still refused and stated the object was not a stun gun but a flashlight,” and exited the ATM area.

She followed the suspect in her vehicle while sounding her horn and identified the vehicle for police.

Roncaglione was arraigned on charges of robbery, criminal attempt theft, terroristic threats, possessing instruments of crime, simple assault and harassment.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 12 before Magisterial District Judge Michael Cullen.

Mario Civera – Pay Us Back – Again

Drama In Delaware County.

Casey Roncaglione, president of the Delaware County Young Democrats, writes this morning to tell us that his group is calling on state Rep. Mario Civera, R-Delaware, to reimburse the taxpayers for the $114,801 the House spent on public service announcements on his behalf.The group also demands that “all other Legislators (sic), Republican and Democrat, do the same.””Mr. Civera stood on the House floor calling for restraint of new taxes in the Governor’s budget,” Roncaglione wrote. “A good start to that restraint would be to reimburse the Tax Payer for his own lack of restraint, anything less would be hypocritical and make his budget statements just political posturing.
“Hmmm … makes sense to us. Howzabout it?