Teach Your Children Well

Earlier tonight I was helping my son Fran with his History homework. It was about the war of 1812. He was of course bored as hell and wanted to watch Monday Night Football. I don’t blame him, but History and Science and Geography were my favourite subjects when I was in the eighth grade at St.Cyril of Alexandria. Drexel Hill Middle School is where our two boys attend. One in eighth,(Fran) and one in sixth,(Nick). Science is NOT Fran’s favourite subject. I loved it as a kid, had many science experiments in grade school, and watch the Discovery Channel every night.

So, how do you get a 13 year old to look forward to Science class? I have but only one idea. Transfer Lauren (Yes she is a Science teacher in eighth grade for another township middle school in the same district), to DHMS. This young teacher I’m sure will get every boys attention in the classroom. Did I mention that she also has a side job as a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader?

My step son Eric informed me about her. He was a classmate at UDHS with her and also knows her personally. He said that she was “Good People” and other things that I will keep private. So there it is. Lauren? How about helping out these kids in D.H.? Sort of a lend-lease program between schools. Your beauty and teaching abilities would go a long way out there in Drexel Hill also. Kids these days need someone to motivate them with real issues, and I don’t have the mystique and sincerity that you have.

Either way, Go E A G L E S! I hope they win it all this year, God knows we need it!

Clifton Rams

Our two sons play for the Clifton Rams, and one of them will advance to the Championship game next week. Fran Jr. lost last week to Colwyn, and Nicky, of the Midget Varsity, won today against Colwyn 12-0. I am so proud of all of the coaches, players and the family members who acually SHOW UP at these games. and, to Drexel Hill, you parents are the most arrogent assholes alive.

To do what you did last week while one of our Clifton Cheerleaders was singing our national anthem was dispicable. Stuffy assholes from Drexel Park. Gee, your homes aren’t worth nearly as much as you would like them to be. Crime and blight are right accross the trolley tracks.

The parents and fans of the Clifton Rams are a tight knit community who not only cheer for the home team but respect the other team. This is one of the reasons why I love Clifton Heights. Were proud of our children. Be sure to look for pictures of the championship game next week. I will be posting them. (Update:) I bought the domain name CliftonRams.com and a server through ipowerweb. I will be adding stuff slowly to it.

I Concede the Presidency to George W. Bush

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m taking it easy today. I have a lot of things that have to be completed, like the job in Downingtown, and Mike’s place. But today I will play auto mechanic, installing a new blower motor for our van, and a headlight.

Why the title “I Concede the Presidency to G.W.B.?” Well I’ll put it this way. Last night I saw my buddy at Thomas’ Cafe. As I sat down, he informs everyone around him that “The Democrat” just walked in. I half heartedly let out a laugh, and informed the gang that I was not nor never was a Democrat. I’ve been Republican since eighteen. Just because I voted for Kerry did not mean that I was a “Liberal” or a Dem. Why Kerry then? Gee. Good question. I wanted us out of Iraq and the Middle East. Period. Since George Bush stated that he would be working to bring an end to this conflict, and to try to create a Palestinian state within four years, I am delighted. Since he won, he also seems more focused, and less stressed out.

So, President Bush, I will back you up in anything you do, trusting that you will make the right decisions that will both benefit our great country, and the world. Who do I want for President in 2008? John McCain.

A November To Remember

Well it’s been quite a beginning to my November. President Bush was “elected” to the White House for his lame duck session. I missed the Benefit at the Lagoon last night, (I’ll explain that later,) and as I read the Daily Rag, I see several things that caught my eye.

One is in Sound Off. One post, “Election Envy Of Rest Of World” tells of America conducting a fair and well- planned election. Obiviously, this caller never heard of DieBold and other bullshit things going on in other states like Ohio and Florida. Pennsylvania, specifically Delaware County, has Mechanical voting machines. You know, big & green and with a curtain. Wonder why Bush lost here?

Hard to cheat compared to those “Electronic” ones that don’t leave a paper trail.

Another thing I read was Ed Gebhart’s Opinion colomun, about a Vietnam Vet’s experiences, or so he titles it. Well, he let’s you all know that the FACTS were that Clinton was a draft dodger, and that Kerry “Gave aid and comfort to the enemy”.

I do not see nowhere about Cheney’s FIVE deferments, nor Bush’s coking it up and AWOL in ALABAMA. Yes, we all make misteaks, even our President. Bottom line? Ed Gebhart is an old geezer who like Gil Spencer thinks that he knows it all. These two men have tunnel vision. They don’t care who or what is running our country, as long as it’s Republican. Another line out of the Daily Rag that caught my eye and is the GOD’S HONEST TRUTH is from the article “Calling For Help”. You know, it’s about several freaked out chicks who have decided to make it rich after getting tired of their jobs. (They must be liberals.)

Here it is: “She didn’t mind the signature requirement, nor was it hard to accomplish. The women also didn’t mind when they were told they HAD to register Republican in order to qualify for the job.

REQUIREMENT? What country do we live in? I’ll actively give anybody more than he/she can handle if they EVER tell me that as a requirement for employment or getting a contract I need to be registered as a Republican in Delaware County. I remember when I was eighteen being told, “You have to register Republican if you want a job in Upper Darby.” So I did. (Even so I never did get that trashman job either). My Advice to all you Democrats living in Delco? Go to the courthouse and inquire about any job openings. Be sure to change your party though if your serious about working. Or know a good attorney.

Something’s Wrong with The Water In Delaware County

Yes. Our tap water smells of a putrid stench. like Naylor’s Run creek when I was a kid in the 60’s down at Cobbs Creek park. My wife and son drank a few glasses earlier and both are complaining of frontal headaches. Ever since AQUA took over the Philadelphia Suburban Water Company this has been a frequent complaint in our household in Clifton Heights. Well, It’s off to bed now. Be sure to get off your asses and VOTE tomorrow.