Making A Comback (of sorts) for 2012

Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up my old web site, Totally Delco.I first bought the domain name on April 27th, 2003. Long before the Daily Times. I bought it after realizing that I couldn’t search online find a store nearby in Delaware County to buy a mattress, only the yellow pages had the lists.

So after several years of turning it into a blog, forum, web portal, etc. With lots of personal posts I’ve decide to go one step further. To integrate it with social networking, as in Facebook, only local. Wish me luck, I have zero experience in php or databases on here.


The Future of the Delaware County GOP

With the May Primary fast approaching, I am curious to see how our local Republican candidates fare. The Republican candidates are as follows:

For Governor:
Samuel E. Rohrer
Tom Corbett

For Lieutanant Governor:
Steve Johnson
Jean Craige Pepper
Russ Diamond
Chet Beiler
Stephen A. Urban
Daryl Metcalfe
John Kennedy
Billy McCue

United States Senator:
Pat Toomey
K. Peg Luksik

US Representative; (District 7)
Patrick Meehan

State Representative; (District 163)
Nicholas A. Micozzie

Corbett, Toomey, Meehan, and Micozzie I can relate to and am voting for. As far as the Democrats, who knows and who cares? If the Democrats gain control of Delaware County, specifically Upper Darby, you can bet that the township will be annexed into the City of Philadelphia. Don’t believe me? Well look it up. The city has swallowed townships like Northern Liberties, Bristol Township, Roxbourough Township, Delaware Township and many more here.

Imagine losing their Police and Fire Departments, Departments of Sanitation, Public Works, and the School District. If you think the township has gone to the dogs now, just wait until November. My advice? Vote Straight Republican in November!

Chico and the Woman

So let me get this straight. A woman named Susan Senn sees a little Chihuahua chained up on the front lawn of a house in Secane. She gets out of her vehicle, walks up to the dog, unchains him, then takes him to Lansdowne and gives him to a friend.
The cops are called, an investigation is started, the doggy found, and a warrant is issued for her arrest. End of Story? Hardly. Thanks to the comment feature on the Daily Times Web Site, several posters who know the “owner” of Chico have said that the dog is left out 24/7. So what if there is a doghouse, water, and food. A Chihuahua is not a cold weather dog and to chain it? Christ what moron would chain a little cute dog like Chico?
Leaving Chico outside is clearly a case of Animal abuse, and the more I read into it, it’s the owner who should be locked up, not Susan Senn. I wonder if the SPCA is looking into this? Is Chico spending the night outside? Will Mike Chitwood hold a news conference and call ms Senn a “Scumbag”? Seriously, there is a web site/ Organization called “Unchain PA Dogs” that is trying to get a law passed in PA that makes it a criminal offence for a person to chain a dog up all day and night.
Seems to me that Chico needs to be set free from his bonds.

The Daily Times Needs YOU!

As I sit here on a half decent Sunday morning, I checked out the Daily Times web site as I usually do every day. I see that Phil Heron, editor of the times is pushing his recruting drive to have local people (like me) to join the ranks of “Community Journalists “. People like Lou Mahlman, Buck Fleming, KatieRose Keenan, Eric Koehler, and Jennifer Hoff have answered the call. My question is: Will the Daily Times staff feel threatened by them? Am I crazy here? Nope, you see the days of print (as in newspapers) journalism are slowly dying, replaced by facebook, myspace, twitter and other online mediums.

Journalist like Alex Rose (Who interviewed me several years ago about our website) have great talent in reporting and commenting on a story. To read it online just isn’t the same as sitting in my van in the morning, drinking a Wawa coffee, and reading it on paper. I am afraid (some beg to differ) that the newspaper business is going to the wayside of the typewriter and shoe repairman. Only time will tell.

Oh yeah, and if anyone from Delaware County wants to contribute here? By all means you can contact me at . You MUST have a blogger or gmail account because Google bought Blogger and now Google is demanding it. Oh how I miss the typewriter.


Politics in America (8th Edition)

Getting with the Times?

Well well, I see now that the Daily Times is finally doing what I have been doing now since June of 2004. Blogging about Delaware County, what’s on my mind, what I think about this area, the Upper Darby School District, etc. On this blog (I had to recently move it here to blogger because they are canceling FTP to my web site and others in May) we have only two contributors at the moment, Paula Brown and my Wife Elizabeth, who’s father “Ace” incidentally worked for the Daily Times for forty years, both are MIA. I don’t blame either, as Paula and I may beg to differ on Politicial issues, and Liz just isn’t really interested at the moment.

along the way, we have had several bloggers as contributors, ranging from Casey Roncagilone, to Don Roberts, and briefly, Peter Porcupine. But in this day of Facebook and twitter, many people seem to go for the shorter posts, not the blathering like I’m doing right now. I will say that I will be blogging much more this year, voicing my opinions about Upper Darby, Clifton Heights, and in general, Eastern Delaware County. If you would like to join here as a contributor, just shoot me an e mail telling me why you want to blog here and what section of Delco you live in. Just think of it this way. your own little venting ground, where at least 5000 people will read your rants and raves each month.


P.s. Gil? Phil? Your also welcome as well as Alex.


I remember this dump of a bar many years ago when I believe it was called G.I.Joe’s or something to that effect. Chitwood should shut the joint down, but it seems to me that certain new people in Upper Darby are thwarting his efforts. Murder, Rape, and other serious crimes are rampant in this extension of west Philadelphia.

If I were a betting man, I’ll give Upper Darby 8 more years before it is annexed into the city of Philadelphia like Roxbourough, Andorra, and the greater Northeast were years ago. The Democrats would just love it! Imagine, No more UDPD, or Upper Darby Public works, Sanitation, Electricial Dept, etc. The ONLY reason Upper Darby is not an official section of Philly is because of Republician control.

Let’s keep it that way..


What Excuse Will This Bastard Give?

Investigation continues as hit-and-run victim buried
By: Cindy Scharr, 08/08/2008

As the family and friends of 16-year-old hit-and-run victim Faith Margaret Sinclair said their final goodbyes Friday, investigators waited to hear from the owner of the damaged Mercedes-Benz found inside an Upper Darby garage. What they heard was silence. “We’ve not heard a thing today,” said Sharon Hill Police Chief Robert Tinsley. “I’d love to have him come in with his attorney and talk.”

Read the full article here.

So Mr. Payne, a scumbag who has prior arrests for drunk driving and citations for reckless driving, What’s your excuse going to be? Did someone else drive your car? Or here’s one: “I thought it was a deer that I struck!!!” Your pathetic guilt only causes me and thousands of others who are following this story want to run you over. How would that feel Mr. Payne?

I cannot believe that you’re not in jail right now! I don’t need to post “Alleged driver” like the newspaper need to do. You can sue me you scumbag. You won’t get a dime. How can you sleep at night? Do the right thing. CONFESS! You know you did it! Suck it up and turn yourself in!

P.s. I know where you live you bastard and so do a lot of others!

Shady Scenes in Clifton Heights?

I am quite curious about this so called “Clifton Heights Economic Corp” after reading the below Daily Times piece.

Questions surround grant in Clifton Heights
By: Dawn Mitchell, Times Correspondent

CLIFTON HEIGHTS – Residents and some council members questioned the transfer of $825,000 in grant money to the Clifton Heights Economic Corp., a nonprofit entity that council has no control over, at a recent council meeting. “I don’t know how we authorized this corporation when we never got papers on this corporation,” said Councilman Mario Alpini. A listing for the corporation at nonprofit compendium could not be found.

Council President Anthony Casadei, answering a question from the audience, revealed state Rep. Nicholas Micozzie, R-163, of Upper Darby, “took care of allowing money to go to the corporation,” but said he did not know who established the corporation or who is in it.

According to a document disclosed at the meeting – which one council member insisted each member of council had received during a caucus meeting the previous Thursday – former council president James Salmon is listed as president of the nonprofit.

Salmon was running for another term on council last year, but was forced to step down for violating the federal Hatch Act because of his employment with the Department of Defense. Under the act, federal employees cannot hold elected office.

Other nonprofit board members include: Clifton Heights Business Association President Rich Angelucci, owner of Full Cycle Ink Jet; Vice President Joe Lombardo, owner of M.F. Williams Funeral Home; and Financial Secretary Russ Jirik, owner of Family Matters Adult Day Care, according to that document.

Also on the Clifton Heights Economic Corp. board is retired Clifton Heights police chief Ronald Berry, whose wife, Betsy, is a Clifton Heights council member. He is currently deputy director of the county Juvenile Detention Center in Lima.

Angelucci and Jirik each made contributions totaling $300 to Micozzie in 2005 and 2006, while Lombardo has contributed at least $850 to Micozzie and $2,500 to the Delaware County Republican Finance Committee between 2002 and 2006, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State. “Ron and Betsy Berry” have also contributed at least $795 to Micozzie since 2000, according to state records.

In late June, council voted 5-3 to return $300,000 and $525,000 in grants issued last spring by the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development. Alpini and fellow council members Robert Penjuke and Harris Resnick opposed the motion. But minutes at the meeting show council instead voted to redirect the funds to the private entity, which was formed June 16. Some council members now allege minutes were interpreted wrong, altered or even deleted.

The grants were to facilitate the purchase of the adjacent Mac and Sam property and to redevelop borough hall. They were not set to expire until 2010 and 2011, respectively.
According to Casadei, criteria specified in the grants were problematic and would have cost taxpayers $7 million to $8 million.

Penjuke disagreed in a phone interview Thursday, saying the plan was to purchase property in stages, as money became available. He had anticipated having a community center.
“We were originally told it wouldn’t cost the borough anything for the revitalization project,” said Penjuke. “Micozzie didn’t think we had a good enough plan … that we were not moving fast enough.”

“Personally, I’m not ready to give up $825,000,” said Alpini, who opposed returning the funds since it was first discussed in May. “It’s too much money and too hard to get to walk away that quickly.” Penjuke also questioned the Clifton Heights Economic Corp.’s handling the borough’s money.

“We have no control over the corporation,” he said. “As council, we’re going to still be held accountable because we started the ball rolling. I just want to improve things in Clifton Heights and build it back up to a cute little town.”

Staff Writer Alex Rose contributed to this report.

┬ęDelcoTimes 2008

So who runs it? Who are the officers? Why the secrecy? And why would our local committee people (including my own) authorize the transferring of funds (grants) to them? I do not know Dawn Mitchell but I do know Alex Rose. I am certain that more of this will unfold before November, when me (as in a resident of Clifton Heights)will get to vote.


ACDC – Let The Cat Out Of The Bag!

I took notice of this reply and am posting it in the hopes that it will raise awareness about cats being stolen in Delaware County, especially in the Upper Darby area. As far as the Animal Coalition of Delaware County being involved with some sort of “Cat Napping” ring, as the below poster suggests, I would have to say that in my opinion in this lawsuit happy day and age?

No Comment other than to say something does smell fishy here. Maybe someone over at the Delaware County Daily Times can investigate this?

Read on:

Anonymous said…

If you can, please post this in the hopes that people will see it.

Due to recent reports of missing cats in the Drexel Hill / Havertown area, I wanted to post a warning to neighborhood cat owners about the Animal Coalition of Delaware County, a local organization purportedly concerned with animal welfare and who place cats into foster homes and special sections at local PetSmarts.

This is an unsettling story in two parts:

(Part One)

Our beloved indoor-outdoor cat (a neutered, male, absolutely beautiful orange Main Coon mix who answers to ‘Saab,’ in case you’ve seen him) went missing from our Drexel Hill home and the area around it about a month ago. He was about nine years old, perfectly healthy, and a very solid animal capable of holding his own in a fight and finding his way home, so we believed him to be alive somewhere, possibly taken in by a concerned animal lover. We searched for him all over the neighborhood, knocked on doors, and registered a lost report with the Delaware County SPCA, heading there every day or so to check the intake rooms for him.

So far, no sign.

After weeks of looking for our boy, our family agreed that, since we had always been a multiple-cat household, we wanted to welcome a new kitten or two into our home. While still searching for our cat at the SPCA intake rooms, we kept our eyes open for kittens in the adoption rooms. When we could find no kittens at the SPCA, we reluctantly turned to Pet Smart and were immediately enamored with two little kittens, a brother and sister. We were told that they were adoptable through an organization called the Animal Coalition of Delaware County (AC DC) and that, pending a clean vet record, we’d likely be able to bring them home within the week.

Of course, that hasn’t happened. Through we put in an application and have a vet record of always spaying, vaccinating, and treating (when necessary) our animals, some of whom lived with us for upwards of 20 years, we have not heard from anyone at the Animal Coalition, save once, when we were informed that the kittens would be carted around to “meet and greets” to ALL of the potential families, whose applications were allowed to pile up before any adoption could be finalized. (Wouldn’t you think that, with so many cats in need of homes, one happy, loving home would be as suitable as the next?) We were also told that it would be “impossible” to keep up-to-date online records of animals’ statuses… basically, from this phone call, we started to get a bad feeling from this organization of animal activists.

(Disclaimer: Now, we respect AC DC for being no-kill and for keeping their animals healthy, but right now, that is beside the point.)

(Part Two)

So, we are still without kittens and still missing our grown-up male. All of our friends know this and have been keeping their eyes open. One friend in particular, knowing how concerned we were and knowing that we had been looking at PetSmart, called this afternoon to tell us a rather disturbing story: the blocks immediately around her mother’s Drexel Hill home have, in the past few weeks, reported FIVE missing cats. Very strange. What’s more strange is this:

One of those five missing cats was a three-legged, micro chipped cat owned by a local veterinarian. She of course conducted a search, and that veterinarian FOUND her cat, three legs and all, sitting in an ACDC cage in the local PetSmart. A happy reunion? One might think. But the organization WILL NOT turn the cat over to its owner, despite her profession and her cries of, “But that’s my cat!” Claiming that they found the cat wandering in a cemetery, the organization says that adoption offers are already pending on this three-legged animal, and they refuse to reunite this veterinarian with her cat.

It sounds remarkably shifty, and we, as a family of cat lovers still hoping for a reunion with our missing cat, are extremely concerned. Is this organization, which could be doing so much for so many animals, really plucking calm, peaceful cats out of residential neighborhoods and putting them up for adoption because they are so against cats being outside? (Prospective AC DC parents must swear to keep their cats indoors 24/7, and the organization reserves the right to make “home visits” to make sure that that is happening.)

Now, we have no concrete proof of any foul play, since the AC DC volunteers at Pet Smart will swear until they’re blue in the face that that cat was found wandering a cemetery and that there’s no way it could belong to the Vet in question. But putting the pieces together raises some very alarming questions and suspicions, and bearing that in mind, I at least wanted to call attention to local cat lovers.

So, if you have a cat who enjoys the freedom of some time outside, BEWARE. Some people believe that cats shouldn’t be able to enjoy their God-given habitat, and it appears to me as though some of those people will sink so far as to snatch your beloved pet right off of the sidewalk in order to put it in a “better home.”

St Cyril’s To Stay Open For Years To Come

Saint Cyril's Graduation picture - June, 1975
Yes it is true, according to a friend of mine. Thanks to a group who will be sponsoring them, My former school will stay open for hopefully years to come. It never could have been possible without the following short list.

Tommy Geromichalos
Gil Spencer
Linda Reilly
Paul Thomas
The Make a Wish foundation

There are hundreds of other people and businesses who without their generous donations, Tommy’s dream would have never have come true. The sponsor is as yet unidentified, but deals in Catholic charities. More to follow.