Remembering The Fallen

Yesterday as always I picked up a copy of the Daily Times at Wawa. On page five there was an article written by Paul Luce about the tribute at Rose Tree Park honoring the fallen officers from Delco and the surrounding area. It was a well written article, but to the right of it was a list of fallen officers being saluted by the Daily Times. I read the list and immediately noticed one officers name omitted. His name was Officer Dennis McNamara, an Upper Darby police officer who was killed in cold blood by some scumbag named Thomas Campbell.

For the times to “forget” him to me is an insult to the UDPD, the McNamara family, and the citizens of Delaware County. I just hope that the times included his name in today’s Sunday Times.

Chico and the Woman

So let me get this straight. A woman named Susan Senn sees a little Chihuahua chained up on the front lawn of a house in Secane. She gets out of her vehicle, walks up to the dog, unchains him, then takes him to Lansdowne and gives him to a friend.
The cops are called, an investigation is started, the doggy found, and a warrant is issued for her arrest. End of Story? Hardly. Thanks to the comment feature on the Daily Times Web Site, several posters who know the “owner” of Chico have said that the dog is left out 24/7. So what if there is a doghouse, water, and food. A Chihuahua is not a cold weather dog and to chain it? Christ what moron would chain a little cute dog like Chico?
Leaving Chico outside is clearly a case of Animal abuse, and the more I read into it, it’s the owner who should be locked up, not Susan Senn. I wonder if the SPCA is looking into this? Is Chico spending the night outside? Will Mike Chitwood hold a news conference and call ms Senn a “Scumbag”? Seriously, there is a web site/ Organization called “Unchain PA Dogs” that is trying to get a law passed in PA that makes it a criminal offence for a person to chain a dog up all day and night.
Seems to me that Chico needs to be set free from his bonds.

Community Service – Seat Belts Optional

This is going to have some serious legal ramifications. I can only imagine what David Landau will have to say about this..

Read on:

Community service turns into wild ride
By Timothy Logue,

CHESTER — Seven non-violent offenders sentenced to community service were taken on a hell ride Friday by a drunk county employee responsible for transporting them to and from their trash-picking duties, officials said.

“It was terrifying,” said one man who held on for dear life as Adonis Robinson swerved in and out of oncoming traffic and hopped an occasional curb while driving through Upper Darby, Lansdowne, Clifton Heights and Aldan. “The guy was absolutely toasted.”

By the time Robinson crashed his county van into a Mercedes in the 200 block of Edgmont Avenue in Chester, six of his passengers had bailed out at various locations.

“I’ve had a lot of people show up for community service drunk, but this is the first time for one of my drivers,” said Community Service Director Walter Omlor, who immediately called Upper Darby police when he got word one of his drivers appeared to be driving under the influence. “I know he wasn’t on anything when left in the morning.”

Robinson, 54, of the first block of Worrell Street in Chester, was charged with DUI, recklessly endangering another person, driving at unsafe speeds, careless and reckless driving, aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under the influence and driving with open container.

He was taken to the cell block at the Chester Police Station and later arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Spencer B. Seaton Jr., according to Omlor, who said Robinson had worked for the county for more than seven years.

“I’m a constable and just happened to have warrants on another guy Chester had in custody,” he said. “I saw (Robinson) there and said, ‘You’re done.’

“Everyone in the county knows if you drink on my crew, it’s over.”

Robinson took his community service crew, made up of at least three DUI offenders, from Media to Upper Darby for trash duty along West Chester Pike at about 7:45 a.m. Friday.

When the group wrapped up its first shift near Upper Darby police headquarters and got back into the van, it became clear something was wrong with their driver.

“He picked us up around lunchtime and drove a few blocks toward 69th Street and then he stopped for no reason in the middle of a busy intersection for about 10 or 15 seconds,” said one member of the crew who requested anonymity. “Then he made a right and hit the curb.”

Robinson made his way up 69th Street Boulevard past the Tower Theater with his crew of four men and three women, stopping briefly at a Burger King near Church Lane and Marshall Road.

“We got out for a few minutes to get some food and nobody wanted to get back in the van,” the crew member said. “One girl looked absolutely terrified and another guy looked at me after we got back in and said ‘Do you smell that?’

“I said, ‘Yeah I smell it.’ By that time, everyone knew the guy was totaled, but I was afraid of the consequences if I said something or turned him in… I didn’t want to lose my (community service) hours.”

After booting his crew out of the van for another 15-20 minutes while parked outside the Pearle Vision Center on Church Lane, Robinson collected his crew and headed for Baltimore Avenue.

“He was swerving really bad and getting progressively worse,” the crew member said, adding most of the seatbelts were ripped out of the van. “We almost got into an accident at Baltimore Pike. He slammed on the brakes and nearly hit the car in front of him.”

Robinson made a right on Baltimore Pike and crossed over Lansdowne Avenue on his way toward Clifton Heights. He pulled over at the Kmart when a woman requested he stop so she could use the bathroom. “That’s when one of the girls called Community Service and told them what was going on.”

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael J. Chitwood said his department got a call about a community service van with a drunk driver in the vicinity of Parkview Avenue and State Road at 1:45 p.m. but the van was never located.

“That was my call,” Omlor said. “I told them, ‘If you find him, test him. If he’s drunk, lock him up and I’ll come get my van.’”

With his seven passengers onboard again, Robinson exited the Kmart lot and headed back toward Upper Darby, again making use of the entire roadway.

“At that point,” the crew member recalled, “one girl started saying, ‘Please stop, please stop. I want to get out.’”

The three women and one man jumped out of the van at Lansdowne and Baltimore with Robinson hardly noticing. Two more passengers got out on Providence Road in the Secane section of Upper Darby after Robinson took them on a wild ride through Aldan. By the time he crashed in Chester, Robinson was down to one passenger.

“I have no idea what brought this on,” Omlor said. “It was purely out of the wild and I was as stunned as anyone.”

The mother of one woman on the crew — a Villanova student arrested for registering a blood-alcohol level of .03 while traveling as a passenger in her friend’s car in the week leading up to her 21st birthday — was furious when she learned of her daughter’s ordeal.

“She was really nervous about (community service) and I tried to reassure her, saying ‘You’re in good hands. You’ll be fine.’ Then I find out she could have been killed.”

The crew member said riding with Robinson was the most persuasive anti-DUI message he had ever seen.

“The first call I made when I got out was to community service and the second call was to my lawyer,” he said. “It’s pretty ironic. I was there for DUI and I know at least two others who were, too. That guy taught everyone in that van a lesson.”

Chester police did not have any information on injuries to Robinson, his passenger or the driver of the Mercedes.

When are the elections again?

Wild Bill And The Date Rape Caper

date rape

I just watched “Dateline” on NBC with “Wild bill” Stanton. He had a segment about what men would do if they saw another man slip a “date rape” drug into a woman’s drink while they went to the bathroom. Amazingly, not ONE man intervened! In fact, several were gung ho in knowing what they think had happened and one even had the balls to walk down the beach under the boardwalk for “sloppy seconds”!

I have one question for these losers. What if it was your Mother or Sister or Wife or Girlfriend? Would you react differently? Would you try to stop the predator? You see, twice in my life I had to deal with predators of this caliber. The first time in 1980, involved a former GF who was raped by some heathen. I would and still would to this day kill him in a slow painful way if I had the chance, Yes, I am that kind of guy. The second, in 1988, involved my wife at the former”Divine’s” in Upper Darby. She was slipped a “Mickey” by some spic with pock marks right in front of me, only 15 feet away with Joe Stefferi, a local entertainer and musician.

They tried (the scumbag and his three friends, one a woman no lie) to pull her out the side door. Only by chance, Joe (Who knew my wife) stopped playing the piano and yelled to me. The scumbags left her and ran out the door to a waiting car. Paul Schneider, a former homicide detective and CID operative, also came to her aide. Paul and both of us are friends, and he couldn’t believe what had transpired right in front of him.

Back to “Dateline”… In all of the stories, only one girl didn’t let Wild Bill in the door. My advise? Don’t trust ANYONE. you’ll sleep better at night. And, if you live in Upper Darby, especially Stonehurst, beware.. There are sick fucks roaming the streets at night.