Run Away? Don’t move to Iowa

I caught this story after reading another blog. Five years is mandatory incarceration in Iowa for punching someone? Christ, what happens to the real baddies, like drug dealers and murderers? Automatic life in prison? Nah.. They get a slap on the wrist. Michael Mette, a Chicago cop was defending himself as far as I’m concerned when he was attacked by a college kid with political family ties. If the kid was some loser Mette would never have set foot in a cell. So here we have a police officer on the verge of doing five long years in jail, lose his job of course, all because some female judge named Monica Ackley decides that he should have run away. Another thing that gets my goat is that the so called victim , who admitted striking Mette first, received no jail time at all!

What is going on with these Judges and prosecutors? I would have demanded a trial by jury, maybe the people in Iowa aren’t as stupid as their Judges when it comes to common sense. Better yet, maybe my beloved leader George W. Bush could perhaps pardon him, on the grounds that it would really be a just pardon, unlike the one he gave his buddy Scooter.


2 thoughts on “Run Away? Don’t move to Iowa

  1. You are so right, if all the people in Dubuque felt the way you do this injustice to a good clean cut Police Officer would never have occured. It’s time to get more Iowans on board and petition the governer to point out this travesty of justice. I bet the Department of Justice would find some dirty laundry if they started digging below the surface case. Maybe a judge or prosecuter would need to hire an attorney. Motion to fix? You think?????

  2. Judge Monica, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING”? This kid is obviously troubled, he has a terrible history with alchol. He has proven himself to be an aggressive bully. He confronted a young police officer with absolutely no negative history, and you find the police officer guilty, are you retarded!?

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