Mike Chitwood Versus the Second Amendment

In yesterdays Daily Times, I read about a lawsuit filed from C.Scott Shields in behalf of a Mary Welsch of the Drexel Hill section of Upper Darby.

Mike, give the woman back her guns. She owns them, not you, not anyone else. There is a thing called the Second Amendment, that also allows YOU to carry a firearm.


15 thoughts on “Mike Chitwood Versus the Second Amendment

  1. I guess we shouldve let the guy on State Road keep all his guns, cannons and IEDs…..What do you think? There is a reason when guns are seized not just what you read in the paper. Shields is just trying to make a name for himself.

  2. Mike Chitwood has repeadely announced in various cases that “there not getting thier guns back”. And remember the woman who owned the dollar store? He called her a vigilante or something to that effect, when she was INNOCENT?Sure thing.

  3. Michael Chitwwod violates the very laws he is suppose to up hold,at times . He also violates the basic social skills we are trying to develop in our children.Respect.He lacks respect for himself by failing to know the facts before he speaks in vulgarities for all the world to see.It is amazing to watch a man who pleads to be one of integrity,and character, and he can find no other word,but scumbag to represent himself and his men and to represent our soldiers in Iraq. He supposedly was raised better then that………….maybe he lacks the ability to work under pressure and still keep his integrity.I know there are people arond the world as far as IRAQ,saying to their children, Honey Mr.Chittwood May be the police chief, but please do not copy him and I do not care if its free don’t ever bring a shirt into my house thst says scumbag”.

  4. All the anti gun nut liberals seem to infest this blog on Sunday nights. Chitwood is doing a fine job of ridding UD of scumbags and maybe he should include LIBERALS like you!!!! How dare you insult the troops!

  5. Hey Anonymous–unless you know all of the facts why comment at all? You are comparing two different situations, and I’d like to know how much YOU know about either one? Nothing? Thought so!

  6. Miss Mary I know a little more than you know so mind you’re own business. Investigations take time. Each case was different but the gun seizure was warranted in both. Why dont you try going to the police academy. Then you can become a real cop not the one you pretend to be. You know absolutely nothing about police work so stop commenting on it.

  7. I’ll be nice in this reply to “Chitwood’s Right Hand Man” concerning “Miss Mary”.She’s Mary Welsch from Drexel Hill, you know the one who this blog post is about? So, why tell her to mind her own business? Great detective work son.

  8. Mike Chitwood is nothing but a phony, and a showman. Basically, he’s a snake oil salesman. Furthermore, he is drawing a 160k salary from those suckers in Upper Darby, without making any real progress in cleaning that cesspool up. But, that’s a cop’s job: bamboozle people into thinking those people need him; when –in reality– he or she is just sucking money out of them. 160k a year and he doesn’t seem to know how to procure dental care. Have you ever looked at his chicklets? You wouldn’t want to get bit good by Chitwood. A true foul mouth.

  9. All i can say is he is a man soon going out to pasture and hides behind whatever law he seems fit to protray the incident.I have had the privlidge of being under his command but you all must realise he has bosses too.All i can say is that as any Law Enforcement Officer whether a patrol Officer or rank its sad for Upper Darbys' chief to fall to this internal strongarm.Enough said i have writtin enough. Good luck Sir.

  10. Yeah, because police work is really tough…it must take a real man to have a gun when the other party doesn't and act like a big man. Just like our retard military.

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