Creeps Too Close For Comfort

Marshal Guns Down Suspect
Victim, who was wanted for violating supervised release, reportedly pulled a gun before being shot.

By Rose Quinn

Delaware County District Attorney G. Michael Green, left, and John Patrignani, acting chief deputy of the U.S. Marshal’s Service in Philadelphia, answer questions after Friday’s shooting.

CLIFTON HEIGHTS — A member of the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force shot and killed a man who pulled a gun from his waistband during a confrontation Friday, authorities said.

The official cause and manner of the death of Joseph Mitchell, 24, was under investigation by the Delaware County Medical Examiner’s Office, while the Delaware County District Attorney’s Special Prosecution Unit was investigating the circumstances of the shooting, namely justification of use of lethal force.

Read full story here..

So this happened a few blocks from our home and really close to Clifton Field, where children were surely playing as they had the day off. More and more it seems that thugs just have to carry sidearms (actually stuffed down their waistbands)in order to what, act cool? I’m sure someone will come forth and say that the guy was shot dead in cold blood, that he didn’t have a gun and that the cops planted one on him.

The rise in crime and criminals carrying guns only makes me worry more about my Mother who is trapped in Stonehurst. That former decent place to live is now a war zone, with blatant drug deals going on. Don’t believe me? Go park at the 7 -11 on Guliford Rd on any given evening, and bring your camera.

I guess I’ll have to lend my Mom my Ithaca 37. Or move in.


3 thoughts on “Creeps Too Close For Comfort

  1. “According to online records, Mitchell had an extensive juvenile criminal history”On less POS on the streets if you ask me. Seems he contributed absolutely nothing to society, for those keeping score, FEDS 1 POS 0.

  2. Agreed.. Soceity is rampant in crime, no , simple evilness, that the only way to stop it is to throw out and even bring charges against liberal judges who allow these cretins to walk.Remember Aimee Willard? Officer Dennis McNamara? Both would be alive today if these asshole judges would have resisted the evil fact that they were more worried to appease the liberal community that lobbyied for them to give them their appointment than putting convicted murders, etc behind bars for life.

  3. its pretty sad that people try to judge others with little or no information to help support their assumptions. as a friend of joey's for years i can truly say that joey wouldn't have ever done anything so wreckless. not saying that he would never carry a gun jus that he wouldn't pull it on an officer knowing he has kids to care for. the reality of the situation remains that police officers are too quick to shoot when an african american appears to be armed. check da stats. i'm certain that more african americans have died this way than caucasians. they adopt the mentality shoot first, think later. did it ever cross ur mind that maybe the officer was too quick to shoot. as far as his juvenile record, people make mistakes in their life and learn from them. judge mathis is a perfect example of that. it seems as tho someone is trying to justify killing him

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