Did You Get It?

Google’s cache did, that’s all I needed.


It’s Been Awhile

Yes it has been awhile since I posted here on the blog. Mainly because of going thru the winter with about half the work as an electrician, the other was I kind of lost interest in the web site, until today.You see, our web provider, IPOWER, shut the web site down this morning all because of an application called Joombla. I purchaced it last year for $12.95. I installed it but couldn’t get the templates to work. So I deleted it.

Seems that IPOWER hadan automatic yearly subscription fee, and the card I used then is expired. No warning, just shut down the site. Well now after spending over an hour with some guy living in India for over an hour, I am going to re vasmp the web site.


My Head Explodes

A National Disgrace… This is what liberalism (communism) Produces

This quote taken from the congressional record 1963 regarding the goals of the communist party…… Goal # 22 states the following:

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

AND # 30

30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

1963 congressional record predicted this


And the libs say Communism is dead…
it is not dead… it went underground where it belongs… in the shadows!!!
If you shine light on it… it recoils like a serpent…. if they are capable they will call you a name… label you… try to discredit you…..or it could just delete your post…. like Mr. Mrs BAD would!!!

But they could never tell you you are WRONG in your observations

Every now and then
communism reveals it’s ugly head. Evidence like this… shows the pinkos are alive and well…. and moving right along with their plans.

What friggin excuse can you give to this??? Who/what friggin “artist” could conceive of such a project..
I will tell you.. a public school student.. probably from a guilt ridden family… probably the 60’s generation… new wave ” love ” generation… divorced parents.. ectect…. ect..
No structure

Who funded this project??? Me & you!! thru Gov control ed National Endowment of the arts…. Or as I like to say …. “Ministry of Art”

I guess this “portrait” will be displayed in some cross dressing diversity class.

The average government controlled school child will figure that cross dressing was en vogue back with the Founding fathers… They do not learn history anyway…. unless Martin Luther King is involved.

Yeah the commies got us here… what are you going to do about it???

For those who do not know me… the strength of our nation is built on the foundation of our NUCLEAR families. A Mom & a Dad. ……….. till death do we part!!!

Thank You!!!


ps. here is the link to the NEWS story


If link does not work, just Internet search ” Camp Washington Mural”… under news

John Galt Arrives!!

I have just about had it with “community forum blogs” Where a certain group that lives in a cocoon… control.

I have posted & done battle with these people … of a very liberal mindset. They can ONLY resort to name calling & deleting post.

They claim to be the tolerant… open minded intellectual types… yet challenge them … on their believes… shine a light on what they are truly saying… and el wacko your post gets deleted…

I posted things about communism & the Communist Manifesto… and how similar the beliefs of the modern day PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are to the writings of good ‘ol Karl.

I must take this time to thank Fran Ward for inviting me to his blog. When I was banned in the past from that other forum.. he welcomed me with open arms.

He has invited me to join this blog several times & I had dropped the ball.
Well I am here now… I hope I can be a worthwhile contributor…


again thanks… TD!!!!