COSA In Delaware County – What a Joke!

I have a lot of issues with this so called “Helping the aging of Delaware County”. Number one, in my opinion, they do nothing but ruin family ties, steal the senior citizens assets, and harass and intimidate people who care about their parents/relatives who are elderly and in need.

I will be posting much more on this issue, concerning my Mother, Catherine Ward, currently in Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital with bedsores caused by the inept staff in my opinion. From their website:

The County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA) is the Department of County Government responsible for planning, coordinating and administering programs and services for the County’s population over the age of sixty. COSA’s goal is to enable senior citizens to maintain their independence and dignity, remain in their own homes and communities with appropriate support services, and to deter or prevent unnecessary institutionalization. Special emphasis is placed on serving those who are frail, living alone and are functionally disabled or otherwise in social or economical need.

Well Mom needs to be put in a home! And, when you “As in Fitz Hospital and your agents” send her back home, and she winds up blowing up the block via her not turning on the stove all the way, I’ll see you all in a court of law. you see, i just played my hand. Catherine Ward CANNOT be left alone in her home, but you want to do just that. And it’s all about MONEY, correct?

And where are those “State Reps ” Micozzie and Civera that several people tried to contact about my families situation? Remember November is fast approaching, and YOU are not representing me, my Mother, nor anyone concerned.My sister, Myself and most importantly, my MOTHER needs 24/7 care, care that I cannot give her, nor our family.

Do the right thing, contact me and tell me that this matter will be resolved.. 

P.S. Matt? Your teetering on having a private civil complaint lodged against you concerning me.


8 thoughts on “COSA In Delaware County – What a Joke!

  1. I feel your frustration.My family lost everything to a fire that was no fault of ours. There was no TV cameras so politicans were nowhere to be found. They didnt care for our tears. Civera, Micozzie couldnt care less nor did a list of others.The problem is we work and pay taxes therfore we are not needed. We relocated to Montgomery County and the story is the same. Politicians only care at election time. They need your vote so they can keep their plush jobs. If you want real help…change your name, stop working and get welfare

  2. Like I said earlier, Cosa and or the hospital wants to just ship her home. I have to work and my sister is stressed out to the point of a nervous breakdown. Some in the Hospital deem my Mother competent.Competent enough to not bathe in weeks, to flip out if you try to run a vacuum, or cook on her stove, or use her washer.I'm out of options here. Even the police said to my wife that Mom cannot be left alone.

  3. I thought I was doing the kindest thing for my Mother to allow COSA to oversee her medical care and place her is skilled nursing.But they have sold her home for far less than it was worth to an apparent insider friend of a friend.They promised to store or bring her valuable belongings or hers. Instead they cleared out the entire house.They overlooked the $$$ she had. Such as signed Beatles records. Instead it all got tossed Additionally, she was left a trust fund and has SSDI. When I move away from Pennsylvania, I plan to investigate where all her money is going.Leaving Delco and PA. More corrupt than NJ!

  4. Franny, I know exactly what you are going through. My family and I have been dealing with COSA for my grandmother. She is suffering from severe dementia and has even tried to commit suicide.We tried to have her committed, but COSA said no. We tried getting her into a nursing home, and again COSA said no. They said if she is competent(?!) and cannot be forced to receive care. What a crock…Good luck. And yes, vote Micozzie (and every other out-of-touch politician) out!

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