Tina Fey Cracks Me Up


You got to hand it to her, the resemblance to Gov.Sarah Palin is remarkable. Tina a.k.a Elizabeth grew up in Upper Darby, in the Cardington section (right across the A.A. field from my house in Stonehurst), and went to the Cardington Elementry School, then B.H.J.H.S., then Upper Darby High School. I always wanted to ask her these questions:

Tina, did you ever hang out at “Mediterranean Pizza” on Marshall and 69th St?
Go bowling at Gehris Lanes on Market St?
The Bolero to shoot pool?
Go to the Tower Theatre on Ludlow?
Go to the “M&M Market” or the “10th Inning”?
Attend “Tot Lot”?

Seriously, What I really want to ask you is how you felt about growing up in Cardington, and how did you get that scar. Was it down at Cobbs Creek at the Ice & Coal plant? The See Saw at 69th st? The Bolero? Wawa? My buddy say’s he heard it was from a dog near the firehouse. To tell you the truth I really do not care how you got it, I have many of my own..

Great job doing the parodies, you crack me up in this crazy world!


13 thoughts on “Tina Fey Cracks Me Up

  1. Franny Tina did not hang out at any of those palces. she was part of the threater crowd in school which would be a afraid to go near the place we hung out at.

  2. Where did you hang out at? Do I know you? I remember going to the St.Demetrios fair on Powell lane for years and having fun with my children eating gyros and cotton candy. In fact, Me and my buddy Pete and Spiro Voutsinas watched the MOVE fire on the roof of the social hall!So. Tell me who you are.

  3. Franny,yes you do know me it’s Dawn and you know where I was hanging out back in the day. I remember the Voutsinas althought I knew Tommy better then his brothers.The move fire that was a crazy day I watched it from my house and sitting in the yard. Then i was driving out to west chester and you could see it all the way from west town.Tina Fey is so funny and I love her Sarah Palin. I know people who remember her from school and she would not have been shooting pool at the bolero or going to the 10th Inning. Maybe tot lot and things like that.

  4. Could be but I was Mario and Ginos girl myself was not a big fan of the med. I still sometime get the husband to go down and get a large sausage from Mario and Ginos but I think it’s just Mario now.Now am hungy for pizza.dawn

  5. Franny:This has nothing to do with your current post, but I wondered if you heard about this:Lemuel Payne has been arrested:Bail set at $750,000 for suspect in fatal August hit and run in DelcoRoxanne

  6. Yes I did Roxanne and it’s about time.. What I read though the most time he can server if he’s convicted is under 3 years. I find this quote interesting from your link to the Philly.com article.”Payne has a history of driving under the influence. He turned himself in to investigators today.”So, without witnesses, no one but Payne can say if he was drunk at the time. Seems that he has no remorse at all, I know he killed her, he knows it also. But under the law he is innocent until proven guilty.I had posted eariler about him, asking him to fess up and be a man. Karma Rox, Karma will always get you.

  7. I love keeping up on Delaware County with your blog and I’m sure I am a generation ahead of you. I grew up on Church Lane (later moving to Clifton Heights)across from Cobbs Creek Park and I remember the real Ice House. My Grandmother was on Atlantic Ave near the Fernwood cemetary, which sounds like it is near you. What I was wondering was if any one can tell me what happened to my old school, Cardington Stonehurst Elementary School.

  8. hey jacki, cardington stonehurst elementary was torn down years ago, it’s just a field now. it’s a shame, it was a great school. and a great neighborhood. but times change, unfortunately.

  9. remember the balcony on 69th street? the 69th street AA, with summer softball-A,B, and C leagues? the arrow restaurant? the movie theaters in barclay square and at the 69th st terminal? the penn fruit supermarket?

  10. When Tina Fey went to Beverly Hills it was a middle school. The junior high name was droped. We were a part of the last class to graduate from Cardinton Elementary School in 1980. Cardington was a great school!

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