Getting Away With Murder

I cannot believe that after 50 plus days Lemuel Payne is not behind bars charged with the hit and run death of Faith Sinclair. it was Payne’s car that struck her, and DNA taken from it will prove that. The car was found hidden in an Upper Darby garage if my memory is correct. How can someone hide behind a lawyer? Is this guy rich or does he have some dirt on some people? If it were you or me we would be incarcerated in the county prison.

“No one has talked with Lemuel Payne, not from our end,” said Tinsley. “We know he’s in the area still. Authorities haven’t had contact with him yet.”

No contact? He owns the car, correct? It was hidden with a tarp over it, correct? I wonder if Faith was some ultra rich important daughter of some really well to do family the wheels of justice would be turning much faster, and Payne would be on trial already.

No, Faith Sinclair was just an average young woman, visiting some friends and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To Lemuel? Fess up you coward. I know you did it, you know you did it. The whole county knows you did it. But if you didn’t? Why hide? Did you ever hear of Karma?

P.s. To the passenger in the car? Spill your guts to the police, collect the 10k reward, and donate it to your defense fund for aiding and abetting a coward

6 thoughts on “Getting Away With Murder

  1. It is sad that he is still walking free.I agree with you Franny. The passenger needs to come forward. The DA wants to hear from you. You roll on Lemuel and you’ll walk free. As for the 10K reward it should automatically get donated to the scholarship fund set up at Ridley High School.That’s just my opinion…..~Gina

  2. It’s all about the passenger now. If this person chooses to remain silent then the coward will remain free. I see a grand jury in this job’s future. The coward will get his one way or another.

  3. What gets my goat is that he did basicially the same thing as Paul Patchel did several years ago. Killed two women on route 1 from North Carolina, then ditched the car and removed the plates in Delaware if my memory serves me.18 months I believe Patchel got. Rob a bank? FIVE YEARS. Amazing.

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