Why I’m a Republician

I oppose tyranny. I am for a free Republic. I am first generation Irish in America. My allegiance is to America and only to America. Any questions?


3 thoughts on “Why I’m a Republician

  1. Hey!…guess what…I’m a veteran; I love the 2nd Amendment(not to mention the other nine), and I’m not voting to continue imposing “tyranny” on a country “we” chose to invade because “they tried to kill my dad.” Stop ruining my FREE country with extremism – in EITHER direction.

  2. In response to abismo02’s comment:I can think of a lot of extremists who would love to ruin my free country. Thousands of enraged, bloodthirsty, seething extremist muslims who hate my free country, desire to kill every last one of us, and will not rest as long as we still exist.It’s a good thing that our brave soldiers are keeping some of them at bay over in Iraq.

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