What Excuse Will This Bastard Give?

Investigation continues as hit-and-run victim buried
By: Cindy Scharr, cscharr@delcotimes.com 08/08/2008

As the family and friends of 16-year-old hit-and-run victim Faith Margaret Sinclair said their final goodbyes Friday, investigators waited to hear from the owner of the damaged Mercedes-Benz found inside an Upper Darby garage. What they heard was silence. “We’ve not heard a thing today,” said Sharon Hill Police Chief Robert Tinsley. “I’d love to have him come in with his attorney and talk.”

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So Mr. Payne, a scumbag who has prior arrests for drunk driving and citations for reckless driving, What’s your excuse going to be? Did someone else drive your car? Or here’s one: “I thought it was a deer that I struck!!!” Your pathetic guilt only causes me and thousands of others who are following this story want to run you over. How would that feel Mr. Payne?

I cannot believe that you’re not in jail right now! I don’t need to post “Alleged driver” like the newspaper need to do. You can sue me you scumbag. You won’t get a dime. How can you sleep at night? Do the right thing. CONFESS! You know you did it! Suck it up and turn yourself in!

P.s. I know where you live you bastard and so do a lot of others!

Be Careful What You Search For

I am just sitting here checking out our referrer logs and came across this a few minutes ago.

AXS Visitor Tracking System
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Each hit below is listed in the order it was counted, with the most recent hits
listed first.

A visitor from ool-457291ed.dyn.optonline.net (
arrived from http://www.google.com where are hot spots in Delaware County Pennsylvania to buy illegal drugs 1-10,
and visited http://www.totallydelco.com/052605.shtml
at 11:11:27 AM on Friday, August 8, 2008.
This visitor used Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1).

Now just what idiot would actually go online and do a search on where to obtain illegal drugs? Especially when it pertains to Delaware County? Further analysis of the ip address told me that:

They use PC Anywhere-
They use a Netopia DSL Router-
They use Analog X (As do I)-
Their ports 23,1723, and 5631 are wide open-

Now I now next to nothing about hacking into a computer, or computer system, but it seems to me that the person who did the search isn’t at a private residence, but a place of employment, being that a Cisco switch is involved. Anyhow, I find it baffling that anyone would google the aforementioned search. Maybe I should get a government job and do this all the time?


P.S. Optionline customers can obtain a firewall here.