Shady Scenes in Clifton Heights?

I am quite curious about this so called “Clifton Heights Economic Corp” after reading the below Daily Times piece.

Questions surround grant in Clifton Heights
By: Dawn Mitchell, Times Correspondent

CLIFTON HEIGHTS – Residents and some council members questioned the transfer of $825,000 in grant money to the Clifton Heights Economic Corp., a nonprofit entity that council has no control over, at a recent council meeting. “I don’t know how we authorized this corporation when we never got papers on this corporation,” said Councilman Mario Alpini. A listing for the corporation at nonprofit compendium could not be found.

Council President Anthony Casadei, answering a question from the audience, revealed state Rep. Nicholas Micozzie, R-163, of Upper Darby, “took care of allowing money to go to the corporation,” but said he did not know who established the corporation or who is in it.

According to a document disclosed at the meeting – which one council member insisted each member of council had received during a caucus meeting the previous Thursday – former council president James Salmon is listed as president of the nonprofit.

Salmon was running for another term on council last year, but was forced to step down for violating the federal Hatch Act because of his employment with the Department of Defense. Under the act, federal employees cannot hold elected office.

Other nonprofit board members include: Clifton Heights Business Association President Rich Angelucci, owner of Full Cycle Ink Jet; Vice President Joe Lombardo, owner of M.F. Williams Funeral Home; and Financial Secretary Russ Jirik, owner of Family Matters Adult Day Care, according to that document.

Also on the Clifton Heights Economic Corp. board is retired Clifton Heights police chief Ronald Berry, whose wife, Betsy, is a Clifton Heights council member. He is currently deputy director of the county Juvenile Detention Center in Lima.

Angelucci and Jirik each made contributions totaling $300 to Micozzie in 2005 and 2006, while Lombardo has contributed at least $850 to Micozzie and $2,500 to the Delaware County Republican Finance Committee between 2002 and 2006, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State. “Ron and Betsy Berry” have also contributed at least $795 to Micozzie since 2000, according to state records.

In late June, council voted 5-3 to return $300,000 and $525,000 in grants issued last spring by the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development. Alpini and fellow council members Robert Penjuke and Harris Resnick opposed the motion. But minutes at the meeting show council instead voted to redirect the funds to the private entity, which was formed June 16. Some council members now allege minutes were interpreted wrong, altered or even deleted.

The grants were to facilitate the purchase of the adjacent Mac and Sam property and to redevelop borough hall. They were not set to expire until 2010 and 2011, respectively.
According to Casadei, criteria specified in the grants were problematic and would have cost taxpayers $7 million to $8 million.

Penjuke disagreed in a phone interview Thursday, saying the plan was to purchase property in stages, as money became available. He had anticipated having a community center.
“We were originally told it wouldn’t cost the borough anything for the revitalization project,” said Penjuke. “Micozzie didn’t think we had a good enough plan … that we were not moving fast enough.”

“Personally, I’m not ready to give up $825,000,” said Alpini, who opposed returning the funds since it was first discussed in May. “It’s too much money and too hard to get to walk away that quickly.” Penjuke also questioned the Clifton Heights Economic Corp.’s handling the borough’s money.

“We have no control over the corporation,” he said. “As council, we’re going to still be held accountable because we started the ball rolling. I just want to improve things in Clifton Heights and build it back up to a cute little town.”

Staff Writer Alex Rose contributed to this report.

©DelcoTimes 2008

So who runs it? Who are the officers? Why the secrecy? And why would our local committee people (including my own) authorize the transferring of funds (grants) to them? I do not know Dawn Mitchell but I do know Alex Rose. I am certain that more of this will unfold before November, when me (as in a resident of Clifton Heights)will get to vote.


50 thoughts on “Shady Scenes in Clifton Heights?

  1. Isn’t it amazing that Rep. Micozzie has such control over the politics in Clifton Heights? We elected a council to represent our needs and they spend more time trying to make sure that Micozzie gets reelected. What is big and white and is the symbol of the GOP? A big white elephant. That is what Mr. Micozzie is proposing for the borough to do with the Mac and Sam property. He wanted the borough to pay $800 thousand plus for the property then give it to a developer to pay for the 8 million plus municipal center he wanted his developer pals to build.Uncle Nick actually wants the borough to RENT its own borough offices when the project is done. How will this help the tax payers of Clifton Heights? It probably won’t. But it appears that it will help the developers and pals and political contributors of Mr. Micozzie. He is treating the grant money (glorified political WAM or walking around money) like his personal slush fund/bank account for his own personal agenda. Why take tax payer money from elected officials and give it to a group of campaign donors that aren’t even a registered nonprofit?I am a lifelong Republican who has NEVER voted for a local candidate for the Democrat party. But I am tired of Micozzie,Bush and his pals taking us for a ride. We need to throw him and those on the town council in Clifton who support all of this nonsense out of office.

  2. I don’t know about the last comment about Nick’s work in Clifton Heights but he has always been there for us. Anyone I know who goes in to get help gets help from him. I know he got his son a job at the county nursing home that he probably shouldn’t have but how can you fault someone for looking out for his family. I think we would all do it.

  3. Anyone who has witnessed the decline of Clifton Heights and also the Town leadership over the last several years would understand the reasons Micozzi requested the money go to a non profit. There is no secrete funds or group and all has been approved and open to the public. For those who may not be aware this money was authorized to be transferred at the recommendation of the Governors own Secretary of DCED. I’m sure if it was fishy the Dems in Harrisburg would not have transferred the money. As far as His son having a job at the county home that’s old news he has been there over 25 years and the last I saw was a licensed nursing home administrator with a lot of responsibility. If your looking for a scandal why not try the trash department and the money spent there, also the hours they keep. Now that’s a story worth exploring. In my book Micozzi is the only person who works for this town, one who knows the real story and inside politics of the town. Anything on this guy Lee running against Him , only thing I saw was he wants to be the first open gay in the Harrisburg whatever that means ! Not sure how that fits in to Clifton working class agenda but who knows .

  4. The first anonymous comment here sounds like a Clifton employee who tried to shake Micozzie and the Clifton Council down and negotiate a sweetheart deal for himself, screwing his union brothers. Hey Fran, you know Nick. There is nothing shady going on. You could walk into his district office on Springfield Road and ask Nick to explain the plans for economic development in Clifton and he would happily lay out the whole thing. What is truly sleazy is this anonymous poster slinging accusations against Nick without naming names or saying who he is! Pal, you really have a tiny set of balls. And where do you get your facts? If you would take your head out of the trash truck every now and then, you would know that this project has the backing of Ken Klothen, a Democrat from the Rendell administration who heads up the grants program at the PA Dept. of Community and Economic Development. The guy used to be a Democrat Councilman from Swartmore, for Crist sakes. Is he the GOP buddy of Nick’s you were referring to? Pal, you should stick to something you’re good at – pick up the can, empty, put it down. You’re probably sloppy even doing that.

  5. I know Nick Micozzie for many years. There isn’t a more dedicate servant in Delaware County. Clifton Heights has beenslowly on a down hill for many years. Nick is trying to do the same thing he done in Lansdowne, Through his direct efforts he was able to provie Harrisbyrg $ 1.4 Million to a partnership which he formed that included the Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation and to renovate the Historic 21 Century Club, and to stabilizethe the histoic Lansdowne Thaeater and purchase the property on Scottdale to create a Gateway to Lansowne.The all Democratic Council, espcially Gene Wayne the President of Lansdowne Council and herhighness the Mayor neverrecognize the great things Nick has done for Lansdowne, In Lansdowne its poltics and more politics.In Clifton Heightsyou have Councilman Alpini and Penkuke who have no vision who hate the political leader Martin. The bickering between them and little Ceasar Phil Fabrizion the town is going down the drain.Nick Micozzie is the only shinning light who from my past experience will get thefob of revitalizing Clifton Heiights. When he saw that he was hitting his head against the wall with a Mayor and Councilwho have no vision or guts to dothe things that were needed, he used his influence in Harrisburg to form the Clifton Heights Community and Economic Dvelopment Corporation wit well know Clifton Heights peronnel like Dominic Longhi, Joe Marinari, Joe Lombardo, Ron Berry, Jim Salmon. Bill DiAntonio.Now little Caesar Fabrizio has joined Lansdowne’s liberal Democratic Party and Nick’s opponent Kevin Lee a self professed Gay persons to try to unseat Nick Micozzie – Good Luck.

  6. I’ll admit I know jack shit when it comes to local politics (Maybe Alex Rose could help me understand more) but I do know that Nick Micozzie has helped me and my family out in the past, and also several other neighbors.As far as Bob Penjuke is concerned, (lives 6 doors down from me), he also helped me out on an issue a few years ago.So tell me something. Who is this challenger to Nick who goes by the name of Kevin Lee? I never heard of him until now.

  7. Comes from Lansdowne a self proclaimed Gay movement spokesperson and was the first elected openenly gay offcial in Delaware County. His claim is He wants to be the first openly Gay Legislature in the Pennsylvania House. I’m not sure how that helps us locally so my vote as usual goes to Micozzie who helps and assist in every way he can here. Micozzie always has these nay Sayers who lack local experience and want His job! They will tell lies, mis interpret facts for there gain while Nick will keep calm and present His record and accomplishments,

  8. Does this happen each election when somneone comes along and trys to discredit Micozzi. Come on give the guy a break, How much slander and name calling can you give a guy. From what I see around Town he is the only guy that lets you know whats going on and gets things done. The only issue that ever upset me was that pay raise , I understand it was all resolved and they all gave it back or did not take it, Heck Im sure if I was offered a nice raise I woudl have taken it also. In the end Micozzi will do fine and thank god for us, I think a new guy will get eatin alive. I was always told Nicks son was the future canadate when Nick leaves.

  9. Are your grandchildren better off than you were 30 years ago?I recently attended a forum were Rep. Micozzie stated that we should not take the education funding increase from the recent budget for granted next year, because the funds would only be available if the economy picked up. Call me crazy, but shouldn’t investing in our children’s education, and thus future, be what is needed in the long term for our economy to pick up?Perhaps this “non-profit” would be so kind to give the money to the Wm. Penn and Upper Darby School Districts?

  10. The only “queer” things I have heard about Kevin Lee is that:1. He believes in honesty in government.2. He would refuse to take the completely free health care that Reps like Micozzie get until every working family had adequate and affordable health care.3. He wants our school districts to be adequately funded so that property taxes will be lowerI would be happy to have someone with such a “gay” agenda to represent me in Hrrisburg.

  11. Whats the letters coming in against Micozzie, seems early for election. Who is this guy and why no mention of Him in the mail I have been sent. Are they afraid of stating his positions and his agenda. Seems like allot of money being spent from outside our area to try and get my vote.

  12. It seems that this Kevin Lee guy from Lansdowne has some people nervous.Do you know that Nick Micozzie was once a Democrat? My friend Mrs. Kenney told me that.Listen. Most of you who know me personally know that I do not like Bush, Cheney, Rove, or the other clowns who managed to hi-jack our country. Ron Paul, a Republican, is my choice as a write in (How do you do that with a touch screen Diebold Voting machine you ask?)Craig Williams? Don’t know jack about him. Nick Micozzie? I need to see him soon about an issue and how he handles it will decide on how I vote. The wife? Registered as a Democrat after the last election, disgusted with the GOP as are many Delconians. Cheers.P.S. I want a public servant who really gives a crap about his or her fellow citizens and this Country, plain and simple.

  13. I just moved to Clifton Heights on Seven Oaks Drive. Is anybody uphauled by the blonde haired woman who lives on Woodbridge and works for the borough…she acts like shes the queen of the town and butts her nose in everybody’s business…I personally witnessed her yelling and screaming profanity at her neighbors while little kids and neighbors looked on during Labor Day weekend. She may have been drunk…who knows what the arguement was about but what ever happened to settling problems like adults. The Cops were involved…she should be ashamed of herself, I dont know why they didnt cite her or throw her butt in jail- people where quietly laughing at her and making fun of her actions after the incident. Apparantly, she’s very forceful and speaks down to her neighbors, WOW – who does she think she is. There are plenty of great people that live on Woodbridge Street and Seven Oaks, alot of young couples, classy hard working people, and they keep the area nice..thats what was so appealing to me and my husband then I hear this woman disturbing our afternoon cocktail. I was unaware of this woman until her neighbors delightfully filled me in. Its disgusting that she works for the town and acts that way. She’ll never get any further than what she is now…a pencil pusher. What a waste of Carbon Output. She better not act that way again in front of my kids…it’ll be the end of that dictatorship.

  14. I think the word your looking for is “appalled”. Regardless, As a resident of Crestwood Drive, I believe I know the person your are talking about.She lives directly behind us. We have never had any problem with her and she was quite helpful warning us of a convicted pedophile who lives nearby. When we had a big snowstorm a few years ago, she was out helping to dig out our back alley. I try not to judge people to harshly, and am sorry that she pushed your buttons.Seven Oaks Drive is the best street to live in the borough, having those back yards and decks.I wish we had moved there. I walk my Chihuahua down your alley (yes I bring a plastic bag to pick up his crap lol,) and find that people here are for the most part friendly and cordial.Cheers neighbor.

  15. lawhawk being from New Jersey, you must be a Kevin Lee friend ! Grand Jury is very very busy now investigating Rep. Deweese and the $$$$ they shook down providing staffers for State Represenative dem. hopefuls like Marie De Young , Brian Lentz etc. They are really looking into Delco dem races from last year.Seems like Kevin is speaking with the Clifton trash men ( Fabirizio)who couldn ‘t shake down Micozzie to pressure Clifton Council for a sweet heart contract. So they make issues amd lies up to whoever will listen. Suprised a blogger like you fell for it !

  16. I thought that tele marketers can not call you without your permission if you register with no call. I Received a survey regarding Micozzie and His work in Clifton on Monday, seems the caller from New York was amazed at how well Nick Micozzie is known and His support in the area.Indicated He has nothing to worry about against a unknown like Kevin Lee. I was somewhat surprised He would share that information with me, I was under the impression it was a democratic poll from the questions being asked. Just curious if anyone else received a call and what your thoughts were.I was supportive of Micozzie frankly he is all I know, Who is this Kevin Lee guy anyway ?

  17. I got that same call too. I also didn’t think Micozzie had anything to worry about with this guy. Who knows anything about him anyway. Micozzie should be worried about the things the woman was asking me though. Stuff about him being a career politician and him behaving unethically with campaign money from businesses etc. I hope that stuff isn’t true. Nick is old but a nice guy. I have to check out more about this other guy.

  18. Iare su received same call, stuff like Micozzie used campaign money on expense , to old, Merlino, DeYOung and Hummell all tried d same underhand tactic. The voters of the 163 rd will read thorough any bull Kevin Lee has to throw out…. In the end Micozzie wins hands down, Some day the deems will find out true dedication, experience etc come close to Miscopied on any front. The 163 rd will also not tolerate a single issue candidate that wears a gay agenda for same sex marriage, couple benefits for live in same sex etc, check the polls and you will see no support for any of the issues relating to Gays pported in this district .

  19. That Lee fag guy was out picking up trash in Clifton Heights today with the rest of the DUI public service losers. Someone needs to get Nick to find out more about his criminal record and if He even can run for office.

  20. Mr Lee was picking up trash in Clifton Heights on Saturday. He was with the rest of the Lansdowne Democrats who pick up trash along a two mile stretch of Baltimore Pike four times a year under the state program of “Adopt A Highway”. We’ve been doing it for almost 10 years now. From Church Lane in Clifton Heights to Union Ave in Lansdowne. I guess you missed our blue recognition sign on Baltimore Pike. But since you are so community focused, feel free to join us the next time. And just so you can be correctly informed, the people doing their DUI public service only do it on state highways such as 476 NOT local roads.

  21. Seems much staged to have Kevin pick up trash just before election. Did you get his picture for his news release? Real shame that the regular trash guys in Clifton cannot take pride and keep the streets clean, heck they drink coffee till 8:30 get done by noon get a full day pay, benefits etc. They could take the whole afternoon to clean and pick up trash

  22. Perhaps all of you who think that Nick is such a great guy should become a little more informed about your politics. He is a Lion in sheeps clothing, posing as an innocent old man, while pulling the wool over all of your eyes.

  23. For those of you who have so much to say about the Clifton Heights trash department, perhaps you should be thankful for those hardworking guys that are out there for you every day. Let’s not forget that we need people like them, just like we need police, firemen, local politicians, etc… Perhaps you should keep that in mind the next time you decide to make fun of someone’s profession!

  24. No one made fun of anyone I saw just questioned there work ethic and the hours paid vs hours worked. I would love to have a job that pays you eight and you get done at 4-5 and get to go home every day. In my world of private industry that spells Not enough work or to many people , no wonder our trash tax is so high, has anyone every tried to ask a private hauler to do trash pick up. IM sure it has to be cheaper and more efficient.

  25. No one made fun of anyone I saw just questioned there work ethic and the hours paid vs hours worked. I would love to have a job that pays you eight and you get done at 4-5 and get to go home very day. In my world of private industry that spells 1. Not enough work or to many people , no wonder our trash tax is so high, has anyone every tried to ask a private hauler to do trash pick up. IM sure it has to be cheaper and more efficient.

  26. I don’t know if you are the one who typed the comment about sticking to picking up trash cans, etc… but whoever wrote that comment sure sounded like they were making fun of someones profession to me. As far as your questioning their hours, maybe you should get your facts straight about that too. You don’t know all of the details of their job. They have a union there that handles all of those things.

  27. INo one made fun of anyone I saw just questioned there work ethic and the hours paid vs hours worked. I would love to have a job that pays you eight and you get done at 4-5 and get to go home very day. In my world of private industry that spells 1. Not enough work or to many people , no wonder our trash tax is so high, has anyone every tried to ask a private hauler to do trash pick up. IM sure it has to be cheaper and more efficient.

  28. wow, I remember when Phil screwed over the Dems and got buddy buddy with Nick and Ed Martin…he backstabbed and jumped ship then he is doing it again, Dems beware he is only out for himself. Don’t forget what he did then, He got all the trashmen to turn on the Dems, remember Evelyn, Ralph, John? His object was to get them out of his way, get a whole day pay for only partial hours worked, now he wants benefits for life so he can retire and we still pay for his benefits, NO WAY !!!!!!!!

  29. Thank you for reminding me of that, Can’t we ass residenst deand theyc ontract out theb trash when the existing union contrxcat is up. This way we may finally get rid of this weasel who sucks up and plays poor me all the time. Lets start a petition and force the council to a vote !!!

  30. Hey, try spell check it is an amazing tool. That being said you are correct we should stick together and bid out the trash, I cannot believe Clifton heights does not have a rule that there union workers cannot participate in politics or be that vocal to residents about our elected officials and council people. They should watch themselves like the person said earlier wawa every day home by noon an extra trash truck with extra part time men to get done faster and go home. I also heard Fabirizio is after Micozzi because he would not pressure Clifton to accept his sweet heart proposal for lifetime benefits and retire early. He hooks up with the Lansdowne Dems to try and unseat our community leaders. Now he is pushing Kevin Lee who supports the following issues. For our community, schools and children,Liberty City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Democratic ClubOut-front! PAC2008 Primary Election QuestionnaireName Kevin Lee Signature DateCampaign addresses 17 Ardmore Avenue Lansdowne, PA 19050.E-mail Phone/Fax (484)461-2741 home (267)226-6957 cell.Office you are seeking State House of Representatives 163rd District.CommunityWho advises you on LGBT issues?I keep up to date on LGBT issues. I have many contacts in the LGBT community.Do you have or have you had any openly LGBT employees on your campaign staffOr at your place of business?Besides being an openly LGBT candidate myself, I have numerous LGBT members ofmy kitchen cabinet and staff.Do you support the continued and/or expanded funding and support of LGBT community events?such as the various pride events sponsored by organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area?Yes I also support the request of Pride and other organizations to have control of accessto events as long as they are permitted.Civil RightsFor Federal Candidates: Do you support enactment of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act(HR-3685) providing employment protections to gay, lesbian and bisexual but not transgenderemployees, or do you support a more inclusive bill similar to HR 2015 that includes transgenderindividuals in these protections from discrimination? Please explain your answer.I believe it was a mistake to try and pass a bill without protections for those in thetransgendered community. I would rather wait and lobby for an inclusive bill.For Statewide Candidates: Do you support PA-HB-1400 or PA-SB-761 which would amend thePennsylvania Human Relations Act to prohibit discrimination of gay, lesbian and bisexualindividuals in employment, housing and public accommodation based on their sexual orientationor gender identity or gender expression?Yes I have actively lobbied for both bills I authored the Human Relations Commissionordinance for Lansdowne where I serve on the council. Our ordinance has protections based onsexual orientation and gender identity/expression.Do you support the City of Philadelphia ’s actions regarding the Boy Scouts of America Cradle ofLiberty Council’s occupancy of city-owned property, and would you support similar actionstowards other groups or organizations determined to be in violation of the Fair PracticesOrdinanceI do support the City’s actions though I feel it took too long. I do support the similar actionstowards all groups that are in violation of the Fair Practices Ordinance.As progressive political organizations, one of our principles is the support of reproductivefreedom. What is your position on a women’s right to choose? Do you support the continuedenforcement of the Roe v. Wade decision?I support a woman’s right to choose. I have served as a NOW clinic escort in the past. I alsosupport the continued enforcement of the Roe v. Wade decision.Do you support extending the right to marry to same-sex couples?I support the legal recognition of the marriages of same sex couples.If you do not support same-sex marriage would you support extending all the rights andresponsibilities that exist for heterosexual married couples to same-sex couples?Many of the civil rights the LGBT community is pursuing are decided at the state level. WhatLegislation would you introduce to promote the rights of the LGBT community? What other waysWould you work to insure that LGBT Pennsylvanians are treated equally?]I will actively oppose any attempts to change the state constitution to codify discrimination. IWill work with other members of the House to develop a strategy in overturning the DOMA.Anti-ViolenceWhat education, training, policies and procedures would you put in place to assure that?Members of the LGBT community are treated fairly with respect to the law and in aProtective, respectful way during interactions with police officers throughoutPennsylvania (by both local and state police)?I would like to see mandatory training regarding diversity and especially LGBT issues.Would you require reporting of acts of intimidation, aggression or violence which were thoughtTo have been perpetrated based on a person’s perceived or actual sexual orientation or genderIdentity? Specifically, what processes would you put in place to ensure active investigation,prosecution and punishment of such hate related crimes committed against people because oftheir perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity?I would reintroduce a bill to bring back the state’s hate crime statutes.HealthcareHow would you act to assure proper sensitivity training and education for public healthprofessionals, administration and staff as related to treatment of members of the LGBT?I would introduce a bill that requires health care workers who need continuing education forlicensure take HIV/AIDS education and sensitivity courses. As men and women in the LGBTCommunity have unique healthcare needs, I would work with the state’s medical, nursing andHealthcare training programs to develop required curriculum to address those issues.Do you support funding for needle exchange programs?YesWhat public health education programs would you advocate to foster a more complete?Understanding of the unique health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgenderPeople?I would support increased funding for groups like the Mazzoni Center to insure betterhealthcare support for the community.Would you support condom distribution in Pennsylvania ‘s jails, detention centers,correctional facilities or prisons?Yes I would also like to see required training of medical and guard staff at thecorrectional facilities.Would you support a state healthcare plan that offers sex reassignment surgery and othergender identity health coverage to state employees?YesFamilyWould you support a statewide bill that requires companies that obtain state contracts to offerdomestic partnership benefits to their employees?YesLGBT youth are sometimes rejected by their biological families or their foster families because oftheir sexual orientation or gender identity. How would you devise and implement a statewideplan for the child welfare system to address the particular issues and needs of the youth and theirfoster families?There needs to be special training required of state workers. Other municipalities and states havesimilar programs that can be helpful.Do you think LGBT adults should be encouraged to become foster/adoptive parents to children inPennsylvania who need homes?Yes There are thousands of children in need of foster/adoptive services in Pennsylvania .Will you act to offer domestic violence shelter services to gay men?Yes Domestic violence is an all too common occurrence in the LGBT community and needs tobe addressed.Will you act to offer programs in homeless shelters to address the unique needs of transgenderedpeople?YesYouthThe Philadelphia School District has in place Policy 102 which prohibits discrimination againstfaculty and students on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Currently this policy isnot enforced uniformly across the district. What steps would you take to help insure uniformimplementation of Policy 102? What was your response to the uproar regarding including, “GayHistory Month,” on the official School District calendar?There needs to be an investigation as to why Policy 102 is not uniformly enforced. Maybe anactual law instead of a policy would be easier to enforce.Elimination of all special months to keep Gay History Month from being controversial isunconscionable. The perceived problems with Gay History Month is a good reason why it isimportant to have.Do you support reality and community-based school sex education, HIV/AIDS education andprevention programs that are an alternative to abstinence only education? If yes, would it includethe following? (Please check all that apply).A) Birth Control YesB) Safer Sex education YesC) Condom distribution YesD) Different sexual orientations YesE) Gender identity YesWould you introduce legislation to provide statewide financial support of communitycenters such as the Attic or other organizations serving youth?YesStudies show that LGBT students experience more harassment and violence at school thanstraight students. LBGT students are more likely to cut school or drop out because they are afraidfor their safety. How would you propose to address the violence against LGBT youth?Yes There needs to be funding for an antiviolence initiative. The shooting death of agay pupil in class by another student is a sad reminder about the problem of antiLGBTviolence.SeniorsWould you create establishing programs and services to address the unique needs of LGBTSenior Citizens? If so, what type of services do you envision, and how would you propose tofund and implement these services?Yes I would like to work with housing organizations and private developers to look at theseissues. There is money available from HUD and other organizations to look at these issues.Economic DevelopmentWould you support a requirement that all state departments have specific recruitment plans formembers of the LGBT community?YesHow would you work to assure that LGBT owned and operated businesses receive equalopportunities in business development, lending practices or government grants for economicrevitalization?The state needs to actively recruit diverse business owners. LGBT owners should be courted justlike other minority groups.Do you support state departments and quasi-agencies including the LGBT community in theirdiversity hiring plans including media advertising and job fairs within the community?YesPlease return by Friday February 22nd via e-mail to matt@libertycity.orgOr via mail to:Liberty City Lesbian and Gay Democratic ClubC/o Matthew Woodcock2121 St. Albans StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19102

  31. finally, someone else speaks the truth about Fabrizio. It’s about time. He is really backstabbing the Clifton Hts. Dems. He has hooked up with Hummel and DeYoung to take over Clifton. What are his motives? All this bad mouthing of Nick after all he’s done for him? He wants to retire and retain his benefits ,for life, at the taxpayers of Clifton hts. expense. All he cares about is Phil Fabrizio, and what can he get out of this. He’s done it before. History is repeating itself. Nick is the man for the job. It’s backfiring Fabrizio, More people than ever are supporting Nick since hearing you trash talk him.

  32. Well I see fabirizio and his bloggers have not responded in a few days. Gues the truth slows down attacks on Micozzie. Trash will eb a hot topic in coming year and contract vendors will be called iin to show how much more Clifton pays and waste on trash collection. Don’t worry Phil they usally hire the work force when they take over. Get ready for some real work and full days picking up in Clifton and then going on a afternoon route. See if Lansdowne Dems or Kevin Lee cares then !!!

  33. Did not see Kevin Lee today in the big parade in Westbrook Park and Clifton. Did see Sestak marchingWas impressed until I saw his people politicking as when was walking. I heard from the Fire Fighters they were upset as to disrespect there request not to be political during a parade to honor our fireman.They said that during the night the parade route was littered with Sestak signs along the parade route.How desperate can he be? I saw the Micozzie’s in the parade no signs, no big deal just walking along waving hi. I guess when you are as popular and known as they are you do not need a sign.Did not see Kevin Lee today in the big parade in Westbrook Park and Clifton. Did see Sestak marchingHave not seen or heard from Fabirizio recently on here seems he ducts when the issue focuses on Him. I hope he knows he is the new popular topic in upcoming year after Micozzi wins big!!!

  34. Clifton Heights is slowly but surely deteriorating. Just take a look at the boarded up stores on Baltimore Pike.The residents of Clifton Heights should be thank full that they have a State Rep. with enough influence in Harisburg and with Governor Rendell and his leadership to be able to recently provide approximately $1,000,000to their Borough to try to bring new business to the Borough by revitalizing Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road. Because of the inactivity of the Mayor and Council the funds were transferred by the Pa. Department of Community and Economic Development in Harrisburg to the newly formed non-profit Corporation. Through Rep. Micozzie’s intervention the $1,000,000 was transferred to the Clifton Heights Community and Economic Development Corp. to revitalize Clifton – instead of being returned to Harrisburg to be distributed to another Borough and/or Township in the state.Ask the Pa. Department of Community Economic Development in Harrisburg, the Delaware County Planning Department in Media, The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission what they think of Nick Micozzie’s proposals and plans.Ask the McCormack and Taylor Planning and Engineering Firm about what is being proposed and planned for Baltimore Pike and Springfield Road.If those of you who live in Clifton Heights who use this blog to criticize the efforts of Nick Micozzie about issues you know nothing about should get off your dead butts and become involved and find out the facts about just what is being done by the Clifton Heights Business Association, The Clifton Heights Steering Committee and the Clifton Heihgts Community and Economic Development Corporation, All three working closely with Rep. Micozzie to turn Clifton Heights around.Speaking about frustrated little Caesar Phil Fabrizio and his trash cronies, he should be investigated by the Pa. Ethics Commission for his political activities while picking up trash. A violation of the Pa. Ethics Law and if convicted, a fine of at least of $1,000 and maybe his job.The violation stems around the activities him and the trash crew while picking up trash during the last election, they wore Jersey with derogative remarks and political innuendos about Nick. Also, the Mayor and Council should demonstrate some intestinal fortitude and fire Mr. Fabrizio. They are all aware that there is just cause to do just that.

  35. I have known Phil Fabrizio for many years both as a neighbor and a friend. From what I can see, he is both a family man and a dedicated borough employee. The only thing he is guilty of is expecting his employer to take care of him in retirement after over 30 years of service to his community. I think that you or I and anyone I know would expect the same out of their employer. Now because he (GOD FORBID!!!) went against the grain a little by speaking out against the crooked politics in this town, he is pegged as a villian, with his name plastered all over town. To me it just sounds like Micozzi and his other old ass cronies are just afraid that the truth about their crooked dealings will come out and they have used Fabrizio as their scapegoat!

  36. If you want the facts ask Mr Fabirizio your neighbor to request a certified copy of the proposals and demands by the trash employees. Once you see this then you can slander Micozzie who tried to help Fabiriazio but refused to when the costs and demands were explained and that Council never would agree to such costly demands. Finally ask Mr Fabirizio what he has ever done that His name is out front, He usually gets someone Celeste to go forward and stays back so he gets no blame.The DE ms will tire of Him and also the residents will be seeking contracted service when the current council cannot afford there contract or there demands of next contract become public. Can you say work full day,

  37. What has he ever done that his name is out front?????? Are you seriously kidding me???? I guess you must have missed the slandering mail that went out last year sent to every home in Clifton Heights by none other than Nick and his cronies. Again they had to be running scared to send out such garbage literature about someone who was not even running for any office!! Pathetic is all I can say.

  38. I am not so sure Nick is going to have such an easy time this year. Obama is going to roll over Delaware County. Nick has had some bad press recently with some of his activity. He also is looking his age and is having some trouble speaking. And what’s wrong with his eye? I feel bad for him. The Daily Times endorsed Lee yesterday. That blew me away. When was the last time the paper endorsed a Democrat? I have never voted for the Democrat Party before against Nick but this Lee guy looks pretty good. I think Nick has a lot to be proud of. He should go out with his head held high.

  39. Nick is in shape and is ready to lead as usual. Lee will make the foolish tactic and go very negative in final days and show all how desperate He is. This is where Micozzie supporters energize and bring Nick home in a huge way.

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