Clifton Heights Cooler Caper

Last night someone had the nerve (to put it lightly) to come up on our patio and proceed to steal our cooler that was full of Bud Light Lime and Pepsi. I had just gone to bed a few minutes earlier and my wife and her girlfriend were in the house with the front door wide open. This “Scumbag” did realize that I installed infrared security cameras and tried to hide his face after he spotted it. Our neighbor across the street on the Upper Darby side of Clifton had beer stolen out of his cooler the night before, as did we. To the crook, I have a good feeling of who you are. I want my cooler back plus a full case of Bud Light Lime, a 12 pack of Pepsi, and a Bottle of Tequila Rose. Just put it out on the patio, and I promise I will not do what I have planned for you. Cheers.

P.S. I have a much more detailed AVI file on my PC.

5 thoughts on “Clifton Heights Cooler Caper

  1. I live in Havertown and a couple years ago I had some friemds over for a couple beers on a Saturday night. I leave a cooler out on my patio with beer in it to free up space in my fridge, plus we were sitting on my patio behind a line of hedges that are in front of my house. Anyway, after the sun goes down my friends and I decided to go inside and watch some TV in the air conditioning. About an hour after sundown one of my friends goes out to get us all a cold one and catches this 17 yr old kid in the process of ripping off my cooler. My friend tackles the kid on my paved driveway and proceeds to punch him in the stomach a couple times and grabs him by the throat and says “What’ll it be, I beat the shit out of you or I call the cops” the little piece of shit was so dumbfounded he had to actually think about it for a minute. My friend let him go at that point and we all laughed about it for a minute but the point remains that if you do in fact catch some scumbag doing shit like this, give them the choice of getting the shit kicked out of them or calling the cops, either way they lose. This idiot teen will most definitely think about ding stupid shit like this again.

  2. TrekMedic251 said…Bud Light Lime and Pepsi?? I think I’d be more p***ed if the cooler had Yuengling and Coke (and Jack, and Jim, and Jagermeister,…) ;-)Lol Trek. Yeah I’m afraid the cooler is history. To anonymous: good thing the kid didn’t try to press charges, not to say that your buddy did anything wrong. Back in the day, if someone got caught doing crap like that they got thier ass whipped from the person(s) they were ripping off and then the cops and then the parents. Shame those days are gone, being the so called liberal country we live in today.

  3. press charges???? you’re kidding right? everyone knows the punks in Havertown are the biggest pussies going. Telling mommy & daddy they got beat up by a victim of their crime would involve actually having a backbone to admit guilt in the first place, two personal attributes you’ll never come across in Havertown, it’s everyone elses fault remember? these kids are victims themselves? LOL!!!

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