In Loving Memory of Kyle F. Fish

Today I went to my friend George’s Son’s viewing and funeral Mass at Saint Charles Church in Drexel Hill. Kyle was 14 years old, full of life, a happy go lucky kid who thrived to please anyone around him. I met Kyle years ago, and my younger Son Nicky and Kyle were buds. As a Dad, I can only imagine the thoughts and feelings going on in Kyle’s families’ heads right about now. My heart goes out to them and the outpouring of love and caring today from hundreds of people was beautiful and righteous.

You never said I’m leaving.

You never said Goodbye.

You were gone before we knew it, and and God knows only why.

A million times we needed you, a million times we’ve cried.

If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died.

In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still.

In our hearts you hold a special place no one can ever fill.

It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn’t go alone.

For a part of us went with you the day God called you home.

To George, Doreen, Brittany, Breahanna, George II, family & friends, my heart and the hearts of hundreds of others go out to you.

RIP Kyle

14 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Kyle F. Fish

  1. My daughter is a Haverford Middle school student and knew Kyle only briefly. Through dances and events she felt his goodness and sense of humor and how everyone around him admired him. He didn’t even attend Haverford but the kids there all talked and emailed and instant messaged thier concern and heart ache. She was so upset and cried off and on for three days asking WHY. We never really know how many people we really connect with day to day. Our community loss has brought many together. So, I would like to let all who loved him and the ones he touched know he will never be forgotten in my daughters heart and everyone. God bless Kyle Fish.

  2. I too attended the srvc for Kyle Fish. I am a close friend of Doreen and her family for a little over 10 years now. Doreen was a wonderful mother to Kyle and my heart breaks for her,can not even imagine how she must feel. I was truly amazed of the hundreds of people that attended the church to give their respect to the Fish family. My 10 year old daughter and I have wonderful memories with all the Fish kids. Kyle was a jokster, a great kid. He always was trying to make you laugh, or pee yur pants. LOL I will miss him a whole lot and hope that his family can find peace. I love Doreen and her faimly, great people, who never in a million years deserved a tragedy like this.With this being said I find it appropriate to say a famous quote:”Life may not be the party we hoped for,but while we are here we might as well dance” By: Annonymous

  3. idk i was 1 of kyles bestfriends i cant say that i was because he had like 10 bestfriends but he chilled wit me towards the end of his life alot so i miss him and his crazy stunts and his laugh and all the things he did no matter how stupid the thing he tried to do to make me laugh he always makin me end up dyin i liked haning out with his girlfriend and his brother george he was always happy kid george and i like all of his family i jus wish kyle was wit me

  4. my sister katie lived right near Kyle. They were very close and it broke her heart when he died. She way crying for hours. It was an extreme loss to our family. Rest in peace kyle we love you. God bless.

  5. I knew kyle since i was in 1st grade and he was in 2nd its so sad too know that i will never see him again i attended the service and the viewing i had a hard time looking at his body it just made me cry REST IN PEACE KYLE FISH WE ALL MISS U

  6. I grew up with kyle since around the 1st grade.. from day one kyle was my best friend, always making me laugh and being such a goof ballll =) I always looked at him like a little brother figure, & I especially always admired him for his amazing ability to make people so happy, especially me & our old crew. He really was an amazing kid and we had some awesome times! Im trying my best to keep everyones heads up cause the last thing kyle would want is for everyone to cry. Me and kyle have pretty much the same best friends and im doing everything in my power to make everyone happy. I hope everyone who reads this realizes that kyle woudlnt want any of you too cry, trust me.Rest In peace Kyle, Ill never forget you little man. Save me a spot up there & watch over everyone =) I love you.

  7. i knew kyle reallly well n wen i found out i was so upsett the cops need to get to work on finding out who did this b/c that person could be doing it more n it aint a good thing i just wanted to say um if yu are reading the comments n yur going to post a bad comment then dont even waist yur time please and thank yu ok i love and misss yu kyle buudy `~ never forgotten ~

  8. My sweet Nephew, Not a minitue youby that don’t think about you and your beautiful smile. My kyky.I am a very lucky person to have had you in my life, even though you are no longer physically with me your spirit lives inside me. the last game we watched together was the flyers game, they won that night! I remember you saying oh yeah! we are gonna take it all this year, well the Flyers didn’t but the phils did sweetie, i believe that win of the world series was for you! I miss you so much ky, I know your ok and that gives me some happiness but being your aunt brought so many years of happiness that I will always cherish, love Aunt kick col.

  9. i knew kyle really well. he went to my elementry school, and the middle school with me. he was such a cool kid, everyone loved him. he made everyone around him laugh. i talked to him alot in school and he would always make me laugh. im just sad that hes no here anymore. Rest In Peace Kyle.Love And Miss You.

  10. I didn’t know Kyle all too well, but he didn’t deserve what he got for any reason and it just makes me wonder why tragedies like that constantly occur. Kyle always made us laugh and forget our miseries. RIP Kyle, keep on watching us and remember how much we all miss you.

  11. kyle fish was one of my neighbors and my first best friend i almost balled my eyes out when my dad told me sunday before i left for a camp at school and i did ball ,y eyes out when i heard i missed the service while i was @ camp it was so terrible i went home and cried i miss my best friend if i could’ve gone back and stopped what happened i would’ve done it in a heartbeat life is so hard without him thar to cheer me up and as i write this i am crying because it is his birthday he is now 15 and nobody is there to say happy birthday kyle if you can see this from heavan i miss you and i just want you back dhms is never gonna be the same without you you were like my brother and i love you sooo much this is so hard to write but save me a seat in hesvan ill see you on the other side i love you -Tayli ps i wish you could come ovay!!!

  12. My family and Kyle's family were very close, the graduated together. We went to school together, we were in the same grade and he lived 2 blocks away from me.I remember my aunt asking me if I remembered Kyle Fish and I said yea why. She said he was hit by a trolly and killed. I was like no way it cant be I just saw him the other day. You must have the wrong name. Later that night I turned the news on and it was all over. It suddenly hit me, some one my age one of my friends was killed! All I could do is cry. I went the funeral and just thought WOW! I cant believe that youre gone! That was the hardest funeral I was ever at. There was not one dry eye in that whole church. I will never forget you Kyle!R.i.P Kyle Fish"only the good die young."

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