ACDC – Let The Cat Out Of The Bag!

I took notice of this reply and am posting it in the hopes that it will raise awareness about cats being stolen in Delaware County, especially in the Upper Darby area. As far as the Animal Coalition of Delaware County being involved with some sort of “Cat Napping” ring, as the below poster suggests, I would have to say that in my opinion in this lawsuit happy day and age?

No Comment other than to say something does smell fishy here. Maybe someone over at the Delaware County Daily Times can investigate this?

Read on:

Anonymous said…

If you can, please post this in the hopes that people will see it.

Due to recent reports of missing cats in the Drexel Hill / Havertown area, I wanted to post a warning to neighborhood cat owners about the Animal Coalition of Delaware County, a local organization purportedly concerned with animal welfare and who place cats into foster homes and special sections at local PetSmarts.

This is an unsettling story in two parts:

(Part One)

Our beloved indoor-outdoor cat (a neutered, male, absolutely beautiful orange Main Coon mix who answers to ‘Saab,’ in case you’ve seen him) went missing from our Drexel Hill home and the area around it about a month ago. He was about nine years old, perfectly healthy, and a very solid animal capable of holding his own in a fight and finding his way home, so we believed him to be alive somewhere, possibly taken in by a concerned animal lover. We searched for him all over the neighborhood, knocked on doors, and registered a lost report with the Delaware County SPCA, heading there every day or so to check the intake rooms for him.

So far, no sign.

After weeks of looking for our boy, our family agreed that, since we had always been a multiple-cat household, we wanted to welcome a new kitten or two into our home. While still searching for our cat at the SPCA intake rooms, we kept our eyes open for kittens in the adoption rooms. When we could find no kittens at the SPCA, we reluctantly turned to Pet Smart and were immediately enamored with two little kittens, a brother and sister. We were told that they were adoptable through an organization called the Animal Coalition of Delaware County (AC DC) and that, pending a clean vet record, we’d likely be able to bring them home within the week.

Of course, that hasn’t happened. Through we put in an application and have a vet record of always spaying, vaccinating, and treating (when necessary) our animals, some of whom lived with us for upwards of 20 years, we have not heard from anyone at the Animal Coalition, save once, when we were informed that the kittens would be carted around to “meet and greets” to ALL of the potential families, whose applications were allowed to pile up before any adoption could be finalized. (Wouldn’t you think that, with so many cats in need of homes, one happy, loving home would be as suitable as the next?) We were also told that it would be “impossible” to keep up-to-date online records of animals’ statuses… basically, from this phone call, we started to get a bad feeling from this organization of animal activists.

(Disclaimer: Now, we respect AC DC for being no-kill and for keeping their animals healthy, but right now, that is beside the point.)

(Part Two)

So, we are still without kittens and still missing our grown-up male. All of our friends know this and have been keeping their eyes open. One friend in particular, knowing how concerned we were and knowing that we had been looking at PetSmart, called this afternoon to tell us a rather disturbing story: the blocks immediately around her mother’s Drexel Hill home have, in the past few weeks, reported FIVE missing cats. Very strange. What’s more strange is this:

One of those five missing cats was a three-legged, micro chipped cat owned by a local veterinarian. She of course conducted a search, and that veterinarian FOUND her cat, three legs and all, sitting in an ACDC cage in the local PetSmart. A happy reunion? One might think. But the organization WILL NOT turn the cat over to its owner, despite her profession and her cries of, “But that’s my cat!” Claiming that they found the cat wandering in a cemetery, the organization says that adoption offers are already pending on this three-legged animal, and they refuse to reunite this veterinarian with her cat.

It sounds remarkably shifty, and we, as a family of cat lovers still hoping for a reunion with our missing cat, are extremely concerned. Is this organization, which could be doing so much for so many animals, really plucking calm, peaceful cats out of residential neighborhoods and putting them up for adoption because they are so against cats being outside? (Prospective AC DC parents must swear to keep their cats indoors 24/7, and the organization reserves the right to make “home visits” to make sure that that is happening.)

Now, we have no concrete proof of any foul play, since the AC DC volunteers at Pet Smart will swear until they’re blue in the face that that cat was found wandering a cemetery and that there’s no way it could belong to the Vet in question. But putting the pieces together raises some very alarming questions and suspicions, and bearing that in mind, I at least wanted to call attention to local cat lovers.

So, if you have a cat who enjoys the freedom of some time outside, BEWARE. Some people believe that cats shouldn’t be able to enjoy their God-given habitat, and it appears to me as though some of those people will sink so far as to snatch your beloved pet right off of the sidewalk in order to put it in a “better home.”

16 thoughts on “ACDC – Let The Cat Out Of The Bag!

  1. If the cat truly was stolen, why doesn’t the vet file a police report and file charges of theft or receipt of stolen property again ACDC? If the cat was in fact microchipped, as you claim, it would be proof of ownership.Call the police to the actual PetSmart that the cat is at and file the police report there.Its not rocket science…its called the law and the police. DUH!

  2. There are many different rescue organizations in different PetSmarts in the area. In fact, there are two distinctly different Petsmarts in Springfield, one on Baltimore Pike and one on Route 1. Before you go accusing someone of theft, which Petsmart did you see the animal at-Baltimore Pike or Route 1? The Baltimore Pike store is run by a different rescue group, not ACDC. With it being kitten season, rescue groups and shelters are overflowing with cats and many are not taking in strays as they have no room.

  3. I have volunteered for 2 rescue groups. There are always cats on the waiting list. People are begging you to take in their cats. Why would a rescue have to kidnap cats? And why would they select an older cat and a 3 legged cat, neither of which is highly adoptable? This just sounds like somebody got angry because ACDC wouldn’t adopt to them. Most rescues in DelCo won’t adopt to a person who lets their cats go out.

  4. I saw this post. My exterminator came yesterday & we are both cat-lovers, so we always talk cats. He happened to mention that his wife has been feeding a stray long haired orange cat, that looks like a Maine Coon. Unfortunately, the cat is afraid to let strangers come too close. They live in Drexel Hill in the Shadeland Apartments, on the 100 block of Linwood. I don’t really blog, so I don’t know how to get this info to the original blogger. This could be their cat. Can someone get this info to them? Thanks!

  5. I am a volunteer With ACDC and I have some information that may clear this up. I spoke with the owner of the 3-legged cat last evening and she said the rescue group that has her cat is PALS.-Not ACDC-so please get your facts straight before you go posting on blogs. And what the previous blogger said is true-most rescues have a policy about adopting cats that requires the adopted cat to be kept indoors. Even the Delco SPCA has this as a requirement. When we live in a county as densely populated as Delco, with all the cars and traffic, cats are much safer indoors. I would not want to find my cat left on the side of the road as road-kill-which sadly I have seen all too often. Cats can get into fights with other outside cats, contract FIV or other lethal illnesses, etc.But hey-to each his own-but in a high traffic dense population area like Delco, they’re safer and will live much longer lives inside.

  6. I am the owner of the three legged cat Tommy who has been mentioned inprevious postings. Unaware of these dialogs until this morning I am writing to provide the facts in the case.I am a homeowner in Drexel Hill. I am a veterinarian who after 11 years in private practice followed her heart and is now employed by the PAWS/PACCA Philadelphia animal shelter. I spay/neuter both cats and dogs before they are adopted out to new homes. I accepted this job after providing many years of pro bono volunteer surgery time at the PSPCA and PAWS/PACCA feral cat spay/neuter clinics. I am a professional who is well educated in the demands placed on animal shelters and animal rescue groups to alleviate the overpopulation of cats/dogs in our country and the various opinions/beliefs/methods that are employed by all who enter this field to do what they think is best. I have always done what I think is best both as a veterinarian and as a pet owner.The facts:1) Just as most cats do Tommy spent most of his day sleeping indoors. He enjoyed his excursions outdoors to “do his business” and explore our backyard and the backyards of some of our neighbors. There are many cats in our low traffic neighborhood who do the same. 2) Tommy disappeared on January 17, 2008. Every effort was made to find him: contacting the DCSPCA, the microchip company where his microchip was registered, local vet hospitals, neighbors, signs in our neighborhood.3) On Memorial Day our backyard neighbor saw Tommy in the Petsmart Adoption center in Broomall operated by the P.A.L.S.(Pet Adoption and Lifecare Society) organization also located in the Devon Pet Smart store. 4) It has been six weeks now and the P.A.L.S. organization still has our cat. Their board voted to return our cat to us pending the drafting an agreement listing their demands a month ago. We have not been given a copy of this agreement and the attorney we hired has not been able to get a copy of this agreement. We do not know where our cat is or his current health.He did not look well when I last saw him in the Petsmart store 6 weeks ago.5) We just want our cat back, we don’t want to pay an unreasonable amount for his return.6) We have three options now: a. Pay the group whatever they want and sign their agreement should they ever decide to draft one and give us a precise dollar amount with receipts documenting what we “owe” them. b.Sue them in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas for the return of our cat Tommy c. contact the media and place our case in the public forumI would like to say that The ACDC organization is in no way involved in this case. From my veterinary colleagues in the area I have only heard good things about them. My cat Tommy was scanned for his microchip on May 28 at the DCSPCA.Our ownership of Tommy was confirmed by the Home Again microchip registry. Adoption organizations have every right to establish their own quidelines for pet adoptions, they do not have the right to keep pets whose owners have proof of ownership and want their cat returned.

  7. I have 2 cats – one from Angel PAWS and one from a local animal shelter. The facts seem clear to me – the 3-legged cat clearly belongs to the vet – the microchip proves it.With all the unclaimed cats needing adoption, it is such a waste of time and energy (not to mention their scarce resources) for this group not to return this cat – it clearly already has a home and has been sought back by its owner. The outcome is clear: return the cat to its obvious and rightful owner immediately. Otherwise, it’s stealing.

  8. Anita O’Brien has been my good friend of mine for almost 30 years. You can’t ask for a more caring, committed person. She bacame a vet ‘later in life’ than most of us who went to college, speaking for her personality that she trully went into a field that means a lot to her. For ANYONE to think that a pet owned by her and her family is not cared for is to truly not know her.The least she deserves is her ‘day in court.’ As a previous writer said, this has been a tremendous waste of money for the organization holding Tommy, when someone so obviously caring and committed has so much proof of ownership and wants their pet back. What could possibly be taking them so long, and why would they not be in regular contact since The O’briens have raised their hands and said, “We’re the Owners! Please talk to us!” That the pollice should have to become involved only wastes more money, now into the public sector. This seems such a no-brainer. I hope someone steps up to decide this case for the 2 parties invovled. Tommy deserves better.

  9. Tommy has been returned to us from the P.A.L.S. organization. It took 54 days since our neighbor spotted him in their adoption center at the Broomall Petsmart store. I am grateful to all of my friends, neighbors, attorneys and my colleagues for their support and assistance in getting Tommy back home. Tommy knows he’s back home. He is just as relieved as we are.

  10. I am happy that you finally got your cat back. Seems to me that these people think they are holier than thou. CheersP.s. I went to UDHS with a girl named Anita O’Brien.

  11. I’m sure that everyone who knows the O’Briens are as happy as Tommy that he has been returned to them. Yes, 53 days, microchip and all. The cost for the O’Briens to take this case to court would have been steep, and it was almost at that point. Dr. O’Brien was polite in not discussing what she did have to ‘pay’ to get her cat back… So let the residents of that area be watchful for any increase in cat disappearances. Perhaps the next family to ‘lose’ their pet to this group will do well to bring this type of situation out to the public via newspapers sooner rather than later.

  12. You mean to tell me that Anita had to actually pay to get her own cat back? I think that’s crazy and these so called “Animal rescue” groups should be more scrutinized.What kind of business structure do they have? Are they “Not For Profit”? or are they an “S” or “C” Corp or LLC? Maybe it would be wise to contact Alex Rose or Cindy Scharr or Rose Quinn or even good old Gil Spencer about this.

  13. I will answer my own question.The Animal Coalition of Delaware County is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit, all-volunteer, charitable organization registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State that is dedicated to finding loving homes for adoptable, homeless pets. We are also focused on educating the public regarding the necessity of spaying and neutering pets and encouraging the humane treatment of companion animals throughout Delaware County and the Main Line and surrounding areas.From their web site

  14. Thanks to Anita for clearing all of this up-and everyone, please note: rescue groups and shelters are not looking to “catnap” cats from people. We have so many people asking us to take in unwanted cats/dogs/rabbits that we certainly don’t need to go around looking for more. If everyone would just get their animals spayed/neutered, the tremendous overpopulation problem wouldn’t exist.

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