Raped At The Pump

Reading John Roman’s piece about local gas prices has me quite puzzled. Not once in his article does he mention WHY gasoline is so expensive. Well I will tell you why. Gasoline and especially Diesel (witch used to be far cheaper than gas) is traded in the futures markets, much like pork rinds and gold and silver. The players (people you and I would never meet) couldn’t care less about any commoner, just as ALL currently elected politicians couldn’t either.

The only way to have petroleum prices fall is to get of the ME, quit sending billions of “aid” to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Yemen, and a slew of other countries that reap the rewards of our so called “Tax dollars”, Quit buying EXXON gas (the biggest whores), and finally?

Stop driving and walk or ride a bike. In my line of work I need to drive from job to job. I see hundreds of cars on the road at all hours of the day and ask myself where are these people going? Doesn’t anyone work anymore? The biggest culprits of gas hogs are the fat ass women in their big ass SUV’s blabbing on their cell phones while going two frigging blocks to by Twinkies at Wawa while their husbands are hard at work, caving in and paying to fill there wives bellies and tanks, the wimps that they are.



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