Yummy Bakery Cafe – Your friendly neighborhood bakery

Got the below rant from my My Space friend Elaine..

I went into Yummy’s Bakery yesterday with my 3-year-old daughter. We shared a grilled cheese sandwich (and soup, and we each got a drink). The sandwich was $3.95. Neither one of us has a big appetite and we do this all the time (share a dish).

I saw they charged a $2.00 sharing fee. When I asked the waitress, she whispered to me, “It’s the owner, if I ring you up, I’ll take it off.” Well I decided to ask him. He’s sitting at the register, this ugly big fat thing that was leering at me all through lunch. I asked him why there was a $2.00 sharing fee on a $3.95 sandwich, that I never heard of this before.

He YELLED at me that I’m lucky it’s not $3.00, that restaurants everywhere do this. I told him they do not, I eat out with my daughter for lunch a lot, and never had this happen. He told me I was lying, that yes they do. Actually, he’s sputtering and yelling. I asked him why he was being such a jerk. He said “You’re just bitching because you’re pouting and not getting your way. I’m not capitulating to you so you’re just being a brat.” I was so shocked he said that to me. I’m so embarrassed but I had to choke back the tears and told him he is being very mean to me, that I never heard of this sharing charge before, and I’ve been coming to this bakery since my 12 year old daughter was in diapers. He looked at me and said I never saw you before.

I said you’re a new owner! That’s why! He then pointed his finger to the door and said “Get out of here!”

As I was leaving with my daughter (and yes I paid the $2) these customers that were eating (a table of 6 with an old man and lady and their daughter and her daughters) said I was in the right, that he was a jerk to me. He yelled from the counter “Stop talking to them and get out the store now!” He screamed back “You’re a big bully!” and got out of there. I went to Kid to Kid with my daughter to have a good cry in the aisles while she looked at all the toys.

The customers that were in there came in looking for me (or maybe they just happened to go to that store – I don’t know) and gave me tissues and told me they told the owner he was wrong, and he threw them out of the store too.

He threw a 60 year woman out of the store!

I was in there about 3 months ago and saw him scream at a waitress who then broke a coffeepot, which then made him scream more. And we had to send a turkey sandwich back because the turkey smelled rank.

He is the new owner and the cafe is so small – about 10 tables. He re-did the place from white to black and red and now it looks like Satan’s Den and he is Satan, ha!

I’ve been going to Yummy’s since I was a little girl and I love their orange cake and got all my birthday cakes there, but never again!! I just wanted to relate this story so that my Delaware County friends can pass the word.

Have a good weekend!

Now I have never been to this Yummy’s Cafe before, but I seems to me that the owner is not a nice or polite man. I also (with some digging on my own) came across this rant, I gather from Elaine’s fiance.

Chances are that I will never patronize Yummy’s. But for thoese who are curious, here is Yummy’s business listing.

1254 Township Line Rd. (Near the Dunkin’ Donuts)
Drexel Hill, PA
Phone: 610-449-0606
URL: http://www.yummybakeryandcafe.com/ (Seems to be expired.)

Bon appétit!

15 thoughts on “Yummy Bakery Cafe – Your friendly neighborhood bakery

  1. This guy was a douchebag, plain & simple. Do not patronize businesses like this. One of the largest segments of busines growth in the next 5 years will be “Reputation Management” online of business reputation on social networking & blogging sites like this one to try and stem & spin the negative implications & reviews of businesses like this one. With the rising cost of flour and bad snetiments like this online that people can access, this guys days of fruitful business are limited.

  2. I have heard many negative comments about Yummys over the years. I stopped going there. I found a new bakery that I love. Everyone that works there is so nice and helpful. And thier cakes are absolutely delicious. If you are not happy with Yummys– go to Sophisticates Bakery- right next to Drexelbrook Banquet Center. It is in the little row of stores next to Drexelbrook. You won’t be disappointed!!!!!!

  3. I used to go to Yummys as a child (I’m 27 now), my dad used to sell jewelery in an adjacent store.I remember it being called The Yum Yum Shop….Had I known it was still there (I live in Downingtown now, but my biodad lives in Clifton Heights), I’d have definitely gone there. Glad I didn’t take my children there, though!

  4. I hate yummy and the owners. They can go to hell. They pissed some lady off in the fall she ran her car through the front window. Actually I think she thought that she was in reverse but got gave them something else to complain about. Try the bakery next to Paul revere pizza on shadlsnd ave in landesdowne. Much better and good service. Go to he’ll u douche

  5. I found out now my 12 year old son was with some friends outside the old Pats next to Yummies, and the owner not only chased them away, but followed them for a block or two threatening and cursing them. a 12 year old…If I was to go there last night when it happended you would have seen me on the news..who is this guy? does he live in Delco?

  6. The owner is so nasty, he is over priced and the food sucks… if you want a nice warm place to enjoy good food and warmth head down the sidewalk to Crossroads coffee house, inside of St Edmonds Bank and again the bank employees are always so kind when I come in at 7AM for my breakfast and coffee.

  7. I have been going to this bakery for years and I have never had a problem myself. They have a new baker for the holidays who is helping turn the place around. The cakes are the best in town, no doubt about it. Staples like the German Buttercake and cinnamon buns are still out of this world.

  8. love this bakery everything is delecious and fresh. best cakes around, never have i ever has bad service, ever!! mom n pop stores need ur support, stop going to walamrt for cakes!!

  9. These comments all sound particulary suspicious. There are three sides to every story. Seems to me if you are complaing about a six dollar sandwich, then you are trash, and need to dine at establishments you are use to, such as mcdonalds. Remember, when you treat some one like shit and constantly complain, you are just plain and simply put…… an asshole

  10. I simply love Yummy.Everything from their delecious cakes and pastries to their fantastic food menu. A friend of mine told me about this site and when I heard that their were some assholes out there trying to dog them out I had to leave a comment as well. Dont let what some idiot ruin it for you it's phenominal

  11. yummys used to be a great place for food and baked goods. now with the rollie pollie fat unjolly owner and his retarded son running the joint you cannot ever step in there again.unless u like to be mistreated and yelled at by the know it all pigs that run the place. if u have any doubts about these comments being negative i say u try to eat there and see for yourself. bring a barf bag because u will puke form bad food or dealing with owner, or both.

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